BoldoTea: Contraindications, Properties And Benefits

Boldo is also known as cimarrón , boldea or romadizo lemon, from it many health benefits can be obtained due to its different properties; It is used primarily to treat stomach upset, cleanse the liver, as an expectorant, and for insomnia .

It is a plant that has a characteristic smell similar to lemon and camphor, from which its leaves are used to prepare teas or infusions. The benefits of the bark are also used to obtain other benefits of this excellent medicinal plant.

Origins and characteristics of Boldo

Boldo is a perennial plant that lives for several seasons, and is found mostly in South America in dry and mountainous areas of Chile and Argentina, also in the mountains of Peru. And it has been adapted in the Mediterranean region and in North Africa.

For having among its good properties the benefits for digestion, it is widely used as a species in the traditional cuisine of Chile, the original country of this plant. Where it is used from its fruits (raw or cooked), its hard bark and its leafy leaves, which is the most used to prepare infusions or tea.

Boldo for being a medicinal plant, used for centuries as a medicine by the Mapuches to treat the different ailments presented from pain in the bones, upset stomach and as an anti-inflammatory.

Boldo leaves, where the plant’s greatest medicinal properties are characterized by being brittle and having pores that cover the entire leaf, is also very aromatic, making it more special and ideal for obtaining a pleasant infusion.

In addition, its essential oils are based on eucalyptol, cineole and ascaridiol. Allowing through cineole to obtain its characteristic smell that defines it between lemon and camphor, this oil also bridges its sedative and expectorant power. Likewise, ascaridiol provides the anti-inflammatory action and the decrease in the generation of gases in the intestinal system.

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In the same way, this plant contains secondary metabolites (flavonoids) that help our body reduce the risks of developing heart disease and in the hard bark of this plant there are a natural chemical substance (tannins) that act as antioxidants.

Boldo also contains boldine, the main alkaloid of this plant that allows it to obtain its diuretic properties, since it prevents fluid retention in the body and takes care of the kidney from factors that deteriorate its functioning, it is also essential for the bile because it activates its activity and expulsion.

Today boldo is one of the medicinal plants most used for its medicinal properties in home remedies to treat a myriad of diseases, where sometimes drugs are not the most effective for their cure. And it is one of the medicinal plants most used to treat the liver and gallbladder.

The healing benefits of Boldo

Boldo, because it is a medicinal silver, has great healing power for many diseases, which can often be prevented by helping our organs to detoxify it and keep our bodies functioning properly.

That is why we invite you to know the different benefits little known of boldo but that have been used by our ancestors as curative remedies for different ailments, for their different medicinal applications.

Boldo for being used in traditional medicine is more commonly used to treat digestive ailments , and also used as a natural analgesic and antiseptic. For which it is popularly known for those benefits.

Boldo tea obtained through its leaves is beneficial for constipation , it is also a stimulant for the expulsion of gases, and being suitable for conditions in people suffering from colic and flatulence. In the same way to prevent possible formation of stones in the gallbladder and cleanse the liver.

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Boldo is also an excellent diuretic and purifier that thanks to these properties allow the body to eliminate accumulated fluids and toxins in the blood, for which great results are obtained in the functioning of the kidney and recommended to treat nephritis, urinary infections and cystitis.

Boldo, among its other properties, also acts as a sedative and tranquilizer in the central nervous system , making it ideal for managing insomnia. And as in its characteristic components of boldo is cineole, this allows it to act through external use as a decongestant for the chest, as well as to improve and treat rheumatic ailments.

It should be noted that the boldo plant has in addition to medicinal benefits, it is also used in other branches such as in gastronomy, especially in the Chilean as an aromatic species and used for its fruit that has a sweet taste . In Chilean food, boldo is very present in its typical dishes and in drinks, such as a traditional drink where boldo is fermented.

Likewise, the boldo plant is used for various products where its essential oils are extracted and are the basis for perfumes and for making insecticidal products . And since everything is used from this plant, benefits are also obtained from the bark to use as colorants. In the same way, its nuts are used to make jewelry and handicrafts.

Boldo and its healing effects

As we have mentioned, there are many benefits and properties that boldo has, so it is necessary to know each of the health problems in which it can act, to seek a definitive cure or minimize the symptoms and prevent many other diseases that can be triggered simple health problems.

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For this reason, we invite you to read the diseases to be treated and the multiple benefits for each condition since their uses are wide and in many cases act quickly and effectively, they can also ingest and apply in a simple way, we can also have it at hand.

Boldo for the liver and gallbladder

Boldo is rich in alkaloids (it is found in nature and they are responsible for the toxicity of plants) and among its types is the alkaloid boldine. This is the one that ensures that boldo is good for treating gallbladder problems, and also on the liver.

The action that boldo exerts in its natural treatment on the gallbladder where it can modify the chemical components in it, and prevent the formation and accumulation of stones in the gallbladder. In the same way, in the liver, the function of this alkaloid is that through its substances it increases the production and expulsion of bile. Therefore, boldo helps to drain and purify the bile.

It is important to note that the action of the flavonoids and boldine present in the boldo plant for the liver and its preventive benefits on this vital organ for the body have been scientifically proven .

Therefore, boldo teas are effective treatments to treat the liver and gallbladder , since these two organs work together, likewise to maintain and increase the benefits of the properties of this plant, it is recommended as an alternative method of dieting that help purify the liver, likewise lower stress levels and rest properly.

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These diets are necessary for liver diseases and the treatment of this type of this disease, according to medical evaluation. Therefore, boldo, being a source of boldine, is used as an alternative treatment for the liver and it is necessary to include a diet that helps to cleanse the liver and that accompanies the treatment.

So you have to select healthy and natural foods such as (garlic, green leafy vegetables, apples, olive oil, among others) that also help with this cleaning process, so that this organ works properly and does the job. to eliminate toxins, in order to maintain hormonal parameters and not force other organs to work.

Boldo to lower high cholesterol levels

When there are high cholesterol problems, Boldo is an excellent help since it reduces cholesterol levels, because it acts as a purifier in the liver and in the bile, allowing the body to eliminate fats in the body.

Studies have shown the effect of boldo in reducing cholesterol over a period of 90 days. To prepare a boldo tea, we will use between 1.5 grams to 2.5 grams of dried boldo leaves in 200 milliliters of water. Take (3) times a day. In a period that does not exceed a month as it can cause unfavorable reactions.

Boldo for the digestive system

One of its greatest and most well-known benefits of boldo is the positive effect that it has for the digestive system, it is more known as a digestive silver since its essential oils and its aromas make boldo a toner in the system and stomach protector .

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It is a quick and effective home remedy for stomach ailments, indigestion, and benefits in gastritis problems, it is recommended to drink boldo tea and include it in meals to speed up the digestion process and to spice up dishes that are strong to digest.

Boldo as an antiflatulent

It is ideal for people who suffer from constant gas, giving a feeling of unpleasant fullness and inflating the belly, which is why ascaridiol contains boldo among its properties as a mild analgesic, sedative and antiflatulent . Therefore, to avoid these flatulence, it is recommended to include it in meals and also take boldo tea.

For boldo teas it is recommended in 200 ml of water to add 1.5 g to 2.5 g of dried boldo leaves. Take after three meals a day. It is advisable to use it only for a month since more than that time, the treatment is contraindicated. Likewise, it is important to note that treatments with this tea can be mildly laxative.

Boldo as an activator of the salivary glands

Many times, due to different problems, dryness in the mouth is suffered, which is why one must resort to ways to keep it moisturized through the secretion of saliva, so that boldo is an excellent natural stimulator for the salivary glands, thus allowing a good oral health and vital for anorexic or poor appetite people, as saliva helps as a stimulator.

In this case the boldo should be taken an infusion of 100 ml of water with 1.5 g of dry boldo leaf, at each meal 15 minutes before. It is also not recommended to exceed the treatment for more than a month because it is contraindicated. If there is a bad smell in the mouth you can use the chewable boldo leaves . Not exceeding the use.

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Boldo for insomnia problems.

For lack of sleep, boldo is recommended for its sedative effect that goes directly to the central nervous system. It also helps with stress and nervousness. By means of boldine and glycosides. Its action can also bring about a minimal hypnosis effect. Therefore, it is recommended to take it with caution .

Take 2.5 grams in 100 ml of water by means of an infusion of boldo dried leaves and boil, when getting ready to go to sleep. It is recommended not to do this treatment for a long time, pause it for periods of time or use it only when you have episodes where it is difficult to get sleep and rest. Its high doses are toxic.

Boldo to raise the defenses

Mostly the composition of boldo stimulates the increase in defenses, vital for the immune system to function properly in order to combat diseases or viruses that are commonly found in the environment, as well as prevent diseases due to changes in seasons or weather.

For these reasons, having high defense values ​​are essential for our body to respond to all diseases. It is recommended to take in 200 ml of water between 1.5 gr to 2.5 gr of dry boldo leaf. After 3 meals a day. Do not exceed this treatment for more than 1 month.

Boldo, because it is a natural antibiotic, helps the body itself to prevent the reproduction of intestinal parasites. Because boldo is a treatment used in South America, it is also used for gonorrhea and because it is a traditional medicinal silver that has lasted over time, there are cases of the use of boldo for malaria.

Boldo for the respiratory tract

Boldo is a natural expectorant because it contains cineole. It is used for many diseases of the respiratory system from curing a simple cough, a cold or as to treat a strong congestion of the chest , also as an adjunct in other types of respiratory conditions.

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For these cases it is best to make a boldo syrup , this syrup is made by infusing 60 grams of dry boldo leaves with 1 liter of water. Leave it until it boils and add honey or 500 grams of sugar for being a syrup. You should not owe this treatment for more than a month.

External way of using boldo in certain diseases

We have seen the high healing power of boldo through treatments using syrup, tea or infusions that are for internal use because they go directly to the body through the oral route but this plant has many benefits through its oils, baths, macerations or compresses we can superficially apply these medicinal properties of boldo .

Using boldo for migraine headaches using compresses

As we have mentioned before, it is a natural painkiller and a sedative par excellence, therefore the compresses with boldo are of great relief to calm the intense headache and the other symptoms that are normally accompanied by migraines, such as pressure in the area of ​​the eyes. Apply the compresses to these areas to feel a break.

Use of boldo for infections or nasal congestion

For chest congestion or nasal congestion, it is recommended to inhale boldo since its smell is impregnated with lemon and camphor and its decongestant properties allow you to breathe better. You can also use compresses or plasters . It can be used in conjunction with boldo syrup to treat the respiratory tract.

For vaginal infections, it is recommended to use vaginal baths since boldo has fungicidal properties that allow it as a natural alternative treatment to treat the infection along with other kinds of medical treatments.

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And for infections that affect the ear, they can be used since it is an antiseptic , so that for external use the properties of boldo can be obtained by macerating its leaves, obtaining the oils of this plant.

Ways you can take boldo

In order to benefit from the properties of this plant, boldo can be taken by means of a tea, tinctures, boldo syrup or in capsules when the properties of boldo are already taken to synthesize its components in an industrial way.

Considerations to take before using boldo

It should be noted that boldo treatments are of alternative medicinal use to which we can resort to alleviate the symptoms of a disease. So you should consult your doctor about the use of this medicinal plant. Likewise, only doses are recommended to be used as the case may be, these do not replace treatments from your doctor.

  • Before using, review the side effects that boldo produces as well as the toxicity it could have.
  • Do not exceed the recommended treatment times , they should be less than 1 month.
  • Do not exceed the recommended doses.
  • If you are pregnant or suspect a pregnancy, immediately discontinue its use, it has not been proven by studies how it affects pregnancy. But its use could lead to miscarriage .

The boldo how to take it?

  • Through tea or infusions : to prepare this tea, it is recommended between 1.5 grams to 2.5 grams of boldo leaves in 200 ml or 100 ml of water to make the tea, depending on whether the boldo is used and its curative effects, as the amount of water can vary. .

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It should be taken for appetite and salivation between 15 min to 30 min before meals and for cases of digestion after the 3 main meals. The total amount in grams to be consumed of dried boldo leaves should not be exceeded, the maximum dose allowed daily is 10 grams .

  • By capsules : Boldos capsules are usually 500 mg and normally 2 capsules are taken after three daily meals. And the treatment should be less than a month.
  • Using Boldo Syrup: Take 1 tablespoon of boldo syrup three times a day. See how Boldo is prepared for the respiratory tract.

How to prepare boldo treatments for external use?

External use by compress : boil a liter of water with 20 grams of boldo leaf to apply it as compresses.

External use by means of plasters: to prepare it, use the dry leaves of the boldo, crush enough so that its particles are as little as possible, add and mix with hot water until it forms a pasty mass. In cases of muscle aches, first place warm water on the treated area so that the skin is warmed up and then apply the plaster on the skin.

External use by bath: in this case the amount of water to use depends on the grams of boldo leaves, for every 20 grams a water book is used. Prepare the bath with hot water and apply with a sponge.

External use of boldo oil: in this case the oil contains ascaridiol, essential oil of the medicinal plant of boldo and this oil is a toxic agent. Do not exceed the dose of 2 drops to 4 drops.

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Can you prepare boldo oil?

Yes, follow the instructions and you will be surprised how easy it is to do it without having to buy it, so to extract the essential oils from the boldo it is carried out through a maceration. Its preparation lasts 2 weeks.

In a small container with a lid add 40 ml of olive oil and 5 grams of boldo leaf. Every day shake to hydrate the dry leaves with olive oil once or twice a day. Keep in a cool and clear place where it has indirect sunlight. After two weeks, proceed to strain to obtain the boldo oil.

Adverse effects that boldo can cause

  • This medicinal plant can also have secondary and adverse effects on health.
  • Excessive doses should not be used because it can be toxic.
  • Treatments should not exceed more than 1 month.
  • Side effects occur in oral treatments such as diarrhea since it has a mild laxative effect due to the properties of boldo.
  • Boldo is a cleanser for the gallbladder, which is why it can cause contraindications that suffer from gallstones, since its effect can quickly block the bile ducts and cause an obstruction in their ducts, being dangerous for the patient . Therefore, you should not take boldo infusions if you suffer from gallstones.
  • Effects on pregnancy have not been proven. Its high doses can cause abortion.
  • Only with medical authorization since it is not recommended to take in case of severe liver disease .
  • Boldo should not be used as an alternative treatment in people with kidney failure.
  • Boldo can increase bleeding in people taking blood thinners.
  • The use of the medicinal plant of boldo should be consulted with the doctor.
  • Together the doctor consider the pros and cons of boldo.
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