Blackcurrant Oil: Contraindications, Properties And Benefits

Essential oils have been used for a long time since they concentrate several active principles that give them a beneficial power for the body. These oils can be used for both cosmetic purposes and to treat health problems.

In this case, we will tell you about black currant oil. This is known for its power to take care of cardiovascular health and also for its power to care and treat the skin. If you want to know more details, keep reading the information that we leave you below.

What is black currant oil?

Black currant oil is a type of essential oil that comes from the seeds of gooseberries. This oil is produced through a cold pressing procedure and can be found in health food stores, it usually comes in capsules or liquid form.

This type of oil is used as an effective natural remedy to cure problems such as hypertension, muscle pain, inflammation, irritation and skin problems and also candida.

There are updated studies on the power of the components of this oil and therefore it has been increasing its potential as a very beneficial remedy.

Origin of blackcurrant oil

Gooseberry oil comes from gooseberry seeds. This is a very lush shrub, its height does not exceed one and a half meters high. The shrub can be found under the names of: black currant, cassis, black sarsaparilla, cassis or black grill.

One of the most distinguishable characteristics of this bush is that it has a rather peculiar, strong and unpleasant smell. The black currant is native to eastern Europe, has lobed leaves, its flowers are reddish in the center and take on a green hue on the outside.

Black currant oil is extracted from the berries that this bush produces, these are known by the name of black currant or black sarsaparilla. The berries are produced in small clusters, they are black with a lot of pulp, great aroma and have smooth skin.

These berries are widely used in France, as they are used in perfumes, various desserts, and some alcoholic beverages.

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What other names is blackcurrant oil known by?

Black currant can be known by various names, as the shrub or tree that produces it is also known in different ways. In this way, the black currant can also be: black sarsaparilla, cassis or black grill.

In English it is known as: Black currant or European black currant; and in French – where it is most used – it calls itself: Grosellier noir or cassis. For its part, its scientific name is the following: Ribes nigrum L.

Benefits and properties of black currant oil

Black currant oil is a very beneficial essential oil. For many years its power has been studied to determine what components cause it to cause effective effects in the human body, and of course it is also to know how far its power can go.

These studies have shown that black currant can decrease the amount of prostaglandin E2, which causes an immune enhancement or effect. Similarly, black currant can serve as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and contains antimicrobial properties.

As for vitamins, black currant is a product rich in vitamin C, which gives it quite good properties for the immune system, skin, circulation and can prevent various diseases.

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What are the benefits of black currant oil for the skin?

Currant oil, thanks to its vitamin C and antioxidant content, is used as an effective treatment to combat and cure problems such as eczema and psoriasis. Its anti-inflammatory power also helps to better treat these problems and others such as: irritation and acne. Likewise, the use of black currant oil is recommended to take care of the hair, prevent it from drying out and breaking easily, helping to thicken it, and finally this oil can also be used to strengthen and improve the condition of the hair. nails.

Properties of black currant oil for hair

Currant oil has very varied properties thanks to the active ingredients it contains. This oil provides several fatty acids, a compound called rutoside and several flavonoids, in addition to a large amount of vitamin C.

Thanks to its content of fatty acids, the consumption of this oil in capsules is recommended, since it is an effective way to treat cardiovascular problems and it can also strengthen the immune system.

One of the acids most present in currant oil is gamma linoleic acid and also omega 6, these are extremely notable since they are components that are obtained very little in common foods.

The flavonoid content of this oil also benefits the cardiovascular part of our body, and these flavonoids in conjunction with vitamin C make black currant oil a powerful antioxidant. This antioxidant power provides protection against free radicals that cause different damages in the body and especially in the health of cells.

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Contraindications of black currant oil

When blackcurrant oil is used under therapeutic care, that is, taking care of the applied dose, it does not present any side effects. But, under certain conditions you have to be careful, as well as:

  • Do not provide this oil in people who suffer from heart or kidney failure, or when they suffer from fluid retention.
  • You must dilute any type of blackcurrant preparation to avoid oral and / or dental problems.
  • Certain people may suffer from allergic problems to the components of this oil. In case of suspicion, you must apply carefully and pay attention to possible reactions, in case of presenting any symptoms you must suspend use.

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