Brazil Nut: Contraindications, Benefits And Medicinal Properties

The Brazil nut is a natural panacea native to the Amazon region of South America. This nut, named after its country of origin, is actually a seed and not a dried fruit as is often believed . This seed is also known as chestnut, Amazonian nut or Brazilian coquito and its botanical-scientific name is bertholletia excelsa. It is found mainly in the forests of Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia and other southern countries. The seed comes from an immense and long-lived wild tree that can reach 50 meters in height and can live for approximately 1,000 years .

This tree produces a large, round fruit similar to a coconut that can contain up to 20 seeds (Brazil nuts). This peculiar seed is weighted for its great nutritional richness and can be consumed in various ways, it can be eaten raw, with skin, without skin, toasted, salty or tasteless.

It is common for this nut to be used in pastries and is often found as an ingredient in various recipes for cakes, cookies and sweets, today it has begun to be marketed as an herbal supplement. If you want to know much more about Brazilian coquitos, their health pros and cons, we invite you to read carefully this article that will develop them in detail.

Medicinal and nutritional properties

The Brazil nut is considered a very powerful food, it has a high nutritional value, since it is very rich in protein and has a significant amount of healthy fats .

It is also rich in amino acids, they can be of great help for those who have nutrition problems or for high performance athletes who need an extra touch of energy. It has a significant amount of vitamins such as A, C, E and those of group B. And in turn, it contains a substantial amount of minerals such as selenium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, potassium, copper, zinc and calcium . The Brazil nut also has high levels of fiber.

Among the medicinal properties it has we find:

Antioxidant properties

They have an incredible antioxidant power due to the high content of selenium and vitamin E .

The union of this mineral and this vitamin strengthen our body and effectively fight free radicals, avoiding all kinds of damage to cells and also delaying the devastating effects of aging.

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Improves the immune system

The selenium present in these seeds represents a fundamental tool when it comes to strengthening our immune system , consuming them will help us increase our defenses and reduce the chances of contracting flu or infections.

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Protective property of the cardiovascular system

According to recent scientific research, moderate consumption of Brazil nuts can help us protect and maintain the health of our heart and prevent various cardiovascular diseases.

Cancer preventive property:

Due to its richness in minerals and vitamins, it is considered a food that can help us prevent some types of cancer, including stomach cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer.

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These seeds are also advantageous for people with insufficient iodine, people with gastritis and people with cholesterol problems. In turn, this seed is used to treat male impotence.

To lose weight

The Brazil nut, along with other seeds such as cashew nuts, is included in the group of “fat burning” foods. The large amount of fiber it has is an essential tool when it comes to regulating our appetite. When consuming these seeds, a feeling of satiety is immediately produced, which neutralizes hunger and thus avoids excessive food intake. This will reduce the chances of gaining body weight.

Due to its nutritional richness and its high content of healthy fats, it can also help us get rid of focused fats in various areas of the body. For these reasons, the moderate consumption of the Brazil nut is recommended for those with obesity or overweight problems and for those who want to regulate their weight.

For the hair

Eating Brazil nuts can ensure you have long, full and healthy hair . Hair growth depends directly on the amount of nutrients that the body receives through food. And the amount of vitamins and minerals present in these seeds can help you accelerate hair growth and prevent hair loss.

In addition, eating these seeds in moderation can add shine to your hair in a completely natural way. In such a way that if you have problems growing your hair, your hair falls out or you have very dull hair, it is beneficial that you include these nuts in your diet.

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For the removal of acne

As we have already mentioned, Brazilian coquitos contain a considerable amount of selenium and it is one of the minerals par excellence used in skin care. Its intake can help avoid multiple dermatological problems, including the dreaded acne.

These seeds also contain a considerable proportion of another great mineral that is important in the appearance and health of our skin, this mineral is zinc that provides us with countless benefits at the skin level and is very effective against acne.

If you want to have a skin free of impurities, smoother, brighter and with a youthful appearance, then it will be necessary that you include these wonderful seeds in your diet.

To lower cholesterol

The weekly intake  can defend us from serious heart conditions and can help us prevent strokes.

Scientific studies have shown considerably that these seeds can have a very positive effect on heart health and provide the body with a quantity of healthy fats that give us the possibility of reducing bad cholesterol that can seriously harm our health.

For this reason, its intake is widely recommended for people who have cholesterol problems, since they can regulate these disorders in a very natural and safe way.

Can it be consumed during pregnancy?

It is not recommended to ingest them during pregnancy. Recent scientific studies have shown that the ingestion of these seeds during the gestation process can be very detrimental to the baby’s health, since it can considerably increase the chances that it may develop asthma in the future.

Direct links have been established between the consumption of Brazil nuts in the pregnant woman and the subsequent symptoms of the baby or child, these symptoms are: shortness of breath, respiratory crisis and asthma attacks . It is also not recommended that the woman who is breastfeeding consume these nuts, since through milk it can transmit its components to the baby.

For all this, we can affirm that despite the high nutritional values ​​that this nut has, it is not consumed during pregnancy or during lactation, to prevent the baby from developing any health complications.

Can people with thyroid problems consume it?

They are substantially advantageous for people with poor thyroid function. Selenium is like the raw material for thyroid hormone and the large amount of it present in these seeds is ideal for helping people regulate their thyroid.

It is important to note that if you take medications to regulate thyroid function that contain levothyroxine, you should not consume Brazil nuts , as these can inhibit the action of the medication and reduce its effectiveness.

Buy Organic / Bio Brazil Nut

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The Brazil Nut contains too much selenium

They have been found to contain the highest amount of selenium possible compared to other foods.

Only 26 grams of this dried fruit has over 7 times the daily recommended selenium index . Therefore, its consumption must be frugal and prudent.

If you consume it in moderation you can benefit from the properties of selenium and other vitamins and minerals present in its composition.

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Brazil nut oil benefits

It will help to have a healthy skin, hydrating it deeply and avoiding any sign of imperfection or dryness. Due to its antioxidant nature, it is used in the treatment of various skin conditions, including rashes and psoriasis. This oil is widely used in the cosmetic industry and is often a main ingredient in various skin care products.

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Benefits of Brazil nut milk

It is a healthy substitute for cow’s milk . It has a number of vitamins and minerals that can help us improve our health at a comprehensive level.

Especially its consumption benefits our bone system and our neurological system, both are strengthened thanks to the intake of this vegetable milk.

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Are there differences between the Brazilian seed and the cashew?

They are two different seeds, although similar in their high nutritional value. Both have different composition and different properties:

  • The cashew can be consumed in pregnancy and yet the other is not due.
  • The Brazil nut is highly recommended for hair health but the other is not.
  • Lastly, the cashew is known for its aphrodisiac properties, while the Brazilian nut lacks them.

Nutritional information of the Brazil Nut

They are known for their high level of healthy fatty acids. They contain approximately 70%, mostly linoleic acids.

They also provide a considerable amount of proteins They contain approximately 17% of them. It has an unbeatable mineral content. Selenium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, potassium, copper, magnesium and iron, it must be remembered that their selenium content is higher than the content of other minerals.

It also offers a substantial supply of vitamins , including vitamin E, C, B1, B2 and Vitamin A.

Contraindications of Brazil Nuts

Despite their great nutritional virtues, they should be consumed with extreme caution, since their excessive consumption can be very harmful to health.

This seed is contraindicated for the following group of people and therefore they should avoid consuming them:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • People with gastric or digestive problems
  • Kids
  • Elderly
  • People allergic to this type of nuts.

It is advisable not to ingest these nuts if you are undergoing any treatment to lose weight or consume any medication, or pill indicated to combat obesity. Since the interaction of the components of the seed with these drugs can be harmful to your health. It is important to inquire about the potential danger latent in these seeds.

Liver cancer

The peel has high concentrations of aflatoxins. This substance can become so toxic that it is considered a stimulant in cases of liver cancer.

Brittleness in nails and hair

Much of a good thing can be harmful, the high amounts of selenium present in this food can generate a series of counterproductive effects on the health of our hair and nails. Hair can start to fall out and nails can become very brittle and brittle.

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Allergic reactions

Allergic reactions can become very serious. They can become very strong, so much so that they can put the life of the allergic person at risk.


Probably the most worrying danger linked to its consumption has to do with radiation.

Brazil nut trees are very large and their roots are very deep, therefore they are capable of absorbing radiation, storing it in very internal and deep layers of the earth.

That is why it is said that this food has a latent radioactive component inside.

Digestive complications

Among the possible side effects of ingesting Brazil nuts in excess, we find complications in the digestive system. Stomach problems, severe abdominal pain, intestinal problems, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or frequent stools are frequent.

Nervous system problems

Eating them in excess can seriously compromise our central nervous system. Excessive selenium intake can lead to tissue and nerve damage in the brain.

Worrying signs may also appear such as: irritation, laziness, exhaustion, a feeling of vertigo, emotional imbalance, tingling and decreased sensation in the extremities, tremors, seizures, tremors, imperceptible blood pressure and in exceptional cases loss of blood pressure may occur. knowledge and death.

Possibility of diabetes and heart disease

Scientific studies have linked the high levels of selenium present in Brazil nuts with the increased probability of having type 2 diabetes, it is also linked to the presence of high cholesterol, a fact that can trigger different cardiovascular diseases. It is important to note that this risk will only exist in people who consume these seeds in an exaggerated way and without moderation.

Possibility of DNA damage

The minimum amounts of radiation received can be fixed by the body, but high amounts of radiation can produce a serious alteration in our cells and this can increase our risk of suffering from cancer, since our DNA can be damaged in an irreversible way.

Is it poisonous or not?

Its components can become toxic or poisonous . And consuming too much of this seed can be really harmful to our health. Said toxicity can manifest itself in different proportions depending on the organic composition of each individual.

Although it has multiple nutritional virtues, it contains selenium and other important minerals and vitamins, it is also considered a potentially dangerous and toxic food, due to its high concentrations of radium.

In several scientific studies, the composition of this seed has also been analyzed in depth and other toxic substances have been found that can cause serious health problems in several important organs of the body.

In conclusion we can affirm that the Brazil nut can become a great ally or a great enemy for our health, everything will depend on the form and quantity that we consume it. It is advisable to consume it in small quantities, with great moderation and prudence, if its consumption is contraindicated for you, it is best to avoid including it in your diet and look for another food that has multiple nutritional values, but is totally harmless for you.

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