Clinique For Men Oil Control Face Wash, Analysis And Alternative

Clinique For Men’s Oil Control formula thoroughly cleanses normal to oily skin and removes excess shine, leaving skin feeling fresh and comfortable, without tightness or itchiness.

In addition to efficiently dissolving dirt and impurities on your face, it controls excess oil and minimizes unwanted shine. Leaves you feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle your day.

It is an ideal product to prepare the skin before shaving for people with normal to oily skin, as the cleansing foam leaves the skin soft and supple for the most comfortable shave possible.

And since the ingredients of which it is composed are not specified, it is time to take a look at the INCI, and after the analysis we will assess the effectiveness of this product.

You can find more analysis of cleansers in this article with the Best Facial Cleansers for Men , where we have made a compilation based on the INCI of each product.

Clinique For Men Oil Control Face Wash Analysis

Oil Control Face Wash Clinique For Men analysis summary

Clinique begins directly with surfactants (the cleaning agents for dirt and grease), specifically with sodium laureth sulfate, known to be a sulfate not very beneficial for our skin.

It is not the only surfactant, since there are more distributed throughout the formula, although softer than the first.

But you have to go to almost the middle of the list to start seeing the beneficial assets, such as aloe vera juice, an ingredient that comes in handy for sensitive skin, as it is hydrating and healing.

Below are some moisturizers, so the formula can hydrate to some extent, and the polyquaternium-7 also acts as a barrier, reducing water loss from the skin.

The final part of the list is not very flattering, the menthol they use as a fragrance is a known sensitizer, it has many colorants (unnecessary from my point of view), and
a toxic preservative.

For my part it is not a product that I would choose, since the cons outweigh the pros.


If you search and analyze, you will always find better alternatives. In this case I have found Nezeni Cosmetics brand cleansing micellar water, which is a much better option than Clinique.

I like that beneficial actives take precedence over surfactants, it has a ton of botanicals, and there are no poisons or harmful ingredients. I also like that they keep preservatives to a minimum to avoid the combined effect.

You can see his complete analysis in the link I leave above, so that you can check it yourself.

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