Burdock: Contraindications, Properties And Benefits

Burdock is special in the natural environment , we know that there are endless plants, most of them around us, growing in our patios, all with a specific and also varied functionality, why not? Most of these can present unique abilities that make them coveted in the human eye, striking for what they offer.

From small doses of valerian to sleep, going through bush and mud as a poultice in large-scale wounds, to crushed plants to reverse the effects of really severe diseases, as well as to reduce the symptoms of these, seeking to save the patient’s life or give it quality, if it is necessary for its condition.

For its part, Burdock is a fruit of nature with many functions , which can be overlooked, and although the benefits are many without having many contraindications or adverse reactions to worry about, there is very little knowledge about it. medicinal plant.


What is Burdock?

Burdock is a medicinal plant whose benefits have been used since ancient times as a complementary treatment against diseases and health problems. It has the scientific name Arctium lappa .

Coming from Europe growing wild on the roadsides, bushes or in areas close to inhabited places. It is known worldwide thanks to the active principles present in its composition. Used both medically due to all its benefits that are enough, as well as for beauty thanks to the properties it brings to the skin and hair.

At present it is related to some beauty secrets , its roots, leaves, stems and seeds are used. Below we have for you all the properties that you can enjoy for the benefit of health and improve your quality of life.

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Common names

Like many other biological works, it is found under many names, the common ones, those that make it recognized before all and scientists, from which all the others end up coming, that without taking into account some names placed according to the area and the native customs that they have, the burdock has different denominations .

Being able to learn these names can make it easier for many to use and reap its benefits, searching for the scientifically known Arctium lappa. So, how about we learn some of the names by which it is called worldwide? here we bring you some, for the Castilian they stand out Agarrocha, arrancamoños, Bardana, Greater Burdock.

Likewise, if it is very necessary for me a little more complex at the same time to find by those names, you can also try to acquire it as Lesser Burdock, Capybara, Cadillo, Carrapicho, Garrapito, Burdock Leaf, Burdock, Lampazo, Yapazo, Curlew. Among many others worldwide.

Characteristics of the Burdock

The word Burdock comes from a Greek word that translates to “bear . ” It is a plant of the Composite or Asteraceae family from Europe and Asia. There are more than 50 species, some species have been cultivated in Africa, America and Australia this plant grows wild, but it is possible to cultivate it.

Its characteristics include its leaves that are large and elongated while its flowers are small reddish or purplish , it is robust with a thick stem and can reach up to 2m in height with leaves of 50cm in diameter. roots are collected in summer.

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Its fruits are spiny achenes and it is common for them to adhere to the skin of animals or clothes, it grows on the banks of roads and rivers, in empty places, walls, embankments, grasslands, meadows, wastelands, preferably in clay soils. and rich in nitrogen.

It is an ancient plant from Europe and Asia , by the 1st century Dioscorides indicated that its root was excellent as a topical softener in the treatment of ulcers. For what traditionally, the different parts of this plant have been used to treat a great variety of alterations and diseases.

Where can you get Burdock?

The Greater Burdock is common practically throughout Europe, however, in the Iberian Peninsula it is only found in the Pyrenees, the Lesser Burdock is found in southern Europe . In the same way, as mentioned above, it has been introduced to various parts of the world.

So today you can find extracts, essences, seeds, leaves, flowers in health food stores worldwide. You can consult online stores and place your orders for the plant or products with extracts of it, there are a number of stores that provide from seeds to products.

Forms of Presentation of Burdock ready to be made at home

From the plant as such , the roots are used to a greater extent , then the leaves, seeds and fruits. Burdock roots are commonly used in Spain. While the leaves are usually ingredients of traditional remedies .

There are multiple forms of presentation of Burdock , go to the herbalist, health food store or pharmacies and you can find it in bulk, the root powdered or in small pieces, or as an ingredient in various supplements.

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Forms of Presentation

Below you will see the different versions in which Burdock can be consumed , we bring you some with their recommended doses so that you can include it in your daily consumption habits and you can take advantage of the properties that we will tell you later.


You will need 40g of the plant for each liter of water, take a container and bring the water to boil, add the plant and let it cook for a few minutes, you can take a maximum of three cups a day, especially recommended by specialists before eating breakfast. , lunch and dinner, in order to streamline their functions.


Essentially, it is a fluid extract of the plant, achieved thanks to a maceration of the plants that are immersed in wine or the result of its distillation (ethyl alcohol) with specific temperature levels, in order to extract the most essential of the plant , using the most natural method to change from one presentation to another without alterations.

You can find this product in any health food store with a content of 50 ml. Count about 50 drops and add them to a glass of water or if you prefer to your favorite fruit juice, mix well, and you can take three doses a day. Or also, if your intake is less prevalent, you can also take it 3 times a day in doses of 30 drops added to natural drinks.


They are a kind of essences for sale in herbalists, health food stores or pharmacies , count about 40 drops and take them in approximately three daily doses, it can be before or after each meal.


In the same way, this presentation can also be known as Burdock Phytoconcentrate , since it is a concentration of all the highly functional components found specifically in the root and for which it is being widely used in a naturopathic environment.

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You can consume it in 100% Burdock capsules or in conjunction with other medicinal herbs and spices , there are presentations of 50 or 100 capsules of approximately 270mg doses. It is normally recommended to take two capsules three times a day , although it is said that only four capsules daily, already provide a good amount of burdock to the system and effective.

It is recommended that this last dose be consumed in the following way, the first two in the morning and the other two remaining capsules to be ingested at dusk, preferably after having consumed the three fundamental meals of the day.

This phytoconcentrate is recommended since it regulates the concentration levels of the components in a single tablet, it also avoids being altered, thus maintaining the ingredients of the plant and its virgin functions, so to speak. It also helps with a better assimilation of the benefits provided by the product.


In this case it refers to the application of the decoction externally , prepare the infusion as indicated above and then take cloths or pieces of cloth, make types of compresses and apply them in the areas you want to relieve. Used mainly to improve skin irritations or rashes, as well as other mild conditions suffered in our dermis.


We are going to subject the same preparation of the decoction to a rigorous filtering with fabrics and strainers in order to obtain the liquid as free of impurities as possible, this liquid can be applied as a mouthwash or gargle to heal mouth abscesses.


You can take the liquid extract that you buy in your health food store and add drops to your creams, ointments, gels for the care of your skin and scalp, it will enhance the effects of these products for your benefit.

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This compound can be applied by making enough friction on the scalp in order to combat seborrheic dermatitis , apply it at least twice a day to see better results. It also serves to stimulate an increase in hair growth and a decrease in hair loss.

Composition of Burdock

The roots are composed of phenolic acids among which caffeic and chlorogenic acids stand out , it contains flavonoids such as quercetol and rutoside ; Among the carbohydrates the main one is inulin , more than 50%.

On the other hand, the roots also contain polyenes, polyinos, arctigenin and its glucoside arctiin , sterols among which beta-sitosterol and glucoside derivatives stand out, it also has tannins and traces of essential oils, lactones and potassium salts .

As for the leaves, fruits and seeds, they have a similar composition, only in different proportions. In the particular case of seeds, they contain 16% fatty acids, notably linoleic, oleic, octadecatrienic, and palmitic .

Additionally, this plant contains fiber, minerals such as iron, potassium, calcium and phosphorus, vitamins B1, B2, B3, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and K.

Benefits of Burdock

Essentially, the properties of this plant such as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, purgative and also diuretic make it very well seen in a phytotherapeutic environment, since its benefits are many in the face of severe diseases, mild conditions and ailments that affect a person in their daily life.

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The most important thing is its purely natural origin, the fact that it can be consumed in its different presentations without losing that natural factor in it, makes it special and beneficial; It is not necessary to alter its composition with chemicals so that it can perform its functions in our body, since its properties are invigorating by themselves.

Purifying action

It has an effect of purifying the blood and eliminating toxins in some vital organs, among which the colon, liver and kidneys stand out. Through its diuretic, cleansing and astringent elements, they help to cleanse the body through the elimination of toxins via the urinary or fecal route. Strengthens the immune system with antioxidants to prolong this cleansing and renewing effect.

Liver Diseases

The antioxidants present help to inhibit oxidative stress in the liver, which generates a hepatoprotective effect, against hepatitis, cirrhosis . Helps stimulate the liver, tones it up to increase its productivity and bile secretions. So it is an excellent metabolic supplement.

Kidney Diseases

Increases urinary flow which is excellent for mild urinary infections such as cystitis, urethritis, in addition to relieving pain caused by kidney stones, it is a complement for the treatment of nephritis.

It prevents the formation of calculi in the kidneys and in case of formations it helps to expel them through the urine due to its diuretic effects. Reduces excess urea and uric acid, bladder problems.


As we have mentioned, it is a diuretic, anti-inflammatory which reduces fluid retention and tissue inflammation characterized by edema. Remember that edema can occur anywhere on the body and can cause a lot of discomfort and pain, thanks to the properties of Burdock, its effects can be alleviated and reversed.


It reduces the symptoms of aging of the skin, since it stimulates the formation of collagen, which translates into reduction of wrinkles, expression lines, marks . On the other hand, it protects against UVB rays through its flavonoids and a rctiin .

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Reduces the presence of eczema, relieves dermatitis, psoriasis and the presence of acne, urticaria, seborrheic states, dermatosis, scaly wet dermosis. Helps with good healing and excellent for healing burns. Eliminates skin ulcers, sores, insect bites, wounds.


This plant is useful for hair conditions such as dermatitis on the scalp, if it is added to hair lotions, it prevents hair loss, strengthening it and giving resistance to the follicles, stimulating their healthy and strong growth. Eliminates dandruff, dryness and helps hydrate the ends of the hair.

Digestive diseases

The chloroform present in roots and leaves showed an active potential as a gastric protector for ulcers, added to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, a protective barrier against gastric diseases is created.

So it is an adjunct for the treatment of colitis , constipation since it becomes a powerful laxative due to prebiotic activities, among other digestive diseases. Similarly, it stimulates gastric juices, enhancing the production of bile to improve digestion.

General discomfort

Relieves common cold symptoms like fever, headache, sore throat.

Memory and Central Nervous System

The antioxidants present are excellent oxygenators of the brain and maintain the vitality of the cells, especially those of memory and concentration. Additionally, it is an excellent complement in the treatment of neuronal diseases.

Anti-inflammatory effect

Being a natural diuretic, it reduces fluid retention, which helps alleviate the swelling condition that usually occurs due to this condition. Additionally, its antioxidants have an anti-inflammatory effect.

This thanks to its actions on pro-inflammatory enzymes and free radical scavengers that are responsible for the inflammatory processes of some diseases. It is also useful in the treatment of muscle contractures, skeletal injuries where inflammatory processes are present.

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Antimicrobial Activity

The polyphenolic compounds, flavonoids and tannins exert an antibacterial effect like the glycolic extracts of Burdock. On the other hand, the ethanols present in the plant reduce the growth of fungi, while Arctiin and arctigenin have demonstrated their antiviral potential as well as caffeic and chlorogenic acid.

It is being studied for the treatment of HIV , additionally it is an excellent retroviral to prevent herpes lesions. Prevents the growth of bacteria on skin and internal organs. Strengthens the immune system through enzyme transcription and cell rejuvenation.

Control sugar levels

Caffeic acid, chlorogenic, arctiin, arctigenin , inulin and beta-sitosterol, demonstrated in several studies their potential as hypoglycemic agents, this means that they are capable of reducing blood sugar levels through chains of chemical reactions, controlling the insulin production and its action on cells.


Now we can see other benefits of Burdock, not only does it help you control sugar levels, it also serves to stimulate appetite, reduces cholesterol, etc.


Burdock, has aperitive functions, can stimulate the appetite thanks to an increase in the production of bile, also helping to improve the digestive process, not only making us more hungry but in a healthy way, which is why it Recommended like other plants, when adding it to our meals.

Also if you suffer a lot from nausea or vomiting , which for obvious reasons obstructs your desire to eat, you can take burdock, because it helps in the settlement of the stomach.

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Specifically, it avoids increases in the same levels of this very necessary chemical, but a little dangerous if there is an excess of it, therefore, herbalists recommend the consumption of burdock to control the amounts of cholesterol in the tissues and the plasma in our blood.

Everything is due to the fact that it has 0% cholesterol and a large amount of ilulin, a chemical compound, a close relative of carbohydrates with high complexity that allows to eliminate an excess of the already mentioned, cholesterol. Likewise, the stimulation of diuresis and the purification of the blood allow there to be a decrease in the levels.


The way in which it relaxes the body and the elevation that it provides of certain levels against pain, providing a break from strong pain, in a natural way, that can cause diseases that affect bones and joints.

The mode of use is internal, since to help pain of this caliber it has to be mixed with our system, either through tincture or capsules that help in the acceleration of the body’s defense against pain. We must remember that it is only an alternative since some chemical products recommended in these cases may have unwanted side effects.


The way in which burdock enters our body to purify and even, with certain bactericidal and purifying properties, is of great help when it comes to treating infectious diseases that cause rashes on our skin, also helping to block the spread of these sufferings to others around us.

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This may be due to the purifying properties of the blood flow that burdock possesses, the way to take it in these cases, is mainly internally, with the taking of tablets so that they act more quickly and effectively in the system. , helping with the reduction of gallstones and inflammation that can occur in the gallbladder.


Thanks to its properties, previously highlighted on several occasions in terms of the different benefits that burdock has to treat inflammation and pain that may occur in the skeletal system for whatever reasons; taking doses of this plant can alleviate inflammation and the ailments caused by stretching, deflection, or tearing.

All this mainly concentrated on the joints and their ligaments, the method of use in terms of inflammation can be externally, placing compresses on the inflamed area for a certain time, it can also be used in the form of a poultice. In the case of pain, it has to be taken instead of placed, so that it has a greater effect on them.


Although many people may not believe it, the way to take advantage of the power to reduce inflammation of this condition is externally, to make a topical or plaster based on burdock and place it in the rectal area, where you suffer from hemorrhoids, can be very beneficial in the fight against them.

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It must be remembered that they are veins that are inflamed in the rectum, so as burdock is a natural anti-inflammatory, it can reduce inflammation and thus treat this condition every time it occurs.


Burdock was used as a fixed medicine to reduce the size of tumors and the cancerous malignancy in them, but why? Well, different studies carried out by various organizations have revealed that burdock has components that act against cancer.

The properties it possesses vary a little in each of the investigations and its results show that it is effective in fighting colon, breast and / or pancreatic cancers, all experienced in laboratory rats.

As well as, the arrest of the excessive production of malignant cells, producer of the disease and some proteins produced by them, attacking and being able to eliminate the presence of these in the liver, stomach and lung of a human being.


All this is due to the different components that make up the plant, such as carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, different classifications of vitamins, calcium, biomolecular groups found in smaller quantities, but equally important for the functions and defenses of the body, such as iron. and phosphorus.

What has as a result, an enrichment of the immune system and its resistance to the entry of bacteria or foreign antigens wanting to enter our body, likewise, all these components also provide an increase in the energy necessary for cellular processes and revitalization. of the same.

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If you suffer from stress or tend to have attacks of anger, anxiety or other negative emotions and high concentration, some people who specialize in a naturopathic world, recommend the intake of this plant to combat these excesses that anyone can have, claiming which helps in enriching clarity at the mental level, thus giving relaxation to the person.

Contraindications of the consumption of Burdock

It is a safe plant, however, at the liver and kidney level it can trigger some contraindications in its intake, among which are:

Cardiac Pathologies

If you are a person who has some type of heart disease such as hypertension, before starting to consume Burdock as a long-term treatment, you should consult with your doctor, in order to avoid any decompensation, especially if you are medicated.


It has been shown that some of the tannins present in Burdock can be counterproductive for pregnant women, affecting the baby, therefore its consumption is not recommended during pregnancy or during lactation.

Additionally, Burdock has a stimulating power on Oxytocin and the uterus, another reason to avoid its consumption during pregnancy. Likewise, one of the effects that really needs to be emphasized is that such intake can bring abortion risks for a pregnant woman, so consult your treating doctor so that he can give you alternative solutions.


Burdock has a high potassium content so it is not advisable to consume it if you are taking any cardiotonic medication since potassium can enhance the effects of this type of drug and this can create an adverse reaction in your body.

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Diabetes and Hypoglycemia

Like patients with hypertension or coronary heart disease, if you suffer from diabetes or hypoglycemia, before starting long-term consumption of this plant, you should consult your doctor in order to avoid decompensation or a secondary reaction if it is combined with any drug that you are consuming.

Allergic reactions

People sensitive to the asteraceae family, we remind you that Burdock, being one of its species, can cause some type of allergic reaction, so it is recommended to avoid its consumption. Cases of anaphylactic shock related to allergies to this type of plant have been described .

For example, if I know you are allergic to marigolds or daisies, you should not take burdock, since they belong to the aforementioned family, and if you are already susceptible to these, it may also be the plant we are referring to.


It is necessary to emphasize that despite the benefits of consuming this plant in terms of blood routes, blood purification and strengthening the nervous center, it is not advisable to consume Burdock if you are anemic or suffer from repetitive and normal chills for your condition.

If you tend to suffer from dehydration, it is recommended not to ingest burdock, since the diuretic in it can cause that condition to worsen; The same precaution is also given to people who are on diuretic-based treatment, for anticoagulation purposes, and to treat diabetes, it is recommended to consult a doctor first.

Side Effects of Burdock

At first, it can deteriorate the appearance of the skin, due to its diuretic and purifying effect. When it has been taking it for a month, the toxins are eliminated is when the condition of the skin improves, it can also cause an imbalance of electrolytes in the body.

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Its oral consumption has been considered safer. Other presentations placed in the dermis as poultices have presented adverse reactions such as mild or severe allergies to the point of looking like poisoning, as well as eye inflammation and the appearance of mouth ulcers, those conditions that you seek to cure, although it is normally seen in animals, not should be discarded.

Uses and Homemade Recipes of Burdock

Well, now that you know all the benefits of Burdock it is time that you can take advantage of it, here we bring you some recipes to prepare your own products for your personal care, as well as some cooking tricks to include it in your daily diet. What we bring for you are easy preparations to make and will not last long, the best thing is that your body will thank you.

Acne Treatment Formula

Ingredients: You will need 20g of burdock , 20g of sarsaparilla, 20g of dandelion, 20g of lavender and 20g of star anise. Sufficient water. Materials and utensils: cups, cutting boards, strainer.


Remove any impurities that the plants may have, now chop the ones that you consider to be large, mix all the plants in a container and reserve. Now take 5g from the mixture and add it to a cup of water. Boil it for 3 minutes, let it rest for 10 minutes.

Proceed to strain and save the liquid. You can make a daily preparation, since the idea is that you should take it throughout the day, it will serve as a detox and help you reduce the appearance of acne on your skin. You will begin to notice the changes after a month of treatment.


Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of fresh leaves, honey and propolis, plenty of water. Materials and utensils: Cups, containers and cloths.

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Take 2 tablespoons of the fresh leaves and boil them in a container with water, boil for 5 minutes then add 3 drops of honey and propolis. Take the cloths and apply to the affected areas as compresses 2 times a day. It is also used to treat burns, ulcers and sores on the skin.

For hemorrhoids

Take a handful of fresh burdock leaves and cook them in a pan with a little milk. Let it cook over low heat until all the milk is vaporized, place these leaves on a cheesecloth and apply them as an ointment on the affected area. You can place them to cool to preserve them.

For Arthritis Pain

We will prepare a poultice you need fresh leaves, crush them well and then place them on the affected area and cover them with a bandage as the days go by, the inflammation will subside and the pain will be relieved. Apply this several times a day for as long as you consider necessary.

Applications in the Kitchen to include it in the diet

The green and tender leaves can be boiled with vegetables and prepared rich creams, soups and cooked salads as long as conditions are previously peeled and releasing the external hairiness of the leaves. You can cook them as if they were asparagus. The Japanese cook Burdock in some of their stir-fries to give food a sweet and spicy flavor.

The well-washed and pickled raw leaves can be used in raw salads with carrots and other vegetables. Burdock leaves have a flavor similar to that of artichoke. For its part, the roots can be placed to roast then the grinds and strains, it is an excellent substitute for coffee.

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The seeds are rich in oils you can try extracting a little through cold pressing methods. Additionally you can toast them and use them for some salads.

Infusion of burdock and honey for hair

In a cup of freshly prepared burdock tea add a tablespoon of honey, wash your hair with your shampoo and then use this mixture as a conditioner, rinse and wash for 15 minutes to have clean and healthy hair.

This will have favorable results in hair hygiene, since burdock tea provides strengthening and prevents hair loss apart from enriching its healthy growth, while honey moisturizes the hair, providing extra vitamins for that, in addition to giving it shine and an appearance. healthier.

Recommendations for growing it at home

It is a relatively easy plant to find in the field but when harvesting it yourself, it is not an easy but not impossible task. You should look for non-alkaline neutral moist soils, where the sun’s rays reach or semi-sunny, that is, with moments of shade.

Cut holes in the soil and start planting the seeds wherever you want to grow them in spring. You do not need much care for its growth since it does so almost spontaneously, becoming a bit invasive compared to other crops. You should collect the plant before the Burdock fruits ripen as this will prevent it from spreading further.

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