Dermatological Analysis: Cien De Lidl And Alternative Moisturizing Cream

Being the best moisturizer chosen by the OCU, it has my undivided attention, and also my skepticism. Can a € 2.99 cream be good? Or what is the same, have good ingredients?

We will check that in the analysis. For now, the packaging indicates that it has glycerin and panthenol, which are the ingredients that will provide hydration; and also a UVA / UVB filter (with sun protection factor 4) and vitamin E that combined act to protect the skin from free radicals.

We are going to check in what proportion are these ingredients, and what are those that surround them. And if you want more options, in this article you have an analysis of the Best Moisturizing Creams on the market, apart from the OCU.

Lidl Cien Moisturizing Cream Review

Lidl Cien Moisturizing Cream analysis summary

They don’t really lie, as glycerin (which is a lubricant) and panthenol (provitamin B5) are the only hydrating actives that we are going to see in the formula. They do not lie but hide the truth.

They don’t say that the sunscreen they use releases free radicals in the presence of sunlight; Nor that it has parabens, silicones, various irritants, a toxic preservative, and a dye that can cause allergic reactions.

Its price is minimal, but its ingredients are not of quality, and this, sooner or later, ends up noticing or paying.

It is true that in the first 5 ingredients, which are the ones that have the most weight in the formula, it does not include any harmful ingredients, but everything else is enough to tip the balance to one side, that of not buying the cream .

I don’t know what criteria those of the OCU use to recommend one cream or another, but undoubtedly this formula is not to recommend it and that is why the “studies” they do are always fraudulent and without scientific basis … a shame 🙁


On the opposite side is Nezeni Cosmetics Collagen Cream, which I would recommend 100%. In fact, it is the cream that I use right now, mainly because of the quality of its ingredients.

They do not skimp on hydrating active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid; And they do not include any harmful ingredients, such as irritants, poisons, parabens or allergens.

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