Citronella Essential Oil: Contraindications, Benefits, Recipes And Dosage

Citronella is an aromatic plant with multiple properties, the main one is considered to be useful to repel annoying mosquitoes, it is diuretic, anti-flu digestive, and gives off citrus aromas similar to lemon, there are many species with variable properties. Its roots are deep and from there its leaves depend. In markets of countries such as China, Brazil, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, citronella oil is more common since they are the largest producers:

What is citronella oil?

Citronella is an abundant perennial plant, with deep roots, it is known as the lemongrass family of Cymbopogon Nardus, another type of citronel, it can range from 800 cm to 1 meter in height, it is very compatible with other ingredients for the production of handmade soaps, cream lotions, with very varied usefulness in terms of health and beauty.

Origin of citronella oil

Cintronela are wild herbaceous plants native to hot and tropical climates, their origin comes mainly from Asia and South America . Its leaves are always green, they are thin and elongated. It always gives off a soft citrus aroma similar to that of lemon.

It can grow to about a meter, it is widely marketed for its great properties as a mosquito repellent, for example, the stems and leaves are useful, it does not require excess water, it adapts to heat and cold, it is able to withstand the strong rays of the sun as well as it adapts to a certain time of shade remember that the sun is synonymous with life and for living beings.

It belongs to the Cymbopogon genus family . There are many species of about 50 or more. There are records that during the year 1948, its insecticidal property began to be known and its oil was used to combat the white-legged mosquito as it is commonly known or the Aedes aegypti , responsible for transmitting diseases such as dengue, which produces a series of symptoms accompanied by a high fever and muscle aches.

It should be noted that cintronela oil is extracted mainly through the steam distillation process, that is, by boiling in a water bath.

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What are other names for citronella oil?

Citronella is well known by many names depending on the region where it is cultivated, among these we have, Asia and South America, malojillo, sontol, lemon grass, zorrilla, it is also known as java cintronela, celián cintronela from which they are mainly extracted their essences.

Citronella oil characteristics

Cintronela is mainly characterized by its ability to repel insects, thanks to components such as limonene, eugenol, citral, citronenol, and geraniol, also for its citrus fragrance which resembles the smell of lemon, that is why they call it lemon grass, for This is its frequent use to acclimate places giving fresh and pleasant fragrances.

Structure and chemical composition of citronella oil

The main components of citronella are geraniol in 15%, citronellal in 26%, citronellol in 6.1%, geranyl acetate in 5.6%, elemol 9.9%, myrcene 12.2%, it is a plant with a fresh aroma, without However, due to its humidity, it can be moldy and smell the same.

How is citronella oil extracted?

Its extraction is carried out by means of the steam distillation process of its leaves and stems, choosing those of the best quality and freshness. .

His procedure is to select the leaves and stems, wash them well and cut them, then place them in a heat-proof glass dish. In addition, fill a pot with water in half and place over medium heat. When boiling, place the glass dish with the citronella inside the lid with the lid turned upside down.

Place enough ice on the lid, this will help the drops produced by boiling in a water bath to distil on the lid and not be lost. For this, activate the ice, it should be done for about an hour. When this period of time passes, turn off the fire and remove from the kitchen, carefully remove the lid, taking care not to lose the valuable oil droplets, let it cool, strain and store in containers washed and disinfected in advance, they must be dry, then to distill the oil and cover in the containers to reserve in a place out of the sun, that is dry, and cool.

Can you take citronella oil?

Citronella essential oil is not suitable for consumption by pregnant or lactating mothers or in children under 6 years of age, it can cause conditions such as dermatitis. because it can cause adverse effects that could harm the mother or the child.

Citronella oil benefits and properties

Antibacterial properties

The isoeugenol methyl, is an active component present in citronella oil and is able to fight and kill bacteria entering the body that can affect the main organs and systems of the body, such as liver, colon, prostate, the stomach, skin, kidneys, among others, is widely used to clean and heal wounds, helping to kill bacteria that are harmful to the body.

Antispasmodic properties

Spasms are produced by various causes that are present in people’s daily lives, for example, bad strength, flu or common colds, muscle tears, menstrual period, cramps, that is why this wonderful silver is used to treat these conditions for containing antispasmodic properties capable of relieving and eliminating their symptoms. Its effects are believed to be used mostly to level blood pressure, nervousness, and airway conditions.

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Antidepressant properties

The use of this herb called citronella not only fights fatigue but is also capable of raising the most discouraged mood that may exist, caused by multiple reasons, problems of different kinds, family matters or work or feeling distressed for not being able to do something in the workplace. life, this can be improved through aromatic s can be used and reactivated from positive thoughts and stimulate a state of joy and optimism, thanks to its refreshing rich smell, it awakens and stimulates the senses and say goodbye to depression.

Deodorizing properties

The use of citronella oil , to combat or eliminate odors is more common than you think, we invite you to try it, you can use a couple of drops in the water to bathe in addition to relaxing and renewing yourself, it will leave that rich fragrance on your skin. and in your hair.

As well as it is used to combat bad odors from your armpit by applying it with a moisturizing cream, or simply adding it to your frequent deodorant. It should not be used without testing a small drop of citronella oil on your skin for a few minutes to certify that you are not allergic to it, otherwise it would cause dermatitis or irritations. Remember not to expose yourself to the sun after use to prevent stains from appearing.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Citronella essential oil can be used to treat conditions that cause inflammation, for example flatulence, gas, or abdominal pain due to bad indigestion, it can be soothing just by drinking a citronella tea, it will almost immediately relieve inflammation of the area, liver and digestive system. They will be grateful to you.

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Diaphoretic properties

If you have a fever, the diaphoresis characteristics of citronella oil are correct to eliminate toxins and fats from the body since it induces sweating. This helps your body feel lighter, reduces fever, and protects you from any infection.

Diuretic properties

It is an excellent diuretic so if your problem is about fluid retention this will sit down wonderfully, increase your urine which will be very favorable for the flow of toxins and substances that the body does not need, and you may even notice a slight change In your weight you will feel that you have lost weight and it is true, at the same time that it kills bacteria in the urinary tract, it maintains the good health of the kidneys, of the heart, in addition to alleviating symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Strengthens the walls of the intestine.

Febrifuge Properties

It is ideal to fight infectious pictures of the body that cause inflammations or fevers , it works by killing the bacteria and infections that cause it, it will help to improve pain and inflammation while lowering the temperature.

Fungicidal properties

Citronella essential oil fights bacteria and fungi thanks to its fungicidal components , not only combats, but also eliminates them avoiding their spread to other areas of the body, mainly the ears, throat, nose are affected, they are areas more vulnerable to suffer them.

Vermifuge Properties

Parasites or intestinal worms are a kind of bacteria that affect the intestines especially in children, which sometimes generate vomiting, prevents the healthy nutrition of the body since when these are abundant, only they are nourished, this affects the good physical functioning and mental of the people, the citronella is considered capable of fighting and killing them helping to return the healthy balance of the organism.

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Stomach properties

Due to its digestive properties and to strengthen the stomach walls, citronella keeps harmful germs and bacteria away or considerably eliminated to optimize its proper functioning.

Stimulating properties

Citronella is a natural activator of blood circulation, favoring the arteries, thus protecting the heart and other organs of the body, accelerates the body’s metabolic processes, stimulates the expulsion of toxins or waste through urinary or excretory routes, stabilizes the nervous system.

Tonic Properties

Citronella essential oil is an excellent tonic to level the health states of the body, keeping them in their normality, for its digestive treatments, leveling anxieties, stress, nerves, fatigue, it strengthens the immune system and relaxes the body and mind.

It helps fight diabetes

There are scientific studies that prove that citronella levels blood sugar, making its presence in it more tolerant and fluid, let us be clear that the levels of sugar present in the blood cause reserves in the blood that over time only affect areas such as the kidneys . , the eyes. Citronella also stabilizes bad and good cholesterol in the same way with triglycerides. Citronella levels blood sugar but does not eliminate it

Citronella oil for mosquitoes

Through a test carried out in the United States, it was found that citronella is capable of fighting the mosquito that is commonly called white legs, whose name is Aedes aegypti , the test consisted of the application of essential oil of citronella which had an effectiveness of two approximately hours of protection against this mosquito responsible for transmitting diseases such as dengue, which causes high fevers, sometimes hemorrhagic, intense muscle pain, is a cause of death in many parts of the world.

Vanilla essential oil can be mixed with citronella essential oil to repel mosquitoes and its favorable effect was determined by three, although it prevents them from biting them, it does not kill mosquitoes, they only keep them away for a certain time.

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Citronella oil for ants

To fight with the ants we present effective citronella as a repellent, to keep them away from your home especially from areas where there is food for example since these tiny ants have a widely developed sense of smell and arrive without being invited to your food, Therefore, we recommend using citronella essence, pennyroyal, water, cinnamon, to spray the places that these ants frequent, the formula of their odors will make them repel the place.

Citronella oil for ticks

These insects called ticks are like parasites that affect not only animals but also people and places in their environment, therefore, they take care of applying chemicals to eradicate them without realizing that they may be affecting their own health.

It is suggested to try natural products capable of combating such ills, among them citronella is present more effectively, in such a way that it is added to the shampoo with which you bathe your pet, you can also add citronella oil with water and spray constantly not only the animal and its things but also the environment, its smell and bitter taste will be able to keep them away definitively.

Citronella oil to repel cats

These domestic pets are pleasant for some and for others not so much for various reasons, because many come to citronella to repel the presence of kittens or cats, for this it is advisable to grab some leaves of this plant and place it crushed or in pieces in a way that makes their citrus smell come out, and place them in the places that they inhabit and that you no longer want them to be, the smell of citrus is the secret cats do not like citrus.

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For gastritis

Citronella strengthens the walls of the stomach, while being highly ally of the digestive processes, it can also be used to treat the fearsome bacteria called Helicobacter pylori, responsible for many discomforts at the digestive level, such as gastritis mainly.

It has been determined that citronella has had a better effect in the treatment and elimination of this bacterium and subsequent healing of ulcers or gastritis compared to the use of antibiotic treatments that have failed to eliminate it.

It can help control seizures.

Seizures are suffered by some people without distinction of age or sex, their reasons are not very clear but they are associated with diseases already presented, therefore it is known that a seizure is a sudden movement or involuntary electric shock of the brain, it is of severe conditions or creepy, they are almost always controllable by anticonvulsant medications, but naturally it has been shown through a study that citronella can considerably reduce these attacks to the brain, which deteriorates thousands of cells when this fact occurs.

The study was based on demonstrating that citronella oil is effective on the central nervous system and the possibility of not repeating these events is reduced by 50%. Citronella oil is known to have monoterpene and citronellol which are used to make anticonvulsant medicine, which is why it is considered these natural anticonvulsant components.

Citronella oil can maintain proper blood pressure levels

Citronella oil is an excellent ally to level bad cholesterol and normalize good cholesterol, in addition to stabilizing the assimilation of sugar in the blood.

By keeping these levels up to date, the blood pressure of the body is quickly normalized, optimizing the normal functioning of the arteries so that fat does not stick in them, avoiding conditions such as aneurysm. It not only depends on citronella but also on leading a normal rhythm of life, not hectic, eating healthy low in fat, flour, sugar, exercising and drinking enough water.

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Citronella oil can help decrease anxiety

Anxiety is an emotional state caused by nervousness, restlessness, alterations of the central nervous system, for which the use of citronella favors its conditions by normalizing them, we know that there are many occupations at home, in the family, at work, that suddenly do not You have a stable economy, and those worries overwhelm you, if you notice that you cannot help feeling that way then lean on citronella, to stabilize your whole body and thus take things calmly, God’s time will allow you to solve everything with your help. Therefore, these discomforts take away from you a peaceful sleep, a stable life, calm your state of health from today.

For oral or vaginal Candida infections

The Candida albicans is a fungus that is almost always in the vagina, skin, mouth and digestive system of the human body but poses no threat because they are very small quantities and is harmless.

But that is not always, there are also possibilities that they increase their quantity that is to say that they multiply mixing with other bacteria causing inflammation, burning, itching, pain, and infection; Citronella acts as a microorganism blocker preventing this fungus or bacteria from spreading, minimizing possible yeasts by applying 200 micrograms of citronella, a product given by God and Mother Nature, which does this miracle since certain fungi do not die with the action of antibiotics. special for mushrooms.

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It can fight aspergillosis.

The antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties of citronella oil are due to methyl isoeugenol, a component of citronel and capable of fighting and eliminating the Aspergillus fungus, as it is known.

This type of fungus is not common to affect people more, however there is the possibility of occurring when people are affected by problems in the lungs, or who also have a non-strengthened immune system. Eurotium and penicillium are also fungi that are fought and eradicated by citronella.

Can treat food poisoning

The use of food requires strict and quality hygiene, therefore, many people do not clean the food they are going to consume with due care and care. That is why poisonings occur, due to dirt, bacteria and microorganisms that are not favorable to our health, this is mainly when they tend to eat unhealthy and unsanitary foods on the street.

This alters the normal state of your health and your daily functions. A well-known poisoning is that transmitted by salmonella, which is a bacterium. How to know if a person is presenting intoxication, very simple presents, fever, stomach pain, excretions accompanied by diarrhea, within a few hours of contracting it.

And it can be extended for a week, however, this long process of nuisance can be shortened with citronella oil, which is an excellent eliminator of salmonella. It considerably reduces symptoms, bringing the body back to its normal state.

You can shorten pain and suffering by using citronella oil, which has been shown to have inhibitory effects on salmonella bacteria.

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Citronella oil can prevent and treat Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

A urinary infection generates feverish symptoms, accompanied by pain when you urinate, burning at the same time, back or waist pain. For this, there are medical treatments based on antibiotics that resist the problem, so going to citronella oil is a very good option since it helps in prevention so that it does not affect the urinary tract.

According to a 2001 Brazilian study, citronella oil has antibacterial effects against E. coli. Once controlled, they do not spread anywhere else in the body. It is important to always consult with your doctor as well as always looking for a natural solution.

Use of citronella oil during pregnancy

The use of citronella oil is not recommended in pregnant women because they are usually very sensitive especially the skin area, through a clinical study it was determined that the use in pregnancy does not let you feel the contractions then in that case when will you have the baby will be your greatest anguish, think before use, and always ask your doctor for help and guidance.

Aromatherapy and citronella oil

If your interest is to calm the nerves, lower blood pressure, relax the body and mind, then you read the correct thing if you can use citronella oil to combat fatigue and the above described, just apply a gentle massage to stimulate a peaceful sleep, relax the muscles and tensions in your body and mind. The smell will decongest the respiratory tract, you will be able to relieve such an annoying cough.

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Dosage for citronella oil

  • To decongest the respiratory tract through inhalations of citronella, it is recommended 5 drops of citronella oil added to a liter and a half of boiling water, this preparation can be inhaled for health and beauty purposes specifically for the face, hair, or take a full bath.
  • To hydrate different areas of the skin, you just have to add about 4 drops to your favorite cream, move well and be ready to moisturize all your skin.
  • To harmonize and perfume the environment, you only need water and a few drops of citronella oil which you will place in an ideal container to spray the spaces of your house, creating harmony and a feeling of tranquility and peace.
  • To eliminate fatigue, stress and fatigue, add to the warm bath water 2 drops of eucalyptus oil plus two drops of citronella oil then you take a relaxing bath you will see how renewed you will feel and part this will raise the mood .
  • To relieve abdominal spasms, smear two drops of citronella essential oil and gently massage the area until you feel relief.

Keep in mind that prevention is the success of many things, therefore, be careful not to have direct contact with the eyes, so as not to cause irritation or major ailments, not to be used if you have dermatitis allergies, and with special care we remind you not It is suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, except for children under 6 years of age.

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How to make homemade citronella oil?

The ingredients to prepare it are

  • A fine fabric or gauze
  • A pot for cooking
  • Half a cup of fresh citronella stems and leaves
  • A cup of extra virgin olive oil


You are going to take the fresh leaves and stems and place them in the pot together with the cup of extra virgin olive oil, this you stir well and bring to medium heat while continuing to move until boiling should be over medium or low heat, it will take you one half an hour or more.

When boiling, turn off the heat and let it cool, then place a container covered with gauze or fine cloth to place the preparation, finally it is stored in previously washed and disinfected jars. Its conservation is approximately six months. For prevention, do not apply pure on the skin always dilute with other oils or creams

Citronella oil contraindications

Citronella essential oil is generally not a toxic agent for health, however we must still take precaution if you have sensitive skin you should not use it a lot to avoid the risk of irritating it. It is also not recommended that pregnant women consume or apply it as it can affect the mother or the baby. It is not applicable for children under 6 years old, do not self-medicate or exceed what is recommended.

Side effects

It can cause photosensitivity, do not expose yourself to it after use. This will help prevent redness, blemishes, burns, or irritation.

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Citronella oil datasheet

Among its main components are: eugenol, limonene, citral, citronenol, and geraniol, minerals such as zinc, calcium madnesium, sodium, phosphorus among others.

  • Origin of the plant: Asia and South America.
  • Belonging to the Family: Cardiopteridaceae.
  • Common names according to the place of cultivation: Citronella, lemongrass, lemongrass among others.
  • Its botanical name is: Cympopogon nardus.
  • Smell: characterized by being citric similar to lemon.
  • Extraction mode: steam distillation
  • Conservation: 6 months approximately.
  • How to use: external or topical route.

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