Black Quinoa: Precautions, Benefits and Recipes

As we have already dealt with the topics of quinoa previously, today we will know another of its varieties, black quinoa, one of the grains of quinoa most used by cooks since they provide a flavor of excellence in meals.

For many years people have enjoyed different types of cereals and grains that have nutrients to maintain the human body, however, quinoa has proven to be more affective than other grains, it by itself contains vitamins, minerals and proteins that give a better functioning to the body.

Which indicates that if you have to choose a grain for human nutrition, quinoa is the favorite, for this reason to give continuity to the topic of quinoa we are going to know in depth this wonderful grain that is black quinoa.

What is black quinoa?

Black quinoa is called a pseudocereal because it is similar to wheat and is cooked in the same way as rice. This grain belongs to the Andes, its texture is darker and this is due to the anthocyanin that is inside them, it is crunchier than the other quinoas. Its flavor according to experts in culinary cuisine is incomparable and irreplaceable.

Origins of black quinoa

Among the origins of black quinoa, it has been in human life for many years, since before the coming of Christ , according to information from a specialist in stories about grains, they point out that quinoa as such was related to the Inca peoples that lived in the Andes.

This grain was cultivated by them, in addition to being one of their main foods, black quinoa was known to the world when the Spanish arrived in these lands and began to exploit the grain.

The black quinoa is born between the different species of quinoa by a simple accident that it suffers when it is mixed with spinach seed, which resulted in a dark-colored quinoa.

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Black quinoa is exported by some countries that are responsible for cultivating it and taking it to places that are not found so that grain consumers can enjoy this nutritious cereal. Among the countries that we can mention this United State, Peru and Bolivia.

Nutritional values ​​of black quinoa

Like the other species of quinoa, this grain also has nutrients that fill the body with vitamins and proteins for better development. Within the black quinoa are located minerals, vitamins and proteins with greater amounts than any other grain can have.

Among the nutrients that we can point out this : iron, potassium, calcium, vitamin C and A among others. In addition to these, you can also get manganese, folic acid, copper and fats such as omega 3 and 6, but in minute quantities.

Apart from those fats that we mentioned, black quinoa has fats that contribute to nutrition for the body, these are called monounsaturated fats which are not harmful. This grain is much healthier than other grains, even if these grains are whole, black quinoa is still the best.

Nutritional profile of cooked black quinoa

Next we will show you the nutritional profile of cooked black quinoa to an equivalent of 185 grams: in a preparation of this amount of portion of black quinoa it gives the organism of our body an amount of 222 grams of calories in fat , exactly about 32 percent healthy fats.

1 percent sodium, which means 13 grams of it, in addition to having about three percent of calcium and 15 percent of iron. This grain does not have cholesterol, which is perfect for everyone to consume.

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Benefits of black quinoa

Like the other varieties of quinoa, benefits are also found in black quinoa such as: antioxidants that reduce stomach inflammation , it is a grain that does not have gluten, ideal for people who are prohibited from eating foods full of gluten.

Other benefits that these grains provide is the help they give with some diseases such as: diabetes, cancer, among others. That is why we recommend consuming enough black quinoa or its variants. If you are used to consuming other species of grains, it is better to replace some of them with black quinoa as it will provide you with more nutrients.

In this way you will get more protein, which means that your body will be over-protected and you will have less risk of suffering from any disease or of presenting nutritional failures. Black quinoa is easy to cook and is quickly digested, indicating rapid absorption of its vitamins.


Although quinoa is very beneficial, it is necessary that you find a detail of them and that detail is the presence of a substance similar to soap that is commonly known as saponin that are toxic for human consumption. In general, black quinoas, like the other species, are sold free of this, however, it is not necessary to wash them before cooking.

Ways to incorporate black quinoa into your diet

Black quinoa is undoubtedly a grain that sows health in human beings due to all the amino acids, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and fibers that are developed in it. Black quinoa is a unique and balanced food for everyone. Since it also feeds and nurtures the health of the elderly.

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In addition to helping the development of the smallest and strengthens the muscles of people who play sports. To cook this grain you must follow the same guidelines that you cook rice. A portion of black quinoa for two portions of water.

It is recommended to wash the black quinoa and put them to soak for a while. You can use vegetable broth for cooking to give it an additional taste and let it absorb and taste before to see if they are ready.

You can add fresh herbs and fruits to them . Although many prefer them hot for breakfast, you can also eat them cold. If you like, you can make them as if it were an oatmeal, with milk or water, you can add a touch of cinnamon or vanilla, accompanied by the fruits that you like the most.

Why is black quinoa good for diabetics?

In general, all quinoas are good for the different diseases that we have discussed in previous articles, therefore black quinoa also helps control diabetes and hypertension due to the antioxidants it has.

For people who suffer from diabetes, they are at greater risk of suffering complications in their cardiovascular system, due to the accumulation of cholesterol that develops in the blood which causes them to suffer damage to their arteries and thus causing a heart attack.

Thanks to the black quinoa, which has minerals and vitamins, they can help reduce the risk of these diseases that have affected the majority of the population, both young and old.

Black quinoa and stress

Black quinoa has a mineral called lithium and is the cause of improving depression and stress in people. This means that by consuming a portion of black quinoa daily or at least regularly it will help you counteract the depressions and stress that you may suffer from day to day.

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What portion should I consume?

Most nutritionists point out that it is recommended for each person to eat a serving of ¾ cup of black quinoa on a daily basis . Which is the equivalent of the groups of cereals that are consumed.

Black, white and red quinoa differences

Many will wonder if there is any difference between the main quinoas such as white, black and red since they are practically the same cereal and the notable difference is their color. However, in addition to their colors, I can tell you that there are differences between them , only very few, in fact minimal.

For example, when it comes to nutrition, these present differences in percentages , the best known being the white one compared to the black and red quinoa, it has 2 more calories per 1/4 cup serving in its raw state, a 0, 5 grams of fat which is a little more than the other two, also 1 g more of carbohydrates, 1 g less of protein and fiber.

Now if we compare them with the vitamins and minerals that all three have, we have that white quinoa contains a higher percentage of iron, phosphorus and vitamin B2 than black and red quinoa . But black quinoa has a significant amount of lithium that helps reduce stress for people.

Good when it comes to the culinary aspect in this category if they present a little more differences. For example, white quinoa, its texture and flavor are softer than the other two, which makes it a more moldable grain for different preparations; but the red quinoa has a stronger flavor and the black one tastes more earthy but with a sweet touch.

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Black and red quinoa take longer to cook because they are a bit harder than white quinoa. As you can see, there are not many differences that the three have, so you can choose any of the three quinoas, they will all carry the same nutrients to favor your body.

Additional Information

The varieties of red and black quinoa were about to become extinct due to the lack of commercialization of both, as the black and red quinoa were not widely consumed, they did not cause great demand in the market, therefore they were not exported, however thanks to the advances of nutritional information that both have these reappeared and are now the most consumed.

Many people know that black quinoa is used by gastronomes in Peru, since it is considered a special and unique ingredient due to its great sweet taste and exquisite fragrance that make their dishes special. In addition to this, it has been shown that black quinoa and its other varieties belong to the amaranth family , which are plants that inhabit tropical areas.

That is why this seed withstands great changing climates. It is a plant that is worth growing not only for its nutritional values ​​but also because it is resistant compared to other crops.

On the other hand, there are also black quinoa products from the Real brand, which is the company that is responsible for the exploitation and production of products based on this grain worldwide. In the stores and supermarkets of your country you can find the Real Black Quinoa and all its derivatives.


Surely you have wondered how much a portion of black quinoa yields, because we tell you that with a single cup of black quinoa you can get three cups of cooked black quinoa . Enough to share with the family. In general, grains have always yielded, that is why they are very required when serving a special lunch or dinner.

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Other questions that have been asked is how much liquid do you need to cook quinoa? As we have already mentioned before, black quinoa needs about two cups of water for a cup of quinoa, although if you prefer it more tender, you can add a little more.

If we refer to the cooking time of the black quinoa, it will be cooked in a period of 20 to 30 minutes, everything will depend on the quinoa since some varieties need more cooking time.

Regarding its bitter taste, to remove it, it should be washed very well with a lot of water until all the foam caused by the saponin is thrown away, which thanks to that substance is that black quinoa like the other quinoas have a bitter taste. When you have removed all the saponin, pass it through a strainer to verify that there is no residue.

If you want the black quinoa to have more flavor, you can prepare them with vegetable broths or meat broth that you have already cooked before in addition to adding different spices. This will make the black quinoa taste delicious.

Finally I hope that you have enjoyed all the information that we prepare for you about quinoas, their types, characteristics and above all their benefits that are of the utmost importance for good health, I hope that after knowing this grain you will begin to incorporate it into your daily diet.

Black quinoa recipes

Next we come to the phase of eating healthy with black quinoa where you can enjoy the recipes that we share so that you can vary your meals using black quinoa as the main ingredient, that you enjoy these delicious recipes.

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Black quinoa soup

The ingredients that we will need for this exquisite recipe will be: half a cup of black quinoa, we will also need another grain such as peas, half a cup of these, plus two large carrots previously grated or chopped, a bouquet of chives (which is onion on the branch), We will also use as a few potatoes more or less it will depend on you.

Other ingredients to use are four cups of water, curry if you want to use it, and crushed garlic cloves or if you prefer powdered it would be much better and last but not least we will need salt and pepper to add flavor to the food.


Chop the onion or chives finely, fry it with a little oil, then start dicing the carrots. After where you are sautéing the onion, add the measures of water, the cut carrots, the peas, the black quinoa and season them with the garlic, the curry, the salt and the pepper.

Let these cook and test if the black quinoa is soft then add the potatoes previously cut into thin slices and let it cook more and that’s it. As you can see, it is a very easy recipe to make and it is very tasty, I recommend it.

Salmon with salt and black quinoa salad

For those who like fish, this recipe will love it, besides being very healthy and nutritious, salmon is one of the most popular fish in Alaska and in many places in the world, we can all enjoy good fish. And combined with black quinoa you can imagine the amount of nutrients that this delicious recipe has.

The ingredients that we will need for 6 people to eat are: a complete large salmon that weighs about two kilos approximately, you also have to buy a few kilograms of special baking salt, the juice of a medium lemon, a branch of dill, a little fennel, in addition to this we will need the ingredients for the black quinoa salad.

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Then with about 400 grams of already prepared black quinoa, some previously washed spinach leaves, we will chop two large avocados, we will also cut three or four tomatoes, we must also buy whole almonds and to make the vinaigrette you will need about 80 milliliters of oil, vinegar about 25 milliliters will be enough.

In addition to a grain mustard of this we will use a tablespoon, salt and pepper cannot be missing, other ingredients such as natural yogurt, two hundred and fifty grams of it, a tablespoon of natural mustard, a little chopped dill and a little oil additional to the one we had asked for at the beginning and these will be for the yogurt and dill sauce.

Preparation of salmon

You should go to the supermarket and buy a piece of salmon of approximately 2 kilograms without it having viscera otherwise you will have to remove them later. In the oven you will place a platform of baking salt and on it you will place slices of fennel, lemon, dill and then the salmon.

Finally, cover the salmon with the salt and bake for about 40 minutes. If by chance you bought a fish that exceeds two kilos, you simply have to calculate, it is 20 minutes for each kilo of salmon. When the scheduled time has passed, take it out of the oven and carefully remove the salt from it with a fork and spoon.

Then you must open the fish to remove the loins without removing the bones from it. It may be a bit annoying but it will be worth it, you just have to do it slowly and carefully.

To prepare the black quinoa salad, you will have to rinse the black quinoa first to remove the bitter taste. Heat two cups of water for a cup of black quinoa with a little salt, when it begins to boil, lower the heat a little and add the quinoa to cook for approximately 20 minutes or when it is soft.

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When it is ready, strain it and put it to cool quickly. The reserves while you cut the avocados into large or medium pieces, also cut the tomatoes in half and leave the spinach leaves whole.

Then you start to prepare the mustard vinaigrette, you must mix all the ingredients using a rod or spatula until they are dissolved. And finally you mix the black quinoa with the vegetables and add the vinaigrette sauce. Then add the chopped almonds. To finish, you mix all the ingredients again together with some chopped dill fibers and you can now serve the salted salmon with black quinoa salad with sauces. Enjoy it.

Chicken nuggets with black quinoa and oats

The ingredients that we will need will be: a chicken breast, a milk cream, the salt a little of this and also a little pepper, mustard if you like and the black quinoa grains already prepared, also two eggs, the grated goat cheese or if you want it can be Parmesan and enough oil to fry the breasts.


You will have to crush the breast or grind it, then start mixing the ingredients, the eggs, the salt, the pepper, the mustard, the previously ground quinoa and a handful of oats. Then with a spoon or fork you start to roll them and place them on a plate to be breaded with the oat flakes. Likewise, start frying them and you are ready to have a good appetite.

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