Propolis For Children: Recommended Dosage, Risks, Benefits And Uses

Propolis is a wonderful natural substance to which various benefits are attributed, among which we can highlight its abiotic, antioxidant and antibacterial functions . It is simply a gift of nature that we can consciously and responsibly take advantage of, but… Can we all consume or apply products made from propolis without suffering negative consequences later? Can our children receive small doses of propolis for children?

We will talk about all this below, focusing mainly on how propolis acts directly and indirectly on the health of our children and what would be the recommendations to follow in case of requiring the consumption of propolis for children.

What you should know before giving your child propolis

Propolis is a natural substance that comes from the work carried out by bees, they go to the trees and take small portions of their bark from them, which when taken to the hive; They transform it into a resin by mixing it with their saliva.

This resin serves to cover the edges of the hive and offer a layer that protects the population from the different threats that they may suffer. That is to say, that the interior, thanks to propolis, becomes a totally sterile area due to the bacterial, antibiotic, fungicidal and other functions that propolis provides. In other words, bees can enjoy a completely clean and safe hive from any bacterial or viral threat thanks to the coating made with propolis.

Now, it is convenient to ask …

Can we humans make use of propolis to improve our health?

The answer is yes. Propolis does not represent any threat to people’s health, with which we can consume it and acquire from it the necessary properties to improve our immune system and enjoy good health.

But beware, this is only a natural option, which like others, can help us with different clinical manifestations, but it does not represent the Holy Grail of natural medicine. It is good, it is effective but its use and results are subject to the health condition of each individual, especially that of children.

Can propolis be harmful to the health of children and adults?

It depends, and the reason for them is due to the response that the child, in this case, may have to the propolis drug. I must remember that propolis comes from bees; And yes, it can generate allergic reactions associated with pollen, bee stings and even the consumption of honey. Ideally, in these cases is that you can consult your family doctor about the risks (although they are few) that taking propolis may pose to our health and that of our children.

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Opinions on the consumption of propolis in children

In general, it is the specialists of natural medicine who openly dare to recommend propolis in any of its presentations. Furthermore, a study carried out by the University of Salamanca – Spain has concluded that propolis in children and adults has a driving effect on the activities of the immune system, allowing it to develop with greater capacity and offering a better response capacity to the common threats faced by the health of human being.

Therefore, it is safe to offer children products derived and made from propolis in order to take care of their health, as long as it does not represent an allergy activator for them .

Are there scientific studies that support children taking propolis?

Of course, we have already discussed this previously. Not only are there scientific studies that reinforce the thesis that propolis is a natural and medicinal substance, but also that its consumption combined with other medicines or natural products improves its range of action and fully favors the health of the individual, particularly the health of children . Scientific study carried out by the University of Salamanca on the positive effects of propolis in children and adults

Propolis, therapeutic resource in clinical practice

Action of propolis on the immune system of children

Some works show that propolis stimulates nonspecific and specific immunity, both cellular and humoral immunity. In general, it acts positively on the immune system, making them more resistant to different diseases to which they are susceptible during childhood.

One of the characteristic properties of propolis is that of an immunomodulator, the first research works on the subject show a response regulated by antibodies, being greater when propolis is used as an adjuvant for tetanus vaccination, concluding that the specific factors are stimulated and not specific to the immune system.

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From what age is it good to give propolis to children?

Everything will depend on the state of health in which the child is and obviously the age. For example, up to six months it is recommended that the child does not consume any other type of food or substance other than breast milk , since it is through it that he obtains the necessary antibodies for his healthy development.

Propolis-based drugs contain recommendations based on the concentration and manufacture of their products, which is why they recommend their administration at a certain age. But it will depend, as we already mentioned, it depends a lot on the type of product and the child’s condition.

Recommended dose

This is another aspect on which it is not possible to establish a fixed value, since it is closely associated with the composition of the propolis product. The concentration and the manufacturing method are points that are taken into account to determine a specific dose for children and adults.

However, depending on the age, weight and health condition of the child, certain patterns associated with the presentation of propolis can be established, since depending on the way in which propolis is prepared we can ingest more or less amount than some suppose .

With which, you can consult in the presentation of the products the recommended amounts according to the age and weight of the child or consult your family doctor.

Benefits of propolis in children

We have already discussed some benefits at the beginning of the publication, but specifically we can say that propolis is a motivator of the child’s immune functions . It also acts as a protective agent against diseases of bacterial and viral origin, fulfills antiparasitic functions and optimizes the absorption or adaptation of some medical treatments. Consequently, it can be used as an ally in the treatment against some chronic diseases such as cancer.

Another benefit attributed to propolis is its soothing, analgesic and anti-inflammatory action, useful against feverish processes and general discomfort associated with sore throats and respiratory conditions, except in some cases linked to asthma.

Propolis can be used on the skin to combat diseases of dermal origin , helping in their recovery and offering a protective shield against possible future threats.

Health risks of children when consuming propolis

Basically there are very few indications about the damage that propolis could cause both in children and adults, in fact the negative consequences of the abuse of propolis consumption do not exceed those produced by general or stomach discomfort.

Propolis is a natural product that acts in favor of people’s health, however it requires responsible use and consumption in order to enjoy its benefits and guarantee a better state of health for our children, consequently a better quality of life.

What do you think about the information about propolis and its benefits in children, would you give your child some kind of medicine made with propolis?

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