Brewer’s Yeast For Acne: Treatments And Mask Recipe

Do you know the dermatological benefits of brewer’s yeast? Did you know that it is an essential substance for the care and treatment of the skin , especially for acne? Brewer’s yeast for acne, an essential element to suppress the effects of the causative agent of this disease.

Brewer’s yeast has positive effects in each of its applications, provided it is done under certain conditions. In this particular we will detail the effects it has at the dermatological level, which is of great interest to people who suffer from acne.

But let’s start with the basics, by explaining what brewer’s yeast is and a bit of its history.

What is brewer’s yeast?

Brewer’s yeast is a by-product resulting from the fermentation of cereals such as barley and wheat, in which a micro organism called “Saccharomycescerevisiae” (Saccharo sugar myces fungus cerevisiae beer) acts. The product resulting from fermentation is dried, cleaned and pasteurized before reaching the market.

Its form of presentation can be in powder, capsules or tablets . Some manufacturers or producers of beer yeast subject the product to a process in which its original bitter taste is subtracted, thanks to this we can see a printed label on the product that indicates that the substance has been “debittered”.

Brief history about brewer’s yeast

Yeast was used by the Egyptians to make bread more than 5000 thousand years ago because they did not know the fermentation process, by which it is produced. They attributed this reaction to a miracle of the gods.

Louis Pasteur, denied the gods

It was not until the 19th century and thanks to the work of Louis Pasteur, a French chemist and bacteriologist, who discovered that the agents responsible for fermentation were a set of microorganisms that acted in the decomposition of cereals.

Only then was the belief that yeast was the product of a miracle stopped.

Pasteur in his research work on the microorganisms that were formed had the concern that if they appeared by spontaneous generation or if their formation was due to another effect.

To clear up this unknown, I have devised an experiment by which I have verified that in a suitable environment these microorganisms are formed by the contact of germs with organic matter.

How to treat acne problem with brewer’s yeast

The radius of action of the acne disease is very wide, not only is it capable of attacking us at the skin level but it also attacks and severely affects our self-esteem. Those who suffer from acne know first-hand the social consequences that acne entails.

In that sense, the acne treatment with brewer’s yeast offers a new alternative for those who want to face this dermatological disease and get rid of acne once and for all.

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The restorative action of the brewer’s yeast compounds will not only give your skin the care and protection it requires but also, depending on the way it is consumed or used, it can positively affect the rest of the body, acting as a complement to our nutrition and hair and nail care.

Vitamins and minerals present in brewer’s yeast that help heal acne

Brewer’s yeast can be considered a fairly complete substance or nutritional supplement, since its vitamin and mineral contribution not only contributes to our nutrition but also optimizes our immune system, thus improving our regenerative capacity of the skin.

The group of B vitamins present in brewer’s yeast constitutes an essential element in the care and regeneration of the skin. This allows for continuous cellular improvement throughout our body, promoting healing and providing a protective layer from free radicals, harmful agents that affect our health from the inside out.

When we use brewer’s yeast daily, either as part of our diet or through the use of masks for skin and hair, we allow its mineral component, such as zinc, to act in favor of healing and improvement of our skin.

Why is brewer’s yeast good for treating acne?

Its main reason lies in being a multivitamin compound that contributes to people’s health with a set of tools that not only act in favor of the care and treatment against acne but also provide the body with a protective layer against other diseases.

The group of antioxidants that enter our body through the consumption or application of brewer’s yeast allows our skin to be nourished and have a better response capacity to the damage caused by acne.

These allow our skin to heal more easily and the purifying action of brewer’s yeast prevents the formation of new skin lesions.

Consequently, it is a useful and natural tool not only for skin care but also the rest of the body.

Studies show positive health effects of brewer’s yeast

An investigation based on the effects of inorganic chromium and brewer’s yeast on glucose tolerance, plasma lipids, and plasma chromium in elderly subjects, demonstrated the positive effect brewer’s yeast has on diabetes control .

With which, it is an integral substance not only for the care and treatment of our skin but also favors the regulating action of glucose in people with diabetes.
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Brewer’s yeast acne masks

Here are 2 ideal masks for the care of our skin, which promote its nutrition and healing of lesions caused by acne.
These masks can be prepared with some elements that you have at home, including brewer’s yeast.

Ingredients and preparation

We simply mix a teaspoon of powdered brewer’s yeast with a teaspoon of milk or natural organic yogurt.


Once the mixture is made, we apply it on the skin of our face, it must be clean and dry. Important, we must stay with this mask for at least 15 minutes.

Once the time has elapsed, we remove it with a cloth and warm water once the mask is dry. AT the time of removing the mask we can notice that it has dried completely, with which, remove it gently using the towel and warm water.

Brewer’s yeast will work to gently absorb excess oil and tighten pores, while the lactic acid found in yogurt or milk will act as a gentle exfoliator.

The result achieved with this treatment will offer you a much smoother skin to the touch and with the guarantee of offering greater resistance to the damage caused by acne.

The benefits achieved with brewer’s yeast are amazing, have you tried it before, what is your opinion on the benefits of yeast?

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