Blue Clay: Contraindications, Benefits And Properties


Because it is a component derived from nature, blue clay is a type of clay with very fine and quality powder, from Australian volcanic ash, which has minerals that promote detoxification.

Blue clay, despite being the least known in the field of natural medicine, is the only one that contains all the trace elements and mineral salts that humans need, in balanced amounts, which help improve the appearance and health of the skin. ; Among those mentioned: iron, phosphate, silica, nitrogen, silver, phosphorus, manganese, aluminum, copper, molybdenum (natural anti-inflammatory).

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Characteristics of blue clay

Among the characteristics of blue clay, the following are mentioned:

Its natural texture is powdery and ultra fine.

It contains very important trace elements that favor health, such as gold, iron, mercury, copper, silver, lead, but in just quantities that reaffirm the mineral potential of the human organism.

This makes it control the pH of the skin, balancing the fatty acids, which dry out or age the skin, helps to regenerate the skin tissues where there are scars.

Due to its content in mineral salts, it helps the body to recover its natural defenses.

Helps absorb and drain oil from the skin, cleansing and hydrating the skin of impurities; delaying the appearance of wrinkles.

The blue clay, when joining with water, changes to a more moldable and homogeneous texture, which allows it to be manipulated with greater ease and better use, through masks or poultices that act effectively in the required area.

Benefits and properties of blue clay

Due to the excellent natural composition that blue clay has, it is considered a unique gift of nature, thanks to the great benefits it offers to health, both for the skin (whitening and elimination of wrinkles, natural shine, stretch marks) as well as for hair (removal and control of fat), body and face (removal of pimples and acne), among others.

Additionally, among the different properties that blue clay possesses are: anti-inflammatory, healing, antiseptic, disinfectant, moisturizing, antifungal, therapeutic; providing a really satisfactory result in the health of the person, as well as giving him a state of peace and tranquility, thanks to its anti-stress properties.

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What are the benefits for skin and stretch marks?

According to the considerable natural and mineral components that blue clay has, among its greatest benefits are those it provides for the skin; more if the skin is oily because it controls the production of sebum, it absorbs the fat thus allowing a better appearance of the skin; Helping to eliminate cellulite, through masks or plasmas.

Thanks to its natural pigments (ocher) it helps to lighten the skin, giving it its natural color. Additionally, it is considered for the treatments of psoriasis or severe skin ulcerations, restoring good health to that area of ​​the affected skin.

As for stretch marks, considered one of the aesthetic conditions that every woman goes through, either at the end of pregnancy or due to the drastic change in weight, since the skin loses its natural elasticity; When using the blue clay, it will help to disguise them in a large percentage, offering a better balance in the tone and coloration of the skin.

Blue clay is good for weight loss

When weight loss treatments are being carried out, whether the body is being prepared for surgery or exercise routines are carried out, it is important to accompany these traditional treatments, with some natural ones that are considered more effective because they provide better health benefits.

Thanks to the natural components and trace elements, low in mineral salts, blue clay can be used to lose weight; A widely used and reliable method to use it is to apply a compress to the abdomen, wrapped in plastic wrap (envoplast), perform exercises, it will help burn calories (thanks to sweating), in addition to providing natural nutrients to the skin, which in turn Once it will fight cellulite and the formation of stretch marks.

It is recommended to do this twice a week, so you will get better results, accompanied by a good diet.

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Hair properties

The health of the hair will depend on the type of product used for cleaning and the way in which they are used.

Each hair is different and requires special care; if it is exposed to sudden temperature changes, special attention must be paid.

There are different products with chemical components that promote hair health, otherwise, they have the opposite effect and give the hair an unpleasant appearance.

For this, products from nature can be implemented, which will complement your care, leaving you looking much healthier.

In this case, blue clay can be implemented as a complementary treatment, which in the case of dry and porous hair, restores its natural appearance; for oily hair it helps to eliminate and control excess oil, nourishing and hydrating the scalp, preventing the appearance of dandruff; Likewise, it strengthens the root and the scalp, eliminating irritation and eliminating dandruff, as it restores strength and growth to the hair.

The constant use of blue clay will guarantee a better appearance and health to the hair, all this, thanks to the natural components it has and contributes to it.

  • Mulato Blue clay-based color treatment to maintain Nordic blonde tones, 200 ml

How is it used for scars?

Scars are produced as a result of a wound, acne, access, cuts, among others; depending on the area of ​​the body where it is, they are considered unsightly and not very pleasant to the eye and touch.

In the cosmetology market there are products that help to disappear these imperfections, sometimes they can be very effective.

Within beauty treatments, natural mineral components can be used, which will provide many benefits to reduce this aesthetic defect.

Such is the case of blue clay, which, due to its high silica content, is considered a great natural and less invasive ingredient, used to eliminate scars, helping to regenerate the skin by providing mineral nutrients.

This treatment can be done by means of a mask and it is very easy to use it: Place a generous amount of powder and dilute it in hot water, to obtain a thick mixture, apply it to the affected area, on a daily and constant basis, it will help to permanently eliminate that brand.

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Where to Buy the Best Blue Clay

We know that it is not always easy to find all the products in stores close to home or we cannot trust what they sell in large supermarkets, so that is why I recommend buying directly from the seller through Amazon for example, here I put the best blue clay markings:

  • Washed Blue Australian Superfine Clay – 500g
  • Blue clay – 250gr
  • Australian Extrafine Washed Blue Clay – 100g

Pregnancy and blue clay

Pregnancy is one of the most important stages through which a woman lives; this stage, in turn, deserves a process of special care and attention, since the body undergoes a radical change, with the skin being the most affected.

A tool that can be used for the best care of the skin during and after pregnancy is blue clay, using it as a mask will maintain good skin health, giving it firmness and preventing it from losing nutrients and thus the formation of skin. stretch marks.

Can it be used while breastfeeding? Why?

Among the different beneficial uses for health that blue clay has, it can be used during lactation, but only externally, as a mask or poultice; It is not recommended to be consumed (blue clay diluted in water), this because its components can cause an adverse reaction to the baby (cause constipation, intestinal obstruction).

Cosmetic properties of blue clay

The use of clay comes from many years ago, over the years, these uses have become specialized according to its content and / or components, and its color; In the case of blue clay, it has proven cosmetic properties that range from cleaning, purifying and stimulating good skin health, as well as exfoliating, through facial masks, or through body soaps, or bath salts, which provides a better appearance of the skin .

As well as using blue clay water for hair washing, it notably improves the appearance of the same. As an antiseptic to remove impurities from the skin, which prevent a good appearance in the person.

The indicated use of this natural product will guarantee good health, both apparent and emotional for the person who is employed.

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Contraindications of blue clay

It is important to know the composition of the blue clay very well, the results will depend on its proper use and that it is not used with any other component, medicine, that the person is consuming, because it can cause constipation, intestinal obstruction, counteract the good results of the medicine, create some type of hypertension, or accelerate an infectious process that the person is presenting at the moment.

Therefore, it is vitally important to document yourself very well when deciding to use it, to avoid adverse results.

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