Change Up Your Hair Colour and look

Updating the look, changing the cut and also adopting a new hair color can boost self-esteem.

However, making the right choice is not an easy task and transformations require regular maintenance and special care, so that your hair remains healthy. Know what to do (and what not to do) to change the look of your hair!

It is time to change the hair tone

The suggestion of the hairdressers is that the tone changes are always done in the hairdresser, with a professional because, sometimes, it is necessary to use bleaching agents. Brunettes should refuse aggressive procedures and lighten their hair little by little . All of this must be done by a professional.

To choose the color that suits you best, there is a rule that includes two variables: the tone of the skin and that of your hair.

Hair shades

  • Chestnut: blond, light blond or dark blond.
  • Dark: brown, black, chocolate, golden blonde.

Skin tones

  • Light skin: Blond of any shade.
  • Medium skin: Lights of reddish brown and chocolate.
  • Brown skin: Dark brown, light brown and light reddish.

Colors to renew our look

Black hair

The decision to dye your hair black should be well thought out, because it is a very difficult color to illuminate and that in the long run will accumulate in the hair, leaving it looking dry and tired. Keep in mind that people with a very light or yellowish skin tone usually do not look very well this color.

Black hair needs special care, when applied on a lighter or gray base. If it is not well maintained, it ends up with a look of neglect, as if it were fading, turning red or orange, as well as being dull, without softness, with a fine and dry appearance, especially at the ends.

The great charm of black hair is its shine, therefore it is essential to invest in good moisturizing products and to do shine baths to keep it always shiny and soft.

Brown hair

Chestnut and brown tones are always the favorites. They are colors that combine both for those with fair or pale skin and for brown people. The use of specific products for the tone ensures that they do not look brittle or brittle.

There are shampoos and conditioners to enhance and intensify the brown color of hair, both natural and colored.

By the way, chestnut tint fades even faster than blonde , therefore creams with sunscreen, which create a layer of protection on the hair and guarantee the duration of the color, should not be left aside.

Brown has several shades : reddish, honey, chocolate, cinnamon, cappuccino and coffee.

Blonde hair

Keeping blonde hair beautiful, shiny, and healthy takes a lot of work, is expensive, and time-consuming . Daily care necessarily requires specific products that close the cuticles and nourish the hair.

Shampoos, conditioners and creams to be used must be specific for blonde hair. It is important that you choose shampoos that do not contain salt and that are moisturizing, in addition, to avoid the risk of your hair turning yellow or orange, you should use a “yellowing” shampoo once a week .

To achieve blonde hair you have to bleach, and this affects the hair fiber, you must use powerful moisturizers to regain its shine, softness and balance. It is important that once a week you apply a deep hydration, which contains emollient actives to restore the flexibility of the hair. Not long ago we wrote an article with tips for good hair hydration.

The recovery of the keratin lost during bleaching and coloring are important. If you use irons or dryers, do not forget the thermal protectors that create a film that protects the hair from excess heat and increases the shine of the hair.

The use of sunscreen for hair or shampoos and conditioners that have sun protection filters are also essential to maintain the color, especially if you live in a warm place.

Red hair

Red hair never goes out of style, but this dye fades really quickly. Ideally, the first touch-ups should be done in shorter intervals, which will help to set the pigment. After the first two months, you can renew every 30 days.

It is very easy for red hair to have a dull and lifeless appearance, to avoid this, the solution is a hair restructuring that will seal the cuticles, preventing the hair from becoming porous and the dye from discoloring more easily.

So that the hair does not look dull or with that aspect of “burned” by the sun, the ideal thing is that you wash it with mineral water and apply products with sun protection, you can also use the natural techniques to strengthen the hair that we teach you here .

Shampoos and conditioners with antioxidants are recommended for colored hair and using them ensures that the color lasts longer. It is also important that you choose a specific product for your hair type, so that it remains shiny and silky.

A trick to make the color last longer is to use a dye of the same color or a color close to it to contrast, this also maintains the shine of the hair.

See how good the pink tone looks in this article on how to dye Hair Pink

How to care for colored hair?

When you apply a chemical such as dye, you should be aware that you will need to spend extra time maintaining the color, as well as applying certain treatments to prevent and repair damage . A quality dye won’t damage your hair, but some women end up buying cheap products that have fewer pigments.

In addition to weekly hydration, the new routine should include shampoo, conditioner and creams for colored hair without special rinses. Because these products help keep cuticles closed, they protect against external damage that can make them more brittle and porous.

When the structure of the hair is opened, the probability of loss of colors and the need for refinishing is greater. And the excessive application of dyes decreases the durability of the chosen tone, in addition to damaging the structure of the hair. The extremely bright blonde shades need more protection – especially when exposed to the beach or the pool – because the color may change, leaving a greenish appearance.

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