Clinique All About Eye Contour, Analysis And Alternative

This light cream helps improve circulation in the area around the eyes, while eliminating dark circles with lightening and whitening ingredients.

An anti-aging product that reduces the presence of wrinkles thanks to the intense hydration it provides to the skin, preventing it from drying out.

It is very refreshing, light and absorbs almost instantly. Ophthalmologist-tested and for all skin types, the formula helps keep eye makeup in place.

Let’s find out how this product makes all of that happen. We will do an exhaustive analysis of the qualities of the product explaining all its ingredients.

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Clinique All About Eyes Analysis Intensive Eye Contour for Bags and Dark Circles

All About Eyes Review Summary Clinique Intensive Eye Contour for Bags and Dark Circles

The reputation of the manufacturer is a vital factor to consider when purchasing a beauty product. For Clinique All About Eyes, it is no different. The more popular a manufacturer is, the less risk their products have (or so it should be).

This product has been manufactured by the Clinique company that has been around since the 60’s. Yes, a long time ago.

The company’s focus is on skin care, creating products that help you look your best. Their credibility is beyond question, as they have built a solid foundation based on trust.

But we are going to put the brand aside and focus on the ingredients, which are the ones that matter.

Start strong with shea butter, which hydrates and nourishes the skin around the eyes . And the more nourished and hydrated the skin is, the less likely it is for wrinkles to form.

This effect is reinforced by all the emollients and moisturizers that follow it, undoubtedly a good amount. This leaves anti-aging actives on the back burner, which are further down the list.

The wheat germ and barley extracts in the product soften and soothe the skin, two qualities that will be reinforced by other active ingredients below, such as birch extract, which in addition to being soothing, is anti-inflammatory, which can help reduce morning bags and bloating.

Also antioxidants are present, flagged by the green tea extract, and followed by gentian extract, further it Also Helps soothe, squalane or vitamin C .

Also noteworthy are hyaluronic acid , another product that hydrates the skin around the eyes while sealing in moisture, causing instant relief from dry skin. Caffeine, or a peptide that has an effect similar to botox, but to a lesser extent.

It has very good ingredients to reduce fine lines and crow’s feet, but many of them hide in the last places, instead of shining in the first places.

In addition, we have found some ingredients that are irritating to the eyes, mainly preservatives, which we do not like at all.

And another of the failures they have had is to use a jar as a container, as the product is contaminated and degrades easily.

It is unscented, but the cream does have a not too overpowering fragrance.


The alternative that we propose is the Nezeni Cosmetics Antiage eye contour, which avoids all the mistakes that Clinique’s product makes.

All the active ingredients are in high concentrations, its ingredients are natural, and it does not include any that can irritate or damage the skin.

Hyaluronic acid, Cobiolift (quinoa extract), hydrolyzed collagen or apple stem cells work to reduce wrinkles and crow’s feet, and reduce puffiness. You have the complete analysis in the link that I left above.

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