Brazil Nut Oil

Brazil nut oil has captured the foci of the world not only for being edible but for its beneficial properties for health, among which its action as an antioxidant , the high content of selenium and healthy fatty acids stands out.

It has multiple nutritional and aesthetic properties that many people have labeled it as a “miracle oil.” The Brazil nut is frequently used as an ingredient in a large number of pastry recipes in cakes, cookies and sweets; In addition, it has now begun to expand in the market as an herbal supplement.

By itself, the Brazil nut has a high nutritional potential beneficial to the health of our body, so it is not surprising that Brazil Nut Oil possesses a large part of these properties , among which it stands out a high content of acids. polyunsaturated fatty acids and the revitalizing effect that this oil has on dry skin and hair, a large part of the benefits of the uses of this dry oil will be developed in detail throughout this article.

Origin of Walnut Oil

The oil is produced from the seeds of an immense tree that reaches about 45 meters in height, and its life extends to about 1000 years before Christ, approximately; which grows in a wild way until occupying more than a million hectares of land and it is not possible to cultivate it, it is part of the Lecythidaceae family .

The Brazil nut is a natural medicine native to the Amazonian tropical rainforest of South America, it is a seed and not a fruit as they say , which has a high caloric and protein content.

Known as Chestnuts, Amazonian nut or Brazilian coquito, it is a kind of coconut with a very hard shell, where nuts are obtained, whose scientific name is Bertholletia excelsa , the only most important non-timber forest production in the Amazon, which generates income and it does not affect the ecosystem.

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Similarly, the Brazil nut of the genus Bertholletia is the only species of that genus that is native to the forests of Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia , trees scattered in the forests on the banks of the Amazon, Negro, Orinoco, Araguaia and Tocantis. Its harvest takes place between April and October.

Description of Brazil Nut Oil

Walnut oil is extracted from the seeds of the chestnut tree from the Amazon rainforest, walnuts are eaten raw or roasted like dried fruits , which is why this seed tends to be confused with a dried fruit.

Brazil nuts have a great nutritional value since they are composed of up to 67% of oils , from there we obtain the Brazil Nut Oil through the process of cold pressing the seed, when filtering this product the Oil is obtained. of extra virgin Brazil Nuts .

The walnut oil obtained in the first extraction is used for cooking, while that of the second extraction has functional characteristics for the cosmetic industry , especially the manufacture of bath soaps.

Brazilian oil has great advantages over olive oil since it has a smoother and more pleasant taste; It can be used for preparing salads as well as stir-fries and other dishes. It has nutritional and aesthetic benefits largely thanks to the amount of linoleic acid it contains.

This oil is characterized by being an effective source of omega 3 and omega 6 , in addition more than 50% of its composition corresponds to linoleic acid (omega 6) , it also contains Vitamin E in the form of tocopherols and of course other components that provide more beneficial properties, which we will talk about later.

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Among the characteristics of walnut oil is that its color is bright yellow , it does not have a specific smell and of course an exquisite and pleasant nutty flavor . It is important to note that its use is not very common due in large part to the fact that it is only harvested in areas of the Amazon rainforest such as Brazil, Venezuela, Peru and Bolivia.

How is the walnut processed to obtain the Oil?

Today we will explain a little to you, how this miraculous Brazil nut oil is obtained for later, to detail its properties and how you can use it to improve the physical and aesthetic health of your body.


Basically this stage consists of preparing the seeds to obtain the highest possible extraction, so that different techniques are carried out so that the following steps are much easier to apply.

  • Cleaning: It is about removing any foreign substance or impurity that is between the seeds or attached to them, such as: earth, stones, metal residues, small objects. It is done with industrial vacuum cleaners and sieves that are drums that move at certain speeds and have a strainer through which the materials that do not correspond to the seed are separated.
  • Dehulling: Basically what is done is to separate the walnut itself from the hard shell of the seed, what is needed is the fiber and the almond of our walnut for the oil.
  • Grinding: To make the extraction process much more efficient, the walnuts are crushed to reduce their size, which increases the area of ​​exposure of the oils, this is done by means of mills.

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  • Cooking: It is done through water vapor to favor extraction, the heat of the steam helps to decompose the proteins of the seed, which causes the oil found inside to come out through drops, in addition to hydrating the cells and that makes it easier to get the oil out.


This is the primary stage of making walnut oil, as this is where all the oil is extracted from the seeds. As its name indicates, it is carried out through presses that exert a force on the flakes so that the oil drops unite and by means of this force are expelled from the flakes.

It is done gradually and as it is carried out, a cake is formed with all the pulp that remains of the seed, it is done slowly to extract the greatest amount of oil and the cake formed does not have large amounts of it.

The oil obtained preserves the nutritional properties of the seed, from the press there are two oils, the pressure one and the cake one, the pressure one normally has a percentage of impurities so a subsequent treatment must be carried out.


Oils such as walnut may contain other additional compounds such as gums, natural colorants, ketones, additionally they contain some free fatty acids that are due to the cooking and storage process prior to pressing, so in many cases they can cause defects in the oil, for this they must be eliminated through refining treatments.

  • Neutralization: It consists of chemically removing the free fatty acids to avoid rancidity of the oil, this is done through the addition of alkaline solutions and steam, then the oil is washed to remove the remains of the chemical.

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  • Bleaching: Using industrial bleaching clays, remains of coloring particles that may contain impurities are removed.
  • Deodorized: It is distilled with steam to eliminate organic compounds that generate unwanted odors and flavors, it is done in this way to avoid changes in the composition of the oil.


Finally our oil is packaged through dosing machines and then stored to be sold. This is how Brazil nut oil is obtained industrially . Today we will provide you with all the information about its properties as well as showing you the different uses that you can give to this wonderful product.

Walnut Oil Properties

Brazil nut oil is a food product rich in calories and highly nutritious as it has healthy proteins and fatty acids . Among the properties of this oil, its high antioxidant effect stands out, which makes it highly valued in cosmetology for skin and hair treatments.

Nutritional information

The most important thing is that it has a high content of unsaturated (healthy) fatty acids approximately 67% which is largely represented by linoleic acid . On the other hand, it contains a proportion of saturated fatty acids in which stand out: Palmitic Acid (15.4%), Stearic Acid (6.2%) and Myristic Acid (0.6%).

It has a great contribution of proteins compared to other oils that ranges between 14-17%. Regarding minerals for every 133 grams of oil, the following proportions stand out, the presence of Calcium (213mg), Phosphorus (946mg), Potassium (traces), Magnesium (500mg), Copper (2.3mg), Manganese (1 , 6mg) and Iron (traces) , in addition to having a high proportion of Selenium .

Additionally, it has amounts of Vitamin C (traces), B1 and B2 (traces), provitamin A (traces), thiamine (0.8mg) and vitamin E (7.6mg) in the form of tocopherols. On the other hand, it also contains a significant percentage of phytosterols and squalenes.

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Properties of Brazil Nut oil

As it is a dry oil, it has a much higher penetrating power than other oils , which allows it to deeply nourish the skin and hair without generating a greasy effect.

The presence of selenium is what provides the antioxidant power together with vitamin E and Vitamin A, which is another antioxidant that also provides elasticity to the skin. While on the other hand, phytosterols allow it to provide an anti-inflammatory effect and squalenes provide the function of being an emollient.

Due to the aforementioned properties, Brazil nut oil has a wide use in creams, lotions, shampoos, conditioners and soaps, mainly as an emulsifier.

From a nutritional point of view, it has a great contribution of proteins, vitamins and minerals that are essential for the proper functioning of vital organs of the body, as well as revitalize and improve the quality of life of our organism since they help to create barriers against diseases .

Differences between Brazil Nut and India Nut

Both are different seeds, although with many similarities in their high nutritional value, but with different proportions and compositions that provide other properties . The cashew can be ingested during pregnancy while the Brazil nut is not highly recommended.

This is because according to several scientific studies it has been possible to determine a relationship between the intake of Brazil nuts by pregnant women and subsequent symptoms in the baby or child of difficulty breathing and asthma. They should also not be consumed during breastfeeding because the components can be transported to the baby through breast milk.

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The Brazil nut is useful for hair treatments, but the cashew is not. This is because the Brazil nut has a high load of selenium, vitamin E, vitamin A, unsaturated fatty acids that are excellent antioxidants, provide elasticity, nourish and strengthen the hair, the Indian nut does not have the same nutritional composition hence it does not have the same effect.

Among the many differences, another one that stands out among these seeds is that the Brazil nut lacks aphrodisiac properties , while the India Nut has recently been linked with benefits to improve sexual health.

Benefits of Brazil Nut Oil

Let us remember that Brazil nut oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids where its high content of omega 3 and omega 6 stands out , which are the ones that provide the greatest amount of benefits for the body. Additionally it contains a high composition of Selenium and vitamin E which are excellent antioxidants.

Fight Cholesterol

As it has 50% linoleic acid, it has the ability to reduce low-density lipoproteins (Bad Cholesterol) , triglycerides and total cholesterol , since it has been shown that this fatty acid fights these three components. This is due to its properties due to the amounts of acids, specifically fatty, healthy it has.

Improves Heart Health

By reducing the levels of bad cholesterol , the chances of plaques forming in arteries and veins known as atherosclerosis, which reduce blood flow, causing possible heart attacks or coronary heart disease , are reduced.

This is reversed by omega 6 or linoleic acid, which modifies some conditions of the body that reduce cholesterol, which cleanses the blood and subsequently improves circulation. In turn, it prevents the appearance of diseases such as hypertension.

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Prevents Cancer

Linoleic acid has been shown to be linked to anticarcinogenic (against cancer) activities, this means that it prevents the appearance of cancer cells in the body.

On the other hand, Selenium , which is another component of a large proportion in Brazil nut oil, has recently been related to a reduction in the risk of breast and prostate cancer .

Additionally , phytic acid, another acid present in Brazil nut oil, has the ability to absorb metals that will help in the subsequent prevention of colon cancer by reducing oxidative stress in the entire intestine. They also consider that this component could be the key to preventing other types of cancer.

Strengthens the Immune System

Brazil nut oil contains high amounts of Selenium and Vitamin E, which are powerful antioxidants , which have the ability to reduce the formation of free radicals that damage cells, especially those of the immune system, so when they are eliminated all kinds of diseases are prevented .

It also allows the repair of damaged cells , which makes it an important factor in preventing cell aging thanks to the process of oxygenation and activation of special enzymes.

Brazil Nut oil can be considered key in increasing defenses, since it provides vital nutrients for our cells and their defensive processes, as well as energy generators, which results in a basic reinforcement for our organism, avoiding the entry of bacteria and antigens unknown to it.

Excellent Anti-inflammatory

Omega 6 has anti-inflammatory properties because it reduces the presence of some enzymes responsible for inflammatory processes, which turns out to be suitable as a treatment for pain.

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Normally the pain is due to the inflammation of the blood vessels and the pressure that is generated on the tissues, also due to the inflammation of the tissues when filling with fluid that can press on a nerves and you feel pain.

But thanks to the Brazil Nut oil, by influencing the inflammatory processes, headaches, vertigo, menstrual pain are avoided, pain due to arthritis is improved. Muscle contractions are also improved because it has a relaxing effect .

Fight bone problems

This oil contains a good proportion of calcium which helps fight diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis and other bone problems, through the calcification and strengthening of the bones.

Both diseases are of bone origin but affect differently. Osteoporosis causes weakness in the bones, while arthritis has a debilitating effect on the joints and the tissues around them, in case of suffering one of the two or both, doctors recommend the consumption of calcium to combat these conditions and stabilize them. , since they are not curable.

Reduce chronic fatigue

Thanks to the content of iron, manganese and magnesium that Brazil nut oil contains, it is possible to combat anemia and states of fatigue, improving the organic balance of the body, something very important although it may not seem like it.

Remember that high levels of fatigue can have serious consequences for our body and its proper functioning, both physically and psychologically. From a physical point of view, it can present a deficiency and instability in the immune system, since when having fatigue, it is because the necessary energy levels are not being produced.

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So our body is in the need to apply defensive strategies, so to speak, to compensate for this lack of energy and reduce other activities necessary for life. From a psychological sense, it can produce higher levels of stress, irritation, and even the possibility that depression and / or some anxiety disorders begin to develop.

Avoid premature aging

This is due to several factors, the antioxidants such as selenium and vitamin E present in Brazil nut oil help fight free radicals that cause cell damage, and also inhibit some enzymes responsible for reducing the life span of cells. .

Another factor is that these antioxidants and linoleic acid maintain adequate oxygenation in the brain as well as blood flow, this prevents damage to neurons, especially memory neurons.

A final factor is that it prevents premature aging of the skin as it keeps it hydrated and gives it elasticity, which reduces the appearance of dry skin, wrinkles, among other aesthetic skin problems.

Strengthens the hair root

Linoleic acid penetrates the root of the hair, strengthening each hair follicle , as well as nourishing and hydrating it, which allows to revitalize the hair, gives it softness and shine and reduces hair loss, stimulating growth, avoiding the presence of dandruff.

Prevents skin diseases and beautifies it

The main components of this benefit are unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and to a lesser degree selenium, omega 6 reduces dryness and burning in the skin as it softens and protects it.

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It can be used against psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, because it has a direct moisturizing effect, reduces irritation and calms the itching generated by skin eruptions, reducing pain, we have already explained how it does in previous items.

As we have indicated in other points, this oil is an excellent moisturizer so it prevents the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks, cracks and dryness . All these properties in the skin are due to the fact that omega 6 nourishes the skin and allows it to provide the necessary components for tissue repair.

Some components present in the oil such as vitamin E and vitamin A plus selenium are responsible for regenerating skin tissues through the elimination of free radicals, providing elasticity, oxygenating cells, increasing levels of collagen and elastin.

Slimming Powers

Brazil Nut oil helps you lose weight, through some properties that it possesses. The way it helps with muscle loss is due to two methods:

Mainly, the consumption of this oil causes the consumer to neutralize hunger, that is, it produces a settlement in the stomach that gives the illusion of satiety, so it is not necessary to eat excessively, helping in the regulation of our appetite and reduces risks of increasing our weight.

The other way in which it helps us lose weight is thanks to the high concentrations of soluble fats that the seed possesses, also eliminating the amounts of stagnant soft fats in specific areas of our body. By these methods, its intake is highly recommended if you are overweight, since it improves anxiety and our existing fat levels.

Helps with thyroid problems

Studies have revealed that consuming Brazil nut and its different presentations, such as oil, can be beneficial if you suffer from thyroid insufficiency, due to its really high concentrations of selenium, which promotes the functioning of the thyroid hormone, thus helping to better secretion of this hormone.

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Contraindications of Brazil Nut Oil

Brazil nut oil basically preserves a large part of the composition of these nuts, so people with allergies to nuts and specifically to Brazil nuts cannot consume this product since they run the risk of going through an episode of adverse reaction.

The same happens with the contraindication for pregnancy, pregnant women should refrain from consuming this product due to the consequences that it can generate in the baby, since by conserving the components of the walnut it is likely to generate asthma or respiratory problems in the baby or the child.

In the same way, this warning is extended to those mothers who are feeding their baby with breast milk. On the other hand, it has been shown that the excessive consumption of this oil can cause the loss of certain amounts of hair, this due to the high content of Selenium.

It is necessary to emphasize that its properties in increasing thyroid activity should not be ingested if the person is under treatment composed of levothyroxine to regulate their functions, since it can decrease or obstruct the operation of the medicine, thus avoiding, desired results.

Home remedies using Brazil Nut Oil

Here are some home remedies whose essential ingredient is Brazil nut oil, in this way you can benefit from its properties at a fairly low cost, what are you waiting to put them into practice?

Face Mask

In a container add a tablespoon of Brazil nut oil, then add a tablespoon of achiote powder (rich in carotenoids), mix well until it forms a paste with a homogeneous consistency. Take the paste and place it on your face, let it act for 10 minutes and then rinse your face with plenty of water.

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Hair Mask

Take a very clean and dry container, add 2 tablespoons of Brazil nut oil and then add 2 tablespoons of yangu oil, take an egg white and add it to the preparation, start to mix constantly evenly until it becomes form a consistent dough.

Once ready, apply it on your hair, let it act for five minutes and then you can wash your hair with shampoo, it is recommended without salt for best results. This remedy is excellent for those dry and weak hair.

Hair lotion

In a cup add a few drops of Brazil nut oil and mix with water, forming an emulsion and then apply it all over the hair; With this you will achieve hydrated hair and prevent it from drying out. Another way to achieve the same effect is to take a few drops with your hands and then spread them on the ends of your hair.

Skin Lotion

Brazil nut oil has the property of being easily absorbed since it is a dry oil and deeply penetrates the pores of the skin. So it is perfect to improve the appearance and texture of it. You just have to take a few drops on your fingers and spread them all over the body.

You will notice that it adds shine and vitality to the skin without it being a greasy or sticky texture. Additionally, your body will be impregnated with the delicious aroma of Brazil nut oil.

Massage Oil

Take a small cup, mix about 5mL of Brazil nut oil with 5 drops of orange tree essential oil, take the mixture with your fingertips and massage the areas you want. This mixture is said to have a relaxing effect, reduce stress, increase rest, reduce headache.

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Where to Buy Brazil Nut Oil?

You can find it in all kinds of health food stores, in stores or centers specialized in cosmetics and natural nutrition, in the same way you can also find them in virtual stores where you have bought previously.

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