Firming And Reshaping Body Cream Rose Pepper From Apivita, Analysis And Alternative

Apivita is a Greek company that has been creating natural beauty products since 1979. This company was founded by two pharmacists who were inspired by honey bees, the biodiversity of Greek nature and the holistic approach of Hippocrates.

The name Apivita is derived from the Latin words Apis (bee) and Vita (life), which reflect the philosophy of the company, bees never stop creating value and that is exactly what the company is all about.

Among its many products is a firming and remodeling for the body based on a combination of red pepper, rose and black pepper extract that naturally stimulates fat burning.

The product reaffirms and increases the elasticity of the skin , also fights against localized fat accumulation, especially on the hips, thighs and waist, stimulating the lipolytic process.

And as usual in the brand’s products, it has 97% natural ingredients, does not contain parabens, silicones, propylene glycol, mineral oil, phthalates, PCM or NM.

In short, it improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin and revitalizes its appearance. Sounds great right? Well, let’s see what is true in this by analyzing your INCI.

But first, let me recommend that you go through our article with the best body firming creams , among which is this one from Apivita.

Analysis Firming and reshaping body cream Rose Pepper by Apivita

Summary analysis Apivita Rose Pepper Firming and Remodeling Body Cream

In this formulation we have found ingredients never seen before, such as mountain tea that practically replaces the water that creams normally include.

With this inclusion they intend to add the benefits of this herb to the cream. Specifically (and depending on the brand), this infusion provides antioxidant and anti-aging functions.

Although the Apivita option mainly relies on the properties of pink pepper, a functional ingredient with lipolytic and circulation-enhancing properties to get the job done.

To this active ingredient is added the artichoke extract, which prevents sagging by increasing elasticity, and the Sveltam ™ complex, which also increases lipolysis while improving the appearance of the skin.

Hydration is also not lacking in the Apivita formula, so honey, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, levan, or panthenol, leave the skin protected and hydrated continuously.

Hyaluronic acid is also included, although the brand does well not to mention it, as it is in too low a concentration to have any effect.

Ivy and gotu kola increase fluid drainage and increase circulation to detoxify the area .

Although without a doubt, what we like the most about the formula is its aroma. The combination of hot and pink pepper is very nice.

But they are not all benefits in the formula, because the refreshing sensation that it gives off is thanks to the menthol, which is in a high enough concentration to be able to irritate and sensitize many skin types.

Likewise, there are also other irritating ingredients swarming, and the most dangerous of all, a preservative that in addition to being an irritant, is harmful to the skin as there is certain cell mutation.

It is possible that the cream does its job well because it has many assets that, although they will not leave you as a teenager, they will visibly improve the skin.

But honestly, the results would be achieved with regular use, and I don’t know if I want to apply a product for so long that it can cause me any harm.


For this reason I want to recommend an alternative, and this alternative precisely emphasizes the fact that it has few preservatives, and that it is totally safe for our skin.

It is the Firming Anti-Stretch Mark Cream from Akento Cosmetics, which also serves to eliminate stretch marks, as well as to firm the skin, and for this it has active ingredients that increase natural collagen and firming agents that prevent sagging.

You have the complete analysis in the link that I leave above.

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