You have finally returned from your vacation! Sanitize your hair: he was crying out for it and now it’s his turn to take a break. The chlorine in the pool, the salt from the sea and the rays of the sun have made him suffer intensely and now, your mission is to rescue him.

In this post we teach you, in three simple steps, how to recover the vitality of your hair in a fast and natural way . In a few weeks you will be able to wear your hair in the wind again, in the purest Thelma and Louise style but without a convertible.

Goodbye dry ends! Hello hydration!

The first thing you have to do after returning from vacation is to make an appointment with your trusted hairdresser. After how much your hair has suffered, you should finish with split and dry ends . You have to cut your losses!

After this sanitization and praying that you did not leave the salon with a mane three times shorter than you would like, it is time to hydrate your hair so that it stays healthy.

For this we recommend using products that contain natural ingredients such as virgin olive oil that, in addition to providing many necessary nutrients, give you a very silky texture and your hair will shine more than ever. Keep in mind that, after the damage suffered by the summer, natural ingredients are always a good option, since they do not act aggressively and are highly effective as a source of antioxidants.

And you may wonder, why the olive oil? What’s so special about it? Apart from the moisturizing properties that you already know, it has vitamin E, which strengthens the follicle and helps to regenerate it, so that the hair grows faster and breaks less. At the same time, it repairs and seals the split ends, working true miracles in the appearance of the hair.

A highly recommended option is to use Garnier’s Original Remedies range . To wash the hair you can apply its Extreme Nutrition Mythical Olive shampoo ; massage yourself well and enjoy its delicious aroma. Nothing like creating your own mini-spa at home by giving yourself these little pleasures.

After your hair is free of any impurities, you should apply a good conditioner to regain the hydration that is partly lost when you use shampoos and soapy products in general. This will make it easier to detangle the hair and it will break less when brushing. And, to complete the hydration treatment, once a week, use a mask and let it rest for several minutes so that the hair absorbs the nutrients well. The Extreme Nutrition mask, also from the Oliva Mítica range from Original Remedies, will go great if your hair tends to dry out. Remember that you should only apply it from medium to ends so that later the scalp is not loaded with too much product, since it generates by itself a series of natural oils that keep it hydrated in the root part.

If you want extra hydration , the best bet is the Leave-in Cream Oil , since the product remains in the hair, the result is much more durable. The cream oil from the Oliva Mítica range nourishes the hair intensely and, most importantly, does not weigh down, allowing you to shape your hairstyles more easily and control frizz, especially now that you are using dryers, irons and other devices again.

Do It Yourself!

The holidays have left us without a penny in our pocket but we urgently need our hair to be shiny and healthy again… What do you do? With natural ingredients and patience, you can achieve beauty treatments with incredible results . Follow our advice and you will be amazed.

The eggs are truly beneficial for hair because they contain L-cysteine which helps look brighter and grow faster. You can use the 3 beaten yolks to create a perfect mask to apply once a week.

An ingredient that can not be missing in your repair ritual is avocado . Take a fork and mash a ripe one until you get a kind of cream with a texture similar to jam. Apply it to damp hair and let it sit for half an hour and then wash your hair. Do it once every two weeks and you will see the incredible results. Avocado is an ingredient that is used both for hair, due to its concentration of natural oil, and for anti-aging creams, since it has truly antioxidant properties.

Another very practical DIY recipe to replace the sprays we use after showering is one made with coconut oil . Mix two tablespoons of coconut oil, four of rosemary essential oil (you can find it in pharmacies) and two cups of distilled water. Gather everything into a spray bottle and apply to clean, damp hair. It will help you better brush and also has anti-frizz properties . And if you are lucky enough to live near the beach and you are a regular at foams that give texture, replace them with sea water. Much more natural and just as effective. Also, to strengthen the scalp, always make the last rinse of the shower with cold water. We know that in winter it costs, but listen to us, your hair will thank you!

Hairstyles that save you when your hair has a bad day

If you have fine hair, it is normal for you to make the mistake of washing it almost every day, which is especially polluting and requires you to wash it even more often, since the more you wash it, the more it gets dirty. Without a doubt, a vicious circle from which many do not know how to get out.

A good remedy for this is to use a dry shampoo . This product will make the hair stay clean for at least one more day , absorbing any excess oil that you may have and giving you large amounts of volume. In fact, if you are not very fond of lacquers or sprays that add texture, apply a little dry shampoo with clean hair or even before making waves and you will see how much extra volume you have in your hairstyles.

Another option is to look for some hairstyles and tricks that avoid having to wash it every day. For example, if you have bangs , during those days it will be better to wear it up in the way that is most comfortable for you. You can put it in braids or wear headbands that cover part of it.

very practical hairstyle is the messy bun of a lifetime. We can choose between a low and soft bun (elegant and romantic), a high bun (ideal for the heat) or the most fashionable bun of the season: half-up bun . This hairstyle is perfect because it picks up just the root area, while we can continue to show our hair.

The ponytails are also very good choice. Depending on the length of your hair, you can choose between one or the other, but usually, decide by a low ponytail if you wear outfits more sweet and a high ponytail and well stretched to wear garments with colorful necks like halter type . And if you are looking for a more comfortable and practical hairstyle, join the trendy hairstyle of braids .

Remember that your hair frames your face and gives you a great personality that many times you are not even aware of. So try to pamper him and keep him healthy, you will get your reward.

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Kathie Sand always saw the world of beauty as the terrain on which to build her professional career, a goal that was clear to her when she was only 15 years old. Her great concern to expand knowledge led her to settle in Paris where she studied hand in hand with the best beauty professionals and with the most advanced techniques for skin care.

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