The Ritual Of Ayurveda Dry Oil From Rituals, Analysis And Alternative

Rituals has several oils for the body, but this one inspired by the Ayurveda tradition is one of the most iconic.

It is enriched with different herbal oils, carefully selected to balance the Vata dosha .

The sweet almonds, basil and sunflower are some of the assets present in this oil, and are conferred nourishing, softening, revitalizing and moisturizing properties.

Being a dry oil, it can be used both on the body and on the hair. Use it daily by preheating it in your hands and apply it with a gentle upward massage from head to toe.

It is available in 100 ml and 30 ml formats to take on a trip.

But before trying it, it is best to analyze your INCI to know what we are going to put on the body. Let’s go there!

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Rituals The Ritual of Ayurveda Dry Oil Analysis

Rituals dry oil analysis summary The Ritual of Ayurveda

In the INCI we see that the list is quite concise and that the active oils it has are practically the ones we mentioned at the beginning.

The vegetable oil is the more presence of all of them, and it acts primarily as a promoter of the lipid barrier of the skin, a very important part for healthy skin.

Without this barrier, the skin would lose all its moisture and become dehydrated; it would also be defenseless against external attacks such as pollution, microorganisms or the sun.

After an emollient that also works as a protective film, almond oil and sunflower oil are presented .

While that of almonds has a more nutritious and hydrating profile by regulating the water balance, that of sunflower is a powerful antioxidant rich in vitamin E.

It has two types of sunflower oil, the normal and a hybrid, although their functions are similar. And in addition, additional vitamin E is added to enhance its antioxidant effects.

And finally, there is basil oil , the rarest of the active ingredients it contains. Basil is considered one of the most sacred herbs in India, and its oil has detoxifying, revitalizing and antiseptic benefits.

It stands out for its pleasant and stimulating scent that also has an effect on the mood.

At the bottom of the list is a long list of synthetic fragrances and perfume that make this oil smell so good.

I’m not a big fan of synthetic fragrances, especially some of them that are irritating to sensitive skin.

Although their concentration is low, there are other options that avoid them and still smell great.

In short, it is a very basic oil that leaves skin quite soft and silky, and provides extra nutrition and protection.

It does not have hydrating actives , so it may fall short for skin that really lacks hydration, and therefore would have to be supplemented with an additional moisturizer.

The same happens if you use it for your hair, it will leave it soft and shiny, but nothing more.

Since I like multifunctional cosmetics, I prefer to go for something more hydrating and not have to use a cream to keep my skin hydrated.


If there is a body oil that I like, and much more, it is Nuxe and its Prodigious Oil. This dry oil has won me over with its ingredients (a unique blend of oils) and its wonderful smell.

I love the feeling it leaves on my skin, and it is very moisturizing as well, as well as nourishing and protective.

You can see his full analysis in the link I left above.

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