Chamomile: Benefits For Skin And Health

Chamomile is a medicinal plant that can be used for the natural treatment of various diseases . With a scientific name Matricaria recutita , it is popularly known as common or common chamomile, noble chamomile, Macela-Galician chamomile, Roman chamomile and German chamomile.

Properties of chamomile or chamomile

Rich in flavonoids and coumarin, chamomile stimulates healing action, is antispasmodic and calming, but the main benefits are obtained when ingested in the form of tea.

Chamomile / chamomile tea

Chamomile tea has many properties and benefits and therefore can be used in many cases and in various ways:

How to make chamomile tea?

To easily prepare an infusion , use 2 or 3 tablespoons of dried chamomile flowers per cup of tea, putting the hot water and then letting it infuse for 5 minutes. Strain and add lemon if you prefer, which gives it a special touch of flavor.

You have surely heard of chamomile tea , since this plant is very popular in homes, passed down from generation to generation, it is cultivated in North America . Chamomile has small white flowers that resemble daisy; Its cultivation is annual and the harvest must be carried out before it fully matures to maintain its properties. Its tea has varied properties and benefits .

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Chamomile tea benefits

The benefits of chamomile tea are great . In addition to contributing positively to combat indigestion and anxiety , the consumption of chamomile tea with fennel and mint is also positive. For the preparation of tea you can use the dried flowers of the plant, as well as the bags that are sold in various trades.

The best known chamomile tea benefits are:

  • Its most common benefit is calming , as it relieves stress. It relaxes the nerves and, in some cases, acts as a sedative .
  • Relieves stress , illnesses like colds and menstrual cramps.
  • Tea boosts the immune system to fight infection .
  • Increases urinary levels of glycine, an amino acid responsible for relieving muscle spasms.
  • It is a source of apigenin , a substance That can loquear the growth of cancer cells , preventative STI spread. This substance also helps proteins to correct abnormalities in RNA (molecules that carry genetic information).
  • It has tannin, a substance that acts as a natural cure.
  • It has antiemic acid, an oily, dark-hued substance, used to treat poor circulation, swollen gums, and annoying toothache.
  • It is a thermal protector of the skin.
  • In compresses on the eyes, it helps to treat conjunctivitis.
  • Helps treat cases of diarrhea .
  • Decreased hyperactivity.
  • It helps in the treatment of stomach problems, poor digestion and as a natural control treatment against stomach ulcers.
  • Reduces menstrual cramps and menstrual cramps .
  • Helps in the treatment of inflammations and wounds.
  • Removes impurities from the skin.

The benefits of chamomile tea are also intensified when honey , fennel and mint – ingredients that benefit our health – are added to the mix.

In addition to being used in the preparation of the famous tea, chamomile is also used by the cosmetic industry to prepare health and beauty products , such as creams, ointments, oils, lotions and even hair dyes . The use of ointments, lotions and creams made from chamomile is effective in treating skin problems , as they help in cleansing, thus reducing the risk of inflammation and diseases such as psoriasis.

Aesthetic benefits of chamomile tea

Just as chamomile is widely used in various types of health and wellness teas, the plant is also a key ingredient in various cosmetic and beauty products.

Chamomile flower teais used , for example, to lighten hair . If you have brown hair and you want to achieve a lighter color, you can use chamomile tea to rinse your hair throughout the summer, since with the action of the sun, the hair becomes lighter.

The lotion also provides beneficial properties for the skin. Creams and poultices are excellent in the process of tissue regeneration. Gargle with chamomile flower tea to help heal cold sores and cold sores faster.

On the market there are different versions of creams, essential oils, lotions and capsules. However, the most common and healthy form is infusion or tea.

8 recipes for chamomile / chamomile tea

The various recipes and combinations of chamomile tea can be prepared using both the dried flowers of the plants, as well as commercial sachets, resulting in different flavors and benefits.


Dried chamomile tea helps relaxation and provides a mild sedative used in treatments for insomnia, and to combat anxiety and nervousness. This tea, on the other hand, also helps to reduce menstrual cramps and spasms.


  • Two tablespoons (tea) of dried chamomile flowers

Preparation method:

Boil 250 ml of water and add the chamomile flowers to two tablespoons. Then cube and let it rest for about 10 minutes. Strain before drinking. The consumption of tea can be done 3 times a day. Sweeten the tea with a teaspoon (tea) of honey, if necessary.

Tip: If you want to increase the benefits of this tea, such as the sedative and relaxing effects, add a teaspoon (tea) of dried catnip. The consumption of tea in children helps reduce fever, nervousness and anxiety.


Consuming chamomile tea with marshmallow root and fennel helps reduce inflammation and calm the stomach. This tea also helps in reducing gas and acidity because it regulates the stomach and intestines.


  • One teaspoon (tea) of dried chamomile flower
  • One teaspoon (tea) of fennel seeds
  • One teaspoon (tea) of yarrow
  • One teaspoon (tea) of chopped marshmallow root
  • A spoon (tea) of filipéndula

Preparation method:

Boil 500 ml of water and add all the ingredients. Cover and let it rest for about 5 minutes. Strain before drinking. The consumption of this tea should be done two or three times a day or whenever you need it.


Dried chamomile flower tea with chopped fennel seeds and dried elderflower , when applied to the eyes, brings a freshness that reduces puffiness.


  • One tablespoon (soup) of dried chamomile flower
  • One tablespoon (soup) of crushed fennel seeds
  • One tablespoon (soup) of dried elderberry berry

Preparation method:

Boil 500 ml of boiling water and add all the ingredients. Cover and let it rest for about 10 minutes. Strain and then refrigerate.

You should apply the tea to your eyes with a damp cloth or cotton. Put the compress on your closed eyes for 10 minutes as many times as necessary. This same tea can also be used in the treatment of vaginal infections, as it soothes and reduces the inflammation of the skin that is irritated, and also helps in cases of eczema and insect bites. The tea is also used in the treatment of psoriasis.


Tea made from the dried flower of chamomile can also be used to combat and relieve sore and sore throats, as it has certain properties that help reduce inflammation.


  • One teaspoon (tea) of dried chamomile flowers.

Preparation method:

Add the dried chamomile flowers to a cup of boiling water and let the mixture steep until cool. You should use the tea as a gargle , whenever necessary. Furthermore, chamomile flower tea can also be used to help the body heal gingivitis and stomatitis.


Dried chamomile flower tea with mint and / or raspberry contributes positively to alleviating nausea and dizziness.


  • One teaspoon (tea) of dried chamomile flowers
  • One teaspoon (tea) of dried mint or raspberry leaves

Preparation method:

Add the ingredients to a cup (tea) of boiling water. Cover and let it rest for about 10 minutes. Strain before drinking. You can consume the tea three times a day or whenever you feel it is necessary. However, this tea should not be taken by pregnant women without medical guidance.


Dried chamomile flower tea brings relief from symptoms of sinusitis, inflammation of the nose, and colds and flu, as its properties help reduce inflammation.


  • Six teaspoons (tea) of dried chamomile flowers

Preparation method:

Add the flowers to a liter or two of boiling water. Cover and let stand for about 5 minutes.

You should inhale the steam from the tea deeply for about 10 minutes . For best results, place your face over the bowl and cover your head with a large towel.


You must prepare this tea with a spoon (soup) of dried chamomile flower for each cup of water. Heat the water without boiling, turn off the heat, add the herb and let the tea steep for about 10 minutes. Strain and drink two to four cups a day , preferably after meals.

Keep in mind: this tea reduces libido, as it has a sedative and calming action . So just have a little before you go to sleep.


Among the many benefits of chamomile tea , one that stands out for its curiosity is the fact that it will help you to lighten the color of your hair, in a smooth, non-uniform way. This effect is easily noticed on lighter hair, since chamomile produces chemical compounds that improve hair color.

The best way to do this is to spray the tea on your hair and expose it to the sun for about 10 minutes . Next, you should wash using a shampoo and conditioner that have chamomile in their compositions.

Chamomile and skin

Chamomile is also used to treat the skin. It can be used as a cleansing tonic and as an allergy reliever .

This plant is also used to make moisturizers and skin softeners . Chamomile has properties that make it act on skin cells, giving it more shine and eliminating the dry and aged appearance.

Some of the utilities:

  • Stress Relief Foot Bath : When you feel very tired or stressed, try soaking your feet in a bowl of warm water and chamomile tea bags. You’ll feel better.
  • Compresses to combat inflammation and puffiness : Dark circles, pimples and skin irritations can be repairing – or at least soothed – with cold chamomile pads. Make tea, refrigerate it and apply on the site.
  • For after waxing : it has anti-inflammatory action and helps to soften the skin and relieve redness after waxing or shaving. After these procedures an irritant contact dermatitis occurs, which triggers an inflammatory process.
  • As a facial toner : you just have to prepare chamomile tea. Allow to cool and apply to face to cleanse and tone skin. Chamomile has the ability to purify, detoxify and reduce inflammation, regardless of your skin type.

Where to buy chamomile for tea

The truth is that in any supermarket we find the typical bags to make tea, but if we want to try modalities with a more intense, organic or more “natural” flavor, it is best to try to buy from direct producers who sell through the internet .

  • Barton Sweet Chamomile – Tea, 50 gr
  • Harney & Sons – Chamomile Infusion Tin 20 Silk Pyramids
  • Gurman’s Egyptian Chamomile Flowers 250g
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