Silhouette Xpert Firming Cream From Sensilis, Analysis And Alternative

Silhouette Xpert is a nourishing, regenerating and firming cream for the body formulated with active ingredients of natural origin.

Its composition has been carefully chosen taking into account the effective properties of the active ingredients to hydrate, firm, regenerate and achieve a more elastic, firmer and smoother skin .

Seaweed derivatives, shea butter, or rose and carrot extracts, promote elasticity and the creation of collagen, minimizing sagging.

Its pleasant texture quickly sinks into the skin, leaving a smooth, even and smooth finish.
Indicated for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

You have it available in two formats, one larger than 400 ml in a jar and a smaller one in a 200 ml dispenser tube.

We will check if all assets are as effective as those mentioned by analyzing their INCI. This will give us an idea of ​​its effectiveness and if it is really worth it.

And since we see that you like to take care of yourself, we recommend reading the article the Best Body Firming Creams , among which you will find this option from Sensilis.

Analysis Silhouette Xpert Firming Cream from Sensilis

Summary analysis Silhouette Xpert Firming Cream from Sensilis

Sensilis uses a wide variety of ingredients derived from nature to create that firming effect that we look for in this type of cream.

The first of these is a derivative of algae that retains moisture in the superficial layers of the skin and prevents the deterioration of collagen fibers.

This is complemented by sunflower oil and shea butter in the top ranks, helping to nourish, protect the barrier, and deeply hydrate the skin.

But you have to go further down to see interesting assets. We find vitamin E, rose extract, chestnut extract and vitamin C as active antioxidants to protect the skin from oxidation.

And there is also jujube extract, carrot extract and phytoecdysteroids whose main function is to increase elasticity, increase firmness and prevent collagen damage. Unfortunately these are in a low concentration.

We have found an irritant in the formula, and we also don’t like that there are a few preservatives.

The long-term result is quite good, although the firming effects are very slight, and depending on which areas you can see results or not.


As we like to recommend the creams that really work, here is our best option, the Cream for stretch marks from Akento Cosmetics. Yes, it is a cream to treat stretch marks, but it also has a very effective firming effect.

Its assets are more effective and more concentrated. In addition, they make sure to avoid any irritating or harmful ingredients in their formula so that it can be used without problems by all skin types.

You have the complete analysis with everything we like in the link above.

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