Clarins Extra-Comfort Toner, Analysis And Alternative

This is one of the specific toners for dry or sensitive skin, which provides extra comfort, while cleansing, softening and revitalizing the complexion.

It avoids alcohol, and has a slightly gelled texture, which provides a fresh, natural feeling that is positively astonishing, and incredibly refreshing even after a rough shave.

Use this toner to complete a cleanse and get the best results, as it tightens pores to help prevent dirt from returning to the skin.

Nothing is mentioned of the ingredients it includes, so we are going to analyze the INCI to see what they are, and what they can really do for our skin.

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Clarins Extra-Comfort Tonic Analysis

Clarins Extra-Comfort Tonic analysis summary

Among all the ingredients that make up the INCI of this toner, there are really few that help our skin.

Among them are aloe vera juice (healing and moisturizing), flax extract (soothing and anti-inflammatory), panthenol (moisturizer), Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide (a protector that restores the beneficial flora of the skin), and Marshmallow root extract (anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant).

For such an extensive formula, only these 5 assets seem very few to me. So what are the remaining ingredients? There is a bit of everything, but most are troublesome.

There are irritating ingredients, to preservatives, parabens, or fragrances that can be allergens and sensitizers.

The overall result is that the bad ingredients prevail over the good assets, which drowns them out and doesn’t let them shine. So it is not an option for me.


Nezeni Cosmetics All-in-1 Micellar Water is a much better option. In the first place, it saves you from irritating and toxic ingredients, so you are not in danger of suffering the combined effect. Second, the number of beneficial assets is much more numerous, so you will notice the results more.

And as a third reason, it works to cleanse and tone, so you can take two steps in one.

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