How to Build Family Unity With The Arrival of The New Baby

Having a new member in the family is a big change for everyone in the house, but instead of focusing on the “problems” that may arise, in this article we are going to focus on the opportunities that arise to contribute to unity. family.

Don’t forget about the rest of the family after the delivery!

It seems obvious that older siblings can ask for more attention with the arrival of the new baby, and with everything that has to be done (taking care of the new little one, getting the house ready, preparing meals, etc.) it is not so easy.

Sometimes parents are not aware of all the new adjustments that older siblings must make to adapt to the new member of the family: many house routines are changed and many moments of connection with the little one can be lost along the way because of to care for the new member of the family. Simple things like hugging the elder less can take their toll, don’t neglect it!

For all this, it is important not to forget to pay attention to the quality time that is dedicated to the rest of the family members : the older siblings and the couple, who are also usually a great forgotten. To do this, make sure you dedicate one or two activities a day just to make everyone feel loved, making the family feel together and smoothing out the rough edges that the new baby may bring.

Family connection ideas for the family unit

Don’t neglect family meals

As much as it may be tempting to let others eat and have something for you at another time, taking advantage of the paragraph to take care of the baby, it is worth making the “effort” to sit with the older children and your partner at the table while they eat. Those moments talking together and exchanging stories from day to day are a good source of connection!

Take advantage of the baby’s sleep to pamper the older ones

It is a good time to spend time with older siblings: hug them, play with them, give them a massage… They will love it for sure!

Read books together

In the event that it is impossible with the baby, you can put on audio books and talk about them once they are done. There are a lot of classic stories that you will surely enjoy listening to as a family!

Identify the interests of older siblings and encourage them

With pregnancy, childbirth, etc. You may have overlooked some character evolutions or changes in the interests of your elders. It is not late, be interested! Find out what they are passionate about (drawing, animals, cars …) and enhance it by encouraging them with books on the subject, providing them with material to create or explore on their own … Remember that Pinterest is a great source of inspiration that you can take advantage of.

Never blame the baby

This also implies that older siblings are involved in tasks that have to do with the baby whenever possible, making it a positive experience that helps them connect with their brother and makes them feel useful and valued. So instead of saying things like “Now I can’t, I have to change the baby’s diaper” you can say “We can do it once I change the baby’s diaper, would you like to help me do it faster by bringing me the wipes?”

And remember: having a new baby is exhausting and it will surely make you have less patience … Knowing this, try to enjoy both him and the elders as much as possible, it will be an unforgettable stage that can be precious for everyone as a unit. family!

What other tips can you think of to foster family unity with the arrival of a new baby? Share your ideas!

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