Carboxytherapy: Contraindications, Benefits, Myths And Types

Today there are many less invasive aesthetic treatments than plastic surgeries, which help us improve our body to achieve the desired figure . One of these methods is carboxytherapy, below we will specify what this treatment is about so that you consider it as an option for your body.


What is carboxytherapy?

Carboxytherapy is a technique applied to eliminate cellulite , accumulated fat in specific areas and sagging skin. This method is very minimally invasive, its procedure is based on the application of carbon dioxide gas (CO2) through infiltrations directly into the skin tissues.

How is carboxytherapy performed?

Carboxytherapy is applied in a very simple way . The infiltrations that are applied are controlled by equipment specially designed for this treatment, which makes it possible to control the speed of the application and the time it will take for the injection, in addition to controlling the dose that is applied.

The needle used in the procedure is smaller than the one used in insulin applications , but several injections are given continuously or simultaneously. The gas that is supplied to the body is distributed quickly in the tissues.

This treatment has no side effects , there may only be a small and brief pain in the area, as well as a little redness that only lasts for a few minutes.

When a treatment session is finished, it is normal for the procedure to be complemented with an application of a subdermal massage or pressotherapy , so that in this way the gas can better diffuse into the skin.

Function of carboxytherapy

The main function of carboxytherapy is to improve the skin in general , but it is taken into account that specifically it is more used for the reduction of cellulite , flaccidity and stretch marks . The results are very good but to last the treatment must be repeated every six months.

How many carboxytherapy sessions are recommended?

The number of sessions that a person can apply in terms of carboxytherapy will depend on the characteristics of the patient’s body and their need , that is, what they want to achieve in the final result. In the same way, the average of applications in a suitable way consists of 15 applications minimum, during two or three times a week.

Regardless, after the treatment sessions the person can continue with their life on a daily basis , they should only avoid prolonged exposure to the sun for at least 48 hours.

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Benefits of carboxytherapy

Carboxytherapy is an aesthetic treatment that gives us a series of very good benefits for the appearance of our skin , the most important of which we will mention below in the next few lines.

How does it help to prevent and reduce stretch marks?

Stretch marks on the skin are a kind of scar that is made in the dermis tissue, these marks at the time they develop normally cannot be removed, so they accompany us for the rest of our lives. Stretch marks are caused by various factors, the most common of which are being overweight, growth, considerable weight loss or pregnancy.

However, carboxytherapy is shown as the best treatment that can reduce stretch marks. It is even fully proven that the CO 2 provided in stretch mark treatments improves circulation, favors the creation and restoration of collagen and elastin in the skin. Carboxytherapy can remove even stretch marks that turn white due to their age.

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Does it help you lose weight?

Carboxytherapy helps reduce fat that is located and accumulated in specific areas, this treatment is a complement that helps to achieve results in terms of the body shape in a short time. However, the only way to lose weight is by increasing the burning of calories and reducing the portions of our diet, that is, using rigorous physical exercise and following a strict diet.

In the same way, carboxytherapy does not prevent you from doing physical exercise, but on the contrary, it works as a complement in your training, since it enhances the results in your physique.

How does it benefit to alleviate alopecia?

Today it has been shown that carboxytherapy has a great influence on treatments that seek to remedy baldness and alopecia.

Carboxytherapy has the power to revitalize the hair , which prevents hair loss and restores its natural color, as well as can increase blood circulation, which improves the contribution of nutrients and oxygen to the scalp. .

In this treatment , CO 2 is injected through a 30g or 27g needle directly into the tissue , from this point where the injection is made, the content is spread to the surrounding tissues, which guarantees a uniform action throughout the area. .

The dioxide carbon acts and eliminated quickly , so it is recommended that a session is made monthly for four months, each session should last for at the least 30 minutes.

The results of this treatment can be noticed immediately , the tissue improves its quality, the skin feels smoother or softer and the affected area may feel thinner. This hair treatment can be used in any body area and favorable results will be obtained without any alternate effect.

Effects during breastfeeding

When women are breastfeeding , it is not recommended that they undergo this treatment, since they could influence their condition and cause damage to both their body and that of the baby who eats their breast milk.

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In what parts of the body can it be done?

Carboxytherapy can be applied on three different levels of the skin , in which carbon dioxide is applied depending on the type of problem that is sought to remedy. These levels can be:

  • Intermediate plane: this application is performed subcutaneously in the superficial part, this procedure is indicated to rejuvenate the face and the skin of the rest of the body.
  • Meso carboxytherapy: This is performed in the intradermal area. This procedure is applied to eliminate sagging, scars and improve the coloration of dark circles .
  • Deep plane: This method is the one applied to adipose tissue. This procedure is used to combat cellulite and localized fat, both body and face.

Techniques to perform it

Carboxytherapy has results that may vary depending on the technique used to apply the treatment.

The most widely used application is subcutaneous , this is used in most treatments, this method stimulates the production of collagen , which results in the creation of a collagen with greater density. This method can also be implemented to treat the problem of cellulite and fat accumulation. What varies in the latter case may be the dose of carbon dioxide and the angle at which the needle is placed for the puncture.

When it comes to sagging skin, stretch marks, rejuvenation and others, the applied technique is intradermal puncture , since in this way the production of a more compact collagen can be enhanced.

On certain occasions, it tends to combine the two techniques mentioned above , since it seeks to obtain better results, such as in treatments for stretch marks and preventing hair loss.

In the same way, they continue to study this type of treatment and more application techniques will continue to be made known , surely increasingly specialized and perfected. However, the treatment is still very simple and what must be taken into account are the properties that the gas contains and the patient’s conditions in order to be successful with the treatment.


Carboxytherapy can provide us with a series of benefits due to the action of carbon dioxide on the skin. When carbon dioxide is applied in our body, it causes the segregation of certain neurotransmitters, which make the subcutaneous tissue relax and vascular dilation occurs, due to this the blood circulation increases and therefore greater oxygenation occurs in the worked area.

As well, due to the increased circulation, we can obtain other benefits such as:

Types of carboxytherapy

For dark circles

Dark circles are a very common problem for many people. This problem consists of a dark coloration in the area of ​​the eyelids , this can be seen determined by various reasons, but among the most common are: an obstruction, deviation of the septum, chronic nasal congestion, which makes the tears drain It is not done as it normally should be, but it is diverted towards the lower area of ​​the eyes.

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In this way, the flow of blood that must go through the lower area of ​​the eyelids slows down, which causes the purple coloration in this area known as “dark circles”. Likewise, the lack of oxygenation of this skin is what allows the purple or bluish color to be appreciated.

Carboxytherapy is a treatment that is of great help to eliminate dark circles very easily and effectively , since it increases the layer of the lower eyelid where collagen is contained .

This procedure is carried out by injecting a very small amount of carbon dioxide in the area of ​​the dark circles , in this way the blood flow increases and thus changes the purple tone for a healthier one. This treatment can be carried out in several sessions, at the end of these the skin will look much better, healthy and luminous.

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Facial carboxytherapy is a treatment that offers beneficial results because this procedure improves blood circulation and stimulates collagen production. Thus, carboxytherapy is a procedure with techniques for application to the face and the rest of the body.

Carboxytherapy on the face is applied when it shows signs of flaccidity and accumulation of fat in the face area . This treatment is applied percutaneously, thus obtaining the following results: improvement in local blood circulation, oxygenation of the skin, favors the synthesis of elastic fibers and collagens, helps to improve skin tone and its elasticity, eliminates excess fat.

This treatment can be complemented with other procedures such as facial mesotherapy or other combined techniques to obtain even better results. Treatment can be done on a weekly basis.

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For cellulite and localized fat

Cellulite is a problem that occurs more in women than in men, it is caused due to the inflammation of the cells that are below the dermis.

Thus, when the injection of carbon dioxide that is carried out in carboxytherapy is applied, this acts as a toxic substance for fat, so that they tend to break down and therefore are eliminated from the body , which causes it to be reduced notoriously cellulite and accumulated fat.

Can men do it? How? Profits?

Carboxytherapy is a treatment that can also be applied to the male body , in these cases the good results provided by the treatment are also very evident, especially in problems such as acne, fine lines, bags under the eyes and the condition of the skin in general.

Carboxytherapy does not interrupt the individual’s activities, since it does not produce major side effects, only a little redness on the skin which disappears a few hours after application.

If we talk about results, these can be noticed almost immediately. Carbon dioxide acts in the body causing stimulation in the production of collagen and elastic fibers, which results in a smoother and more toned skin.

Studies have proven that this treatment notably improves blood flow circulation, which means that there is better oxygenation in the skin , in this way it will look with greater hydration and nutrition.

Men have the same right as women to worry about the appearance of their face, therefore they can apply the facial carboxytherapy treatment to achieve this same result. In addition, the results of carboxytherapy are not like those of botox injections, this treatment can reduce marks and problems little by little, thus giving a natural result, which favors men .

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Results of having a carboxytherapy

The results obtained when performing a carboxytherapy treatment are quick to appear and remain there for quite a considerable time , since it attacks the root problem and improves it, which is related to microcirculation.

Carboxytherapy, what is it like before and after?

When we see this type of treatment we always get to the point where we wonder if this procedure is really effective and works, it is normal to doubt the effects, but well, the fact is that carboxytherapy shows favorable results from the first session in which it is applied.

This is due to the fact that the effect of CO 2 significantly improves the tissue , so that the skin immediately feels smoother and more toned. All carboxytherapy techniques give good results since they work by improving blood circulation, which provides better oxygenation in the skin and produces its improvement.

In the same way, the results of carboxytherapy can have different nuances in each person, but generally from the fourth treatment session you can begin to see the change . Despite this, the most noticeable changes begin to become visible after ten sessions have been applied, this in terms of carboxytherapy to eliminate cellulite and reduce fat . So well, although each organism works differently, a good result will always be obtained.

Carboxytherapy vs Hydrolipoclasia

These two treatments are very good. You already know that carboxytherapy works by means of carbon dioxide injections , which improve circulation and blood flow, thus causing a more oxygenated skin. For its part, hydrolipoclasia eliminates localized and accumulated fat in the waist, arms, abdomen and buttocks without any type of surgery, anesthesia or hospitalization.

The hidrolipoclasia is excellent for treating fat accumulation and cellulite , this is done by an injection directly into fat tissue, which produces the breakdown of fat cells that subsequently thus be eliminated, thus reducing the volume of fat cumulada .

Both treatments are effective, it is up to the specialist to study the patient’s body and assign or recommend the one that best suits them according to their characteristics and needs.

Carboxytherapy vs Ultracavitation, which is better?

Carboxytherapy and ultracavitation are similar methods, or at least seek the same effect: reduce localized fat. Ultracavitation is based on directly destroying fats, fat cells or adipocytes, through a therapy that is not invasive, it consists of a penetration of 27 mm directly into the adipose tissue.

Ultracavitation is also complemented with hydration to provide the body with help in the elimination of toxins in a natural way. In addition to this, the treatment is complemented with something called “vacuum therapy”, which is a treatment where the skin is sucked with a special tool to stimulate blood circulation, facilitate the excretion of toxins, eliminate fat and decrease adipose tissue, which as a result general lymphatic drainage .

It cannot be determined which treatment is better , it could be said that ultracavitation is more complete, but carboxytherapy can also use complementary treatments. So, what determines the effectiveness of the treatment here is the behavior of our body.

Carboxytherapy vs Mesotherapy, advantages and disadvantages

Carboxytherapy and mesotherapy certainly have the same advantages. Among the main benefits of these treatments is: the reduction of adipose tissue, elimination of cellulite , skin imperfections, stretch marks and other superficial problems.

In this way , it can be noted that these treatments are mainly to carry aesthetic benefits , although also to cause improvements in health by reducing the problem of obesity.

The disadvantage that occurs in this type of treatment is that if you want to treat flaccidity and cellulite, you must use a different treatment for both problems . Therefore, techniques have to be combined to reduce fat to eliminate cellulite and eliminate flaccidity.

Liposuction and carboxytherapy, what are the contraindications?

Carboxytherapy may have certain contraindications , and certain aspects and details must be taken into account when applying it. Well, these details are as follows:

  • It should not be applied if you have a congenital heart disease.
  • It should not be applied if you have high blood pressure.
  • When a person has suffered from an accident that affects the brain, it is not advisable to apply the treatment.
  • You can suffer from disorders such as sleep apnea or lung problems.
  • Skin infection conditions.
  • It should not be used in pregnant women or during lactation.

However, for its part, liposuction obviously causes a series of side effects due to the fact that it is a more invasive intervention. After surgery, scars, bruises and noticeable inflammation can remain on the body, so the body needs a recovery period. The swelling and lumps that develop after surgery may not go away for a few months.

However, people who have liposuction are usually satisfied with the results they get after the recovery time , so the side effects are not considered as serious.

Possible complications and side effects

Like any treatment, there are side effects and / or complications that can develop in our body . Thus, by providing our body with the dose of CO 2 that is used in the treatment, symptoms that usually appear and disappear quickly can be experienced, such as:

  • Crepitus: This can be described as a sensation of bubbles or rash under the skin, this occurs because this is how the gas feels under our skin. Usually this appears after a subcutaneous application.
  • Redness and hot sensation on the skin: This reaction is due to the occurrence of vasodilation caused by carbon dioxide.
  • Relaxation or drowsiness: This symptom occurs in very few cases.
  • Headache : This can occur when a facial or scalp treatment is provided, the pain is brief.
  • Hives: This occurs when an intradermal application is used, since the skin releases substances such as histamine, this effect is also temporary.

Carboxytherapy and alcohol, are there risks? Why?

In the case of alcohol consumption related to carboxytherapy, there is still no explicit contraindication that indicates that both elements cannot be mixed, as long as it is moderate alcohol consumption.

In the same way, it must be taken into account that if you are looking to lose weight, reduce fat or eliminate cellulite, alcohol is a negative factor, since it is a drink that for every gram of alcohol provides you 7kcal , which is double of what a gram of sugar contributes.

Is it safe during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is clearly a condition that prevents us from carrying out carboxytherapy , so if you suffer from a delay in menstruation, you should rule out the possibility of pregnancy before undergoing CO 2 treatment or any other aesthetic treatment.

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Who should not have carboxytherapy?

Carboxytherapy is a treatment that, because it is applied locally in the problem area, does not produce many negative effects , however, it must be taken into account that it should not be applied to people who suffer from chronic respiratory problems or who suffer from considerable damage in an organ of the body, in the same way it is very unlikely that these people will be consulted to enhance an aesthetic treatment of this type.

Does carboxytherapy help fibrosis?

Carboxytherapy is an aesthetic treatment that can be used to treat different problems, the most important of which are localized fat, cellulite, stretch marks and wrinkles. Similarly, carboxytherapy is an excellent treatment to be applied as a postoperative of surgeries such as liposuction or liposculpture .

There are many cosmetic surgeons who recommend carboxytherapy to treat or avoid problems that can develop after liposuction , such as fibrosis.

Myths and truths of carboxytherapy

Myth 1: Carboxytherapy is such a simple technique that it can be applied by anyone.

Carboxytherapy is a technique that despite being simple, must be applied by a doctor who has knowledge of physiology, biochemistry and medicine, since if a problem develops, you must know how to act.

Myth 2: Carboxytherapy increases the production of free radicals that enhance aging.

The application of carbon dioxide does not produce free radicals, on the contrary it produces antioxidants in the skin tissue, which provides the rejuvenating effect .

Myth 3: If applied to treat dark circles, they swell and hurt for months.

If the carboxytherapy procedure is performed to eliminate the presence of dark circles in the correct way, it is very unlikely that long-term pain and swelling will be perceived. The normal thing is that if the treatment is applied in the correct way, the effect on the eyes should decrease in a couple of hours and there should be no pain.

Myth 4: You can’t exercise if you apply carboxytherapy

This is false, physical exercise does not intervene with the carboxytherapy treatment. On the contrary, these two can be complemented in the best way to enhance the results that are required on a physical level.

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Myth 5: Carboxytherapy is only used to treat localized fat and cellulite

Carboxytherapy began to be used in the last century, and its main application was to treat circulation problems and skin problems. It was from the last decade that its aesthetic power began to be considered, which is why its area of ​​work expanded.

Carboxytherapy is considered a type of gymnastics for the skin, which makes it a good alternative to improve the problems that arise in it. Therefore, this procedure can treat fine lines , stretch marks, cellulite, dark circles , aging skin, sagging, among other conditions.

Myth 6: When the treatment is applied to eliminate localized fat, lipolysis occurs, so the fat is eliminated through the urine.

Carboxytherapy does not work through a mechanical process, but a biochemical one. Therefore, this treatment induces lipolysis in the body’s fat cell tissue and causes these released fatty acids to be delivered to another nearby muscle. In no case is fat eliminated in the urine.

Myth 7: Carboxytherapy is only applied to women

No, carboxytherapy can be used in women and men. It even works very well in cases of male facial problems, as this treatment provides results that look natural and discreet.

Myth 8: You don’t need a prior medical check-up

Before any treatment, a medical review is always necessary prior to the procedure, since it must be evaluated that there are no contraindications that may affect our body

Myth 10: Carboxytherapy makes you lose weight

The only way we can lose weight is with exercise and diet, carboxytherapy will work more as a supplement that helps to eliminate localized fat from our body more quickly.

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