Coconut Milk: Contraindications, Benefits, Uses And Recipes

When you are lactose intolerant, you look for other alternatives such as plant milks, but this option is viable only if you are not allergic to nuts, in which case it is best to opt for coconut milk, since it is low in allergen. .

Coconut milk is an excellent substitute for cow’s milk, it has all the properties you need and gives you many benefits that I will talk about later. You should only take it in moderation because they say that “everything in excess hurts”, and not by taking more will you get more benefits.

One of the reasons why you should not drink too much is because coconut milk is a caloric food, although the fats in coconut can be healthy, they also tend to make you gain weight, so when controlling your intake, this milk it can even make you lose weight.

When you are looking for a natural alternative to replace pasteurized cow’s milk, which generally contains chemicals and additives, the best is coconut milk, which you can prepare at home, drink as if it were cow’s milk alone or accompanied, and even prepare delicious recipes with this coconut milk.

Once you taste it , you will not want to drink another milk, its flavor is unique and delicious , and its preparation is very simple. It is called milk because you mix the coconut meat with a little water, you liquefy it and you get a white liquid , it is up to you if you sweeten it or not.

Just as you can prepare it yourself at home , you can also buy it in supermarkets , herbalists and stores specializing in natural products. However you get it, it really is a drink worth adding to your daily diet .

It will provide you with nutrients, it will greatly benefit your health , because this coconut milk is capable of building your immune defenses, it is also used as a source of energy by the body. Just one glass of coconut milk a day is enough to keep you healthy and full of energy.

Remember that coconut milk is dairy-free, lactose-free, and is not a dried fruit; which makes it a healthy and beneficial option for all people. If you are interested in knowing a little more about this milk, I invite you to continue reading.

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Is coconut milk healthy?

Many believe that coconut milk is not good for your health because of its high fat content, this could represent a problem for the circulatory system, putting your heart health at risk. However, the opposite has been shown, since this belief was due to the fact that people did not limit consumption since they took it as an energy drink, and therefore suffered negative consequences for their health.

Today I can safely tell you that coconut milk is healthy, there are many nutrients that it provides, and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, which favor your bones and teeth . The key is to drink in moderation as I mentioned at the beginning.

And you should also make sure that you are not allergic to coconut, if you are a person who has allergies to different foods, you should be careful if the consumption of coconut milk is something new for you, although coconut is low in allergen, the best will be to be more cautious in case you are allergic to nuts. It does not mean that coconut is a dried fruit since it is a fruit, but it could qualify as a nut because there have been few cases of allergy to coconut milk.

Can I have coconut milk if I have lactose intolerance?

You should know that lactose is a sugar that contains the milk of mammals , and is found in many foods that are derived from this milk, in this case from cow; Therefore, if you are lactose intolerant, you should stay away from these derived foods, especially cow’s milk, although like any human being you will always be tempted to consume it, but the consequences are quite annoying.

This is why coconut milk is safe for lactose intolerant, it is good and delicious; You will not run any risk because it does not contain lactose , you can take it without fear of suffering from diarrhea, gas, bloating or any other annoying symptoms; It is a good substitute for cow’s milk, so you can take it in smoothies, in culinary recipes, or with your favorite cereal.

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Are coconut milk and coconut water the same?

They are two liquids of the same fruit but different, since coconut water is the water that the fruit contains and that mostly becomes pulp, when the coconut is about five or seven months old they are the best to obtain water. On the other hand, when the coconut is ripe it has enough pulp, and it is with this that the coconut milk is prepared, adding a little water and liquefying it.

Coconut water is richer in sugars and electrolytes, and coconut milk contains more fatty acids so it is more caloric. The first is inside the coconut and you just have to open some holes to enjoy it by sucking it with straws, while coconut milk must be a whole process to prepare it and which I will talk about later.

Another difference is that coconut water is liquid in consistency and somewhat transparent, with a sweet-sour taste, while coconut milk is white, denser and has a more concentrated flavor. Both are refreshing and nutritious.

Coconut milk benefits

Consuming coconut milk provides you with many benefits due to its high content of essential nutrients, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, B vitamins, and minerals such as magnesium, ideal to calm the nerves and also to level blood pressure.

It also strengthens the bones because it is a good source of calcium, it also hydrates the skin , fights infections because it contains lauric acid which is antibacterial and antiviral . Control your weight due to its fiber content, it gives you a feeling of fullness so you will control your appetite .

In itself, the benefits that coconut milk gives you are innumerable, and so that you can make the most of it, I want to talk to you about the most outstanding ones.

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Benefits for the skin

With coconut milk you can keep your skin moisturized , you will be able to have it clean soft and flexible since when you clean it you will remove dead skin cells, dirt and excess sebum . You will not need to use exfoliating and moisturizing creams, just prepare this natural coconut milk to have an equally natural beauty.

You can even use it to treat sunburn , with coconut milk it will reduce redness and hydrate the affected part so that it returns to normal without suffering discomfort such as burning. And if you like you can also remove make-up, by using it on your face it prevents wrinkles and age spots.

Coconut milk for hair

With coconut milk you can also favor your hair in a natural way , because the same benefits that it gives to the skin, it gives to your scalp, and is to moisturize and hydrate it, also due to its antibacterial property it controls dandruff and promotes hair growth.

When you apply coconut milk directly to the scalp you will be nourishing it , you will be able to prevent baldness, you will condition it, and as a result you will obtain silky, soft and manageable hair , you just need to impregnate all your hair and leave it to act for about five minutes and then rinse it off.

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Coconut milk for hypothyroidism

People with hypothyroidism undergo different treatments to get their thyroid to produce thyroid hormone at adequate levels again, it is good to combine medical treatment with some natural remedies , in this case coconut milk so that you can heal more fast and efficient.

Coconut milk is very good to stimulate an underactive thyroid and also relieves many of the symptoms such as: insomnia, dry skin, fatigue, muscle aches, infections, constipation, among other symptoms that you can alleviate with just consuming a glass of milk. coconut daily you will see how hypothyroidism will improve.

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Is it good for cholesterol?

When coconut milk is consumed in excess, saturated fat ends up raising bad cholesterol, however, the fat in this milk, when consumed as it should be, positively influences the increase in good cholesterol.

Coconut milk as a laxative?

Coconut milk has a high concentration of fiber, which is why it is used to combat constipation problems, and it is also a diuretic, combating fluid retention. People who do not suffer from constipation and ingest coconut milk, it could cause a laxative effect, but in rare cases .

Coconut milk during pregnancy

If you are pregnant I advise you to consume coconut, especially coconut milk, because it is well known that its pulp gives you many benefits and if you are one of the women who cannot retain solids because you are constantly vomiting, then you should drink this pulp, and the best way is to prepare it like milk.

It will provide you with energy and essential vitamins at this stage that you and your baby need. It will relieve the swelling in your ankles, it will keep you hydrated, you will not gain weight because you will feel satisfied and your desire to eat will be calm .

Besides, it will strengthen the immune system , and reinforces the defenses of the fetus ; helps you in cases of constipation, and treats heartburn ; It is ideal for anemia, improves circulation and digestion. There are many benefits of this coconut milk for pregnant women, even after giving birth, it will help your body to return to normal more quickly.

How to use it?

You can use it as a substitute for cow’s milk, with cereals, or in fruit smoothies, you can prepare some apple or banana smoothies and add coconut milk. You can make the rice pudding dessert or if you prefer you can simply have a glass every morning.

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Benefits and Contraindications

The contraindications for you that you are pregnant are only to avoid it if you are overweight, because this milk is caloric and will help you gain more body weight . And if you have ever had an allergy to nuts, be careful that although it is not the same, coconut also has an allergen that could cause an unfavorable reaction such as itching and redness of the skin.

Its benefits are much more than its side effects, as you already know, it will provide you with energy , it will help you with constipation, heartburn; It will feed you in case you can’t keep any solid food down, and most importantly, it will strengthen your bones and teeth because it contains calcium.

Contraindications of coconut milk

Contraindications in general and not only for pregnant women would be:

If you are an obese person, it is best to avoid the consumption of this coconut milk, although it is used to lose weight (I will talk about this later) combining it with other caloric foods will make you gain more weight. Avoid it if you have diarrhea since its fiber content is high and you need a food that restores your intestinal flora, not the opposite.

It should also be avoided by those suffering from high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis and heart disease because this coconut milk contains saturated fat. It is contraindicated for people with diseases of the gallbladder and liver , or people who have previously had allergic reactions to specific foods, such as those I already mentioned, nuts, although it is something rare, you should be cautious with the consumption of milk coconut.

I also repeat that you should not abuse consumption, perhaps it is delicious and refreshing but it is not water, you should not drink it as water every time you feel like it, limit consumption to one glass a day . Try to make homemade coconut milk, because there are some risks in packaged coconut milk.

The risks of packaged coconut milk are as follows:

When you buy canned coconut milk, you run the risk that it contains bisphenol – A (BPA) because it is used in the manufacture of cans. Cans may also contain a guar gum polysaccharide that is closely linked to digestive problems.

Furthermore, canned coconut milk can cause fructose malabsorption, thereby increasing the risk of irritable bowel disorders. The additives and chemicals used in canned coconut milk can cause health problems, which is why I recommend preparing coconut milk at home, so that you can take advantage of the coconut water and the pulp that remains in the strainer when you make the milk, you can use it in some recipes.

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Does coconut milk give diarrhea?

Coconut milk contains fibers that cause a sudden increase in your body and as a consequence can cause gas and diarrhea when your body is not used to it . The best thing is that you drink the coconut milk little by little to see how your digestive system reacts so that you do not have to go through this bad time and you can enjoy all the benefits of coconut milk.

Strict or indigestible?

Coconut milk does not constipate , in fact it prevents constipation and treats it since it nourishes the lining of the digestive system with its healthy fats and electrolytes, hydrates and maintains the health of the intestine avoiding diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome.

It does not cause indigestion unless you consume it in excess, or you are drinking canned milk that usually has components that cause some adverse effects.

Coconut milk in weight loss diets

Coconut milk contributes to the loss of adipose tissue because it increases energy expenditure and fat oxidation , it is used to prevent obesity and stimulate weight loss, that is, this coconut milk has a high content of triglycerides of Medium Chain (TGCM) is a fat burning drink and gives you a feeling of fullness.

This is why coconut milk is used in weight loss diets, in controlled amounts and taken correctly. You will lose weight and at the same time it will provide you with nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary for the proper functioning of your body, it hydrates you, improves the function of the organs involved in digestion, metabolizes fats and detoxifies you by eliminating waste from the body.

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Does it work to burn fat?

As I just mentioned, coconut milk helps you burn fat. Among its minerals we can mention magnesium, zinc and manganese, these elements improve the levels of fatty acids as fuel and reduce fluids through their natural expulsion thanks to their potassium content.

The active principles of coconut milk serve to improve metabolism and digestion , accelerating the burning of fat in adipose tissue, ideal for you to lose weight or prevent obesity. You can have just one glass along with your favorite cereal every morning.

Coconut milk on the ketogenic diet

If you are doing the ketogenic diet, that is, a low carbohydrate diet focused on consuming natural fats and adequate proteins that bring your body to the state of optimal ketosis, then coconut milk is a drink that you should consider.

With coconut milk you will be feeding on natural fats , and by leaving carbohydrates you make your body use fats as a source of energy, as the fuel that will use the accumulated fat located in the adipose tissue and consequently you will lose weight.

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Coconut milk on the paleo diet

With the paleo diet you will avoid toxic substances and also that your body works so much during the night to eliminate toxins and repair the digestive system, so your sleep will be comforting and that translates to good health.

By consuming quality nutrients and proteins, your muscles will be strengthened, and your ability to burn fat will improve; Coconut milk on the paleo diet supplies you with essential nutrients, and is a natural alternative to ditching processed foods .

When starting with the paleo diet it is good to consume goat or cow’s milk, however there are many people who are allergic to lactose and casein so opting for coconut milk is the best alternative, it will offer you saturated fats, minerals such as calcium, vitamins of group B, among many other nutrients.

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Natural vs industrial coconut milk

At present you can get coconut milk in any supermarket, although this packaged milk presents some risks and I mentioned about them earlier, it contains added sugar, or another artificial sweetener, also preservatives and chemicals that destroy a lot of its natural nutrients and cause you some unwanted side effect.

You can buy industrial coconut milk but try to make it an organic version , it is cold pressed, slightly heated and processed to eliminate some bacteria but it is not subjected to high temperatures so it preserves its vitamins and minerals almost intact.

However, natural coconut milk over industrial coconut milk is the best alternative, really the preparation is not that complicated and you can be sure that it will have all its nutrients and you will not run any risk due to additives or preservative chemicals.

Coconut milk or almond milk, which one to choose?

Almond milk is another plant milk that lactose intolerant people prefer, it is a milk rich in antioxidants and minerals such as calcium and potassium, it has an exquisite flavor of dried fruit and many vitamins, and something very important is lower in calories than coconut milk .

On the other hand, coconut milk also contains many nutrients and vitamins that greatly benefit your body, so the decision is not easy, if you can consume both vegetable milks, you can do it, but not on the same day, it is better that you take a day of one and another day of the other.

Although almond milk has more side effects and contraindications than coconut milk , and this may help you a bit to choose because almond milk is a goitrogenic food, it contains substances that could inhibit the correct absorption and use of yoyo and this it would damage the thyroid, while coconut milk helps you with hypothyroidism.

Almond milk can cause an allergic reaction, anyone with an allergy to nuts should stay away from the consumption of this milk , while the allergen in coconut milk is lower and cases of allergy to coconut are very rare.

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Coconut milk or cow’s milk, which is the best for day to day?

The uses of coconut milk can be the same as cow’s milk ; you can make smoothies, stews, soups, and also take it with coffee if you prefer. The nutritional advantages of both can be taken advantage of by anyone, unless you are allergic to lactose or casein, in which case you should only drink coconut milk and forget about cow’s milk.

Coconut milk really has many more advantages since it is not only lactose-free but also contains much more niacin than cow’s milk, and together with other B vitamins it helps you metabolize nutrients and produce sex hormones necessary for reproductive health. .

The iron content in coconut milk is higher than that of cow’s milk, as well as the copper content, both minerals help in energy production and keep your immune system strong. Without a doubt, coconut milk is a healthy option that you should not miss in your day-to-day life.

Homemade coconut milk

Preparing the coconut milk yourself is something simple, you just have to grate or crush the coconut meat and let it soak for half an hour in water, then you must strain it and that’s it. With the grated pulp that remains in the strainer, you can prepare exquisite recipes, you do not have to throw it away.

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Recipes with coconut milk

Coconut milk is a delicious drink that you can take advantage of in preparing exquisite recipes . The culinary use of this vegetable milk goes far beyond what you imagine, be it canned coconut milk or prepared by yourself, do not limit yourself only to drinking it to quench your thirst, you can prepare delicious dishes with it, you must let your imagination because the result is phenomenal and the flavors in your dishes will be tasted by your whole family.

In Asia it is highly appreciated and widely used in the culinary world because its texture is creamy and its flavor is delicious, the recipes really go beyond soups, stews or smoothies . This milk can be used in both sweet and savory dishes and by combining it with other ingredients you will get thousands of recipes, and just to mention a few I will give you the following: Fish in coconut milk, Chicken in coconut milk and Shrimp in coconut milk .

Fish in coconut milk

To prepare an exquisite fish in coconut milk you must have the following ingredients: 5 sea bass fish fillets, 1 large garlic, 1 cup of coconut milk, 1 striped paprika, 1 big onion, a tablespoon of butter and another of cream of milk, and salt to taste.

Confirmed the ingredients then you proceed to the preparation: to the striped paprika you will add the striped onion and the minced garlic, in a pan you pour the tablespoon of butter and start to fry this.

In another frying pan and over low heat you start to fry the fish, pour the coconut milk and cream, finally add the mixture that you have ready of paprika, onion and garlic, tapas and cook for about ten minutes. When ready, stir and present the dish with a little milk sprinkled on top when served.

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Chicken in coconut milk

This recipe, like the previous one, is very simple, you will only need: 2 filleted chicken breasts, 1 can of coconut milk (if you prefer, prepare the homemade one), 1 or two teaspoons of curry, olive oil, chives to decorate and salt and pepper to taste.

Start with seasoning the breasts, then in the pan over medium heat and with the olive oil you will place them to fry them on both sides, once ready you will proceed to add the coconut milk and curry (if you decided to prepare your own milk of coconut, I congratulate you) when adding these two ingredients let them cook until they are reduced a little, this means that you should leave the breasts with the coconut elche and the curry for about ten minutes to cook.

After this time you just have to serve and decorate with chives, to accompany this delicious chicken with coconut milk I recommend using white rice or with vegetables.

Shrimp in coconut milk

The last recipe I want to give you is the shrimp in coconut milk, and for this you will need 1 ½ lb of medium shrimp, ¼ cup of butter, ½ cup of onion, 1 clove of garlic, 1 tablespoon of wheat flour, 1 tablespoon of grated ginger, 1 can of coconut milk (but if you have put into practice the homemade coconut milk recipe, make it yourself) ½ tablespoon of curry, ½ of minced coriander, and salt to taste.

Perhaps so many ingredients have made you think that the preparation will be complicated but it really is something very easy and fast, you are simply going to add the butter, the minced onion, together with the garlic, the ginger and little by little the wheat flour, coconut milk, curry and coriander; once you notice that the mixture is mixed then add the shrimp and cook all together for just five minutes.

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Nutritional information on coconut milk

Nutritional values ​​of coconut milk in 100 grams (3.5 oz)

Vitamin C2.8g
Vitamin E0.15g
Vitamin B10.026mg
Vitamin B60.033mg
Vitamin B50.183mg
Vitamin B30.76mg
Folic acid16mcg
Fiber5 gms

Coconut milk calories

The calories in coconut milk due to the concentrated fat content in an 8-ounce glass there are 550 calories. And for every 100 grams or 3.5 oz you will consume about 230 calories.

Glycemic index

The glycemic index of coconut milk is 40.

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