Chia to Lose Weight: Side Effects, Benefits, and Best Brands

At present it is very noticeable to see the inclusion of new foods in daily meals , even more so if you are one of those who every day perfects the diet directed towards a full well-being based on consuming organic food, that is where the consumption boom arises. Chia seed, which is a lamiacea plant , that is, it is a plant that has flowers, it is also known as Hispanic sage , it is said that in Mexico this seed began to be used as a food, in the same way records are managed that in Central America it was also used since ancient times.

The concern for balanced diet has led nutrition specialists to suggest the consumption of chia, highlighting each of the benefits that this fiber-rich seed brings to the body, which favors any diet aimed at weight loss and toning. muscle, it is also an excellent regulator of cholesterol in the blood.

The way in which you can consume it will depend on your creativity and your position before the intake of new foods, to start to familiarize yourself it is a good option to mix it with the salad that you prefer and that adapts to your specific needs.

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Chia contains a large amount of fatty acids that are essential for humans , these are known as polyunsaturated fats, these help the body to reduce the amount of total cholesterol stored in the blood, which will help reduce the chances of suffering heart disease, it is scientifically proven that a portion of this seed almost entirely is made up of dietary fibers that in turn provide your body with the antioxidants necessary for the body to function in perfect harmony.

The human being needs to ingest 25 grams of fiber daily, if you include chia seed in any meal you make, only 8 grams of this seed is necessary for you to provide your body with almost 40% organic fiber, therefore you will achieve help the digestive system to properly process all other foods.

diet that is in harmony with our physical needs must include a total of 50 grams of protein per day , chia can provide in each serving a total of 8% of proteins that your body needs, in the same way it is a great source of essential amino acids, those that are not produced naturally by humans and must come from food.

Each human being has different caloric needs, these will depend on the physical activities of the day to day, that is why if you want to improve eating habits in a natural way it is necessary to include this little seed in the daily diet, in addition to providing you with good fibers and proteins is rich in vitamins and minerals that will provide a large number of benefits to your body, as well as hand in hand with perseverance and physical training, lose weight and tone your body in a natural way.

Chia properties

Chia is a very versatile food, the limit is your imagination, its high fiber and protein content make it the preferred option of those who know and study healthy eating habits, there are records that studies carried out by specialists call it a superfood that must have the necessary promotion and dissemination so that it becomes part of the world gastronomic culture, it has a mild and pleasant taste, it can be added to sauces, salads, fruit juices, smoothies, desserts, the important thing is to learn to eat this food;

Omega 3

It has a large amount of omega 3 that is part of the essential oils of our body since it helps to reduce the effects of metabolic syndrome, prevent fatty liver diseases and in pregnant women it provides better growth to the fetus. Traditionally obtained from fish, you already have this other option to obtain these benefits.

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Calcium is essential in our body, if you eat portions of chia you will be able to obtain enough calcium to keep your bones and teeth in good condition, also if there is a bone fracture having stable calcium levels it is much easier to overcome these conditions.

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Chia is also a great source of iron, surely you have grown up thinking that vitamins or commercial syrups are the most suitable source of iron; This is just a marketing strategy, the iron that the body absorbs faster is that from food , that is why it is recommended to ingest approximately 100 grams of chia to raise iron levels.

It is important to note that growing children are sometimes the ones who refuse to consume this type of food, that is why I recommend you include it little by little in your meals until it becomes an indispensable ingredient in the preparation of your meals.

Proteins of plant origin

They are easier to digest and therefore facilitate the proper functioning of the digestive system and promote metabolism, chia seed is a great source of this type of protein , which is why it is known as the food that most race athletes consume, since the caloric index varies from person to person, for example, you do not need more calories you who only walk 20 minutes a day than a triathlon athlete.

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In addition to this, chia contains magnesium that provides energy and vitality to the brain, favoring cognitive activities, stress management and work under pressure.

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With the passage of time each day we see how the advertising proposals regarding rejuvenation are directed towards those invasive processes that in many cases endanger life, the chia seed is rich in vitamins of group B and vitamin A, these are those that are responsible for promoting our immune system so that we are always healthy, in addition to that they help in the rejuvenation of cells

Vitamin B is of vital importance in our body because it is responsible for strengthening the nervous system , it is also responsible for cellular metabolism which in turn is responsible for the harmonious function of the body.

This seed has turned out to be a great source of benefits for our body, in addition to these it also contains potassium, it is essential to strengthen muscle mass , which is why it is said that those people who consume chia while on a diet lose weight avoiding flaccidity, since the potassium content it provides helps to restore the muscles.

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Why does Chia help you lose weight?

There is a lot of research that has shown that chia seed helps you lose weight in a healthy and natural way due to:

  • When you are on a supervised weight loss regimen , you start consuming this seed, the first thing you will feel is a feeling of being full , inappetence for several hours, it is great news for those of us who know how hard it is to stay without eating or restricting Food, when you eat the seeds before reaching the stomach, they mix with the gastric juices and form a kind of gel or gelatinous layer that is what will make you feel full for more hours, helping the digestive system to better process all the substances that come from food, thus producing weight loss .
  • The large amount of fiber that chia provides will make the body process in a timely manner everything you eat and favors the burning of fats that are expelled naturally through feces or urine, in the same way the presence of potassium favors and stimulates muscle mass providing tone when losing weight.
  • It facilitates the acceptance of new eating routines , which leads to internalize the importance of being at a good weight for health according to our physical conditions, learning to eat healthy is the main thing in any diet.

Chia benefits

This wonderful seed with a slight nutty flavor, helps control anxiety , gives you a feeling of satiety, that is, you will no longer be aware of eating between meals.

Chia has many properties that are favorable to the human body and it is also very versatile, we can say that it can be added to all meals without changing the flavors or textures, studies have revealed that chia seeds do not contain gluten, it has also been proven that a portion of these contain 5 times more calcium than a glass of milk, it has twice the fiber of oats , which is why a good portion of them during breakfast will provide us with all the energy necessary to carry out all daily activities .

Here are the benefits that chia provides you by adding it to your daily diet:

Helps to lose weight

Chia seeds once you eat them in the way you prefer will make you feel full, and one of the magical tasks of this seed is that once in the stomach they are responsible for absorbing those fatty liquids present in the digestive area and that They prevent you from naturally expelling them.

Its high content of fiber and potassium means that all the fat that is housed in the muscles can be eliminated in a natural way and that the lack of muscle tone is not manifested.

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Prevents and controls diabetes

Due to its high fiber content, it helps the carbohydrates that become sugars that are often harmful to health to be released more slowly than normal , this condition favors the absorption of these harmful sugars is done more slowly thus preventing suffering from any type of diabetes.

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Prevents cardiovascular diseases

Thanks to its high content of essential fatty oils such as omega 3 and 6 that help prevent the formation of clots that could trigger serious health complications even death.

Regulates cholesterol, surely you have been told about bad cholesterol or LDL present in the blood, consuming chia regularly helps to eliminate this type of fats that clog blood vessels , in the same way the essential oils that chia seeds provide favor the presence of chia. good cholesterol and the lipids that your body needs.


Because it has a high level of antioxidants that allow the formation of free radicals that are the cause of aging and diseases that occur in the liver.

Source of calcium

A serving of these nutty-flavored seeds may have more calcium than a glass of milk , it is for this reason that it is currently being presented as an excellent option to obtain natural calcium in those people who do not tolerate lactose.

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Protect the brain

Scientifically it has been shown that the presence of all the minerals and vitamins that chia provides to your body can contribute to better cognitive development in addition to repairing the membranes that surround the brain.

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Healthier skin and hair

It is another of its great benefits, this is due to the high concentration of group A vitamins and antioxidants that prevent the formation of free radicals, as well as protect cells and stimulate cell regeneration.

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Anti-cellulite effect

Much is said on this subject that it is surely very important for you, chia favors the tonicity of muscle mass, that is, you lose weight but you are helping your muscles reduce those fatty spaces naturally avoiding cellulite and flaccidity.

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Strengthens the immune system

It is a rich source of vitamins and minerals such as zinc that help considerably to create a shield of defenses that will keep you away from common viral diseases.

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Recommended daily amount of chia

It is important at this time to pay attention to why you have added chia seed to your eating routine if it is to lose weight, you must follow the instructions of your specialist doctor.

However, all over the world there are already studies carried out regarding the favorable portions in the daily intake of this seed, these investigations result in that it is enough to ingest 25 grams of chia a day to obtain all its benefits, however you are the one decide what best suits your needs.

How to consume chia?

Once all the properties of this seed have been identified, you are the best chef, take advantage of the versatility of this food and use it according to your needs and possibilities, here are some suggestions, you should put creativity and your special touch:

In cream form

Place a portion of chia seeds to soak in water for a few hours, soaking will allow a thick cream to form that you can help to form by crushing those grains, once you have obtained that cream you can add it to the usual sauces of your other meals or use it as an accompaniment to any protein.

Replacing eggs

When you have the cream that we indicate above, you can use it as an egg substitute in almost any recipe since it gives you the unctuousness you need to mix it with wheat flour for example.

Dry grain

Raw chia has a slight nutty flavor, it can be consumed in grains mixed with salads, in juices or yogurts , your creativity will show you the way once you become familiar with its texture and flavor.

Here are the best brands:

  • Chia Seeds 100% Organic – Superior Quality 1 x 1Kg – mituso
  • Sevenhills Wholefoods Raw Chia Seeds 2kg
  • Premium Quality Chia Seeds 1.000g NATURACEREAL
  • Organic Chia Seeds (1kg) | The best quality available | By MySuperfoods
  • Chia seeds 1 kg ⭐ High in protein ⭐ Suitable for Vegans

Chia oil

You can already get it packaged, they sell it almost all over the world, it can be used in salads or spread on bread, in a vegetable cream it is an excellent complement when serving the dish with a touch of ground black pepper.

You can also find it in stores or online at a better price:

  • Virgin Chia Organic Oil 100ml – Omega 3 – Omega 6 – Vitamin E – Antioxidant
  • NATURACEREAL – Chia Natura Seed Oil – 100ml
  • NATURACEREAL – Pure and organic Chia Seed Oil PREMIUM 100ml

In the form of flour

You can get chia flour by adding it in a food processor and whipping it until you get the flour with the texture of your liking, you can use it as a thickener in cream stews or sauces, hot or cold, you can also mix it with a fresh vegetable salad.

Chia alone or with other seeds in grains?

It is appropriate to mention that chia can be consumed alone or in the company of other seeds, this will depend on your needs, you must take into consideration that each grain or seed has a caloric intake that can harm you if you eat it without any control, it is for this reason that you are the one who can decide what is best for you.

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Comparison of chia with other foods

If you are on an eating plan aimed at healthy weight loss, it is necessary that you know what each food contains that you are going to include in each meal you make, chia has been positioned as the most powerful seed in terms of benefits for the health, in the same way it is important to highlight that there are others such as flaxseed , a portion of it is equivalent to just over 30% of polyunsaturated fat or essential oils, while chia has 32% of these essential oils, that is, both are healthy options that provide quality nutrients to our body.

Many worry about consuming a large amount of dairy derivatives in search of calcium, what is not in the public domain is that chia has 5 times more calcium than a glass of milk , it can be inferred that the importance is in knowing how to combine the foods of so that we get the greatest amount of nutrients from each one.

The important thing is that you must bear in mind that to prepare a balanced diet menu you must make sure that there is no lack of carbohydrates, proteins, fibers, vitamins and minerals and some good quality fat.

For example: Start with a small raw vegetable salad sprinkled with chia flour, then choose a protein, a type of carbohydrate and some cooked vegetables, that dish can be lentils, rice and vegetables, or you can also combine a portion of tempeh that comes from the fermentation of soybeans with a little soaked chia and cooked vegetables, everything is left to your choice and also adjusting to the extent of the possibilities you have at that time.

The following table comparesfive commonly consumed grains with quinoa seed wheat , oats , flaxseed, and amaranth :

Nutrients (100 g of grain) Oatmeal Wheat Bran Quinoa Amaranth Chia Flax
Calories 394 kcal 360 kcal 380 kcal 373 kcal 485 kcal 495 cal
Carbohydrates 67 g 76 g 68.8 g 64 g 42.12 g 43.3 g
Protein 14 g 10 g 13.11 g 13.5 g 16.54 g 14.1 g
Fats 8 g 2 g 5.77 g 6.89 g 30.74 g 32.3 g
Fibers 9.1 g 2 g 6 g 6.67 g 34.4 g 33.5 g
Football 48 mg 18 mg 129 mg 160 mg 631 mg 211 mg
Potassium 336 mg 740 mg 509 mg 407 mg 869 mg
Magnesium 119 mg 211 mg 249 mg 335 mg 347 mg
Iron 4.4 mg 4.2 mg 9.33 mg 7.5 mg 7.72 mg 4.7 mg

Chia contraindications

At present there are no documented contraindications regarding the use of chia in the daily diet, what you should bear in mind is that if you are consuming it to lose weight you should contact specialists who direct your interest in achieving that goal of effectively without compromising your physical or emotional state.

Risks and side effects

It is important that you take into account that everything in excess generates consequences, if you consume a lot of chia that is rich in fiber, you can contribute to slow down the process of digestion of meals, you may feel abdominal pain, constipation, general discomfort and changes of humor , that is why always what you do do it from the guidance of specialists.

Losing weight with chia is possible

In recent times, the global boom in healthy eating has allowed these healthy foods to be found in most of the countries of the world, you can start by investigating your possibilities according to the country where you are, and the most important thing is to build a scheme of feeding without excluding any food.

You just have to know how to eat them without gaining weight , discipline is essential when you decide to lose weight, you should approach a diet that includes large amounts of fruits, vegetables, and nuts of biological origin, naturally rich in micronutrients, you should always choose unprocessed foods rich in fiber, expand the knowledge regarding low-calorie protein foods, such as tempeh which is a food rich in protein and comes from the fermentation of soybeans, eat a lot of cooked legumes, whole grain rice, with Regarding dairy products, if you want to lose weight quickly, you should choose milk of plant origin such as soy , almond or rice, another great recommendation is to consumeGreen tea of ​​biological origin , has a large amount of antioxidants.

When establishing a healthy eating routine, it is necessary to have a healthy pantry, for this reason that to help in weight loss you must mix the chia seed with the following healthy foods:

  1. Legumes and whole grains , if they are of organic origin even better, that is to say that they are grown without the use of fertilizers or fertilizers of chemical origin.
  2. Whole grain bread, which provide fiber and vitamins.
  3. Seaweeds are excellent nutrients that provide a lot with a small intake a day.
  4. Nuts and seeds , such as chia, which are a source of protein and fiber and can be consumed raw or processed at home, it is extremely important that you take into account that the combination of seeds and legumes increases the protein value of the dish.
  5. Wheat germ, can be used to add it to salads, stews or sauces that you usually make at home.
  6. Good quality olive oil , to complement all your meals, it is also very nutritious and does not affect cardiovascular health.
  7. Miso, sea salt, soy sauce or tamari, are the salty and natural complements that will give that special touch to this new healthy eating scheme.

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Chia recipes

Creativity will indicate the way to follow when mixing chia with the foods you commonly eat, here are some suggestions regarding the preparation of some dishes using chia seed, it is important that you broaden your gastronomic expectations. It will allow you to add to the daily diet of your family group all the foods considered unpleasant but that are a great source of vitamins, minerals and proteins.

In this article you will find all these recipes with Chia :

  • Tapioca with chia recipe
  • Citrus juice recipe with watercress and chia
  • Quínua salad with chia
  • Recipe for sweet crepes with chia
  • Recipe full of banana cake with chia
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