Coconut Oil Fasting: Contraindications, Benefits And Characteristics

It is a vegetable oil obtained from the fruit of the Cocus nucifera , the coconut. Which is a tree that comes from Asia, its worldwide commercialization dates back to the early nineteenth century, highlighting the Philippines as one of the largest producers.

Currently it has become the great ally of health and beauty , due to the scientific verification by the world health organization and the medical union, of the wide range of benefits that it offers to the consumer.

It is used for the preparation of food due to the contributions of flavor, smell and texture that it provides to meals but it is mainly used in the cosmetic industry in the processes of making soaps, shampoo, conditioner, creams, lotions, cologne spray. Although tests have also been carried out to generate biodiesel from oil.

With so many advantages, it is not surprising that it can also be used during the fasting process , for which today we bring you a description of the benefits of coconut oil and how we can use it when we have not eaten anything at all, as well as the benefits of coconut oil. pros and cons of this technique and some recommendations.

Coconut Oil Characteristics

It is the product derived from the coconut, obtained through the cold pressing of the coconut pulp (white skin) and subsequent treatment with the solvent hexane to increase its concentration; It is a product with a high content of saturated fat (90%), where 45 to 60% of these fats are usually lauric acid , a fatty acid with powerful antimicrobial action.

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Its antimicrobial character makes it a complement to support the immune system , it has been verified through some medical research that it is capable of strengthening the immune system and reducing the resistance of microorganisms.

Besides this oil, the other food of natural origin with high levels of lauric acid is breast milk. On the other hand, coconut oil has other fatty acids such as palmitic, stearic and myristic acid and in a proportion less than 6% oleic acid

Additionally, it has medium chain fatty acids that make it easier to digest and absorb by our body ; Thus, in recent research it was determined that it is excellent for reducing levels of bad cholesterol and blood sugar, in the same way it serves to improve blood circulation.

Contains Beta-sitosterols responsible for the anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor actions of this oil, these substances will function as a barrier to prevent the absorption of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the digestive system, this is how it regulates the level of cholesterol in the blood. In this way cardiovascular diseases are prevented.

If you take it during each meal, it speeds up digestion, prevents reflux, heartburn and indigestion. By having a high content of saturated fat, it allows the best absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K, this because these vitamins are fat soluble.

Coconut oil has the ability to accelerate metabolism, becoming an excellent slimming agent, due to the fact that medium chain triglycerides such as lauric acid, present in it, generate a high energy expenditure when they pass to the liver to be metabolized, although they are easy to digest. , this increase in energy expenditure in the long term is what generates weight loss.

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In the same way, by regulating metabolism, it is said that it is also related to cases of improvement in the functioning of the thyroid gland, reducing the risk of diseases such as thyroiditis, hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.

On the other hand, it has been shown to be excellent for colon conditions as it stimulates bowel movement and reduces inflammation, which helps improve the number of bowel movements and reduces the risk of an irritated colon.

At present, the possibility of generating a much more efficient treatment for Alzheimer’s is being studied using coconut oil among the components, mainly for its saturated fats, which can cross the barriers of the brain and stimulate the neurons in charge of the centers of the memory . It has also been shown to be effective in preventing seizures.

Similarly, it is gaining ground as a powerful antioxidant due to the chemical characteristics of its fatty acids, it prevents the formation of free radicals, related to the activation of cancer cells.

From an aesthetic point of view, this oil has the ability to maintain healthy and hydrated skin, since it increases the production of collagen and elastin, which gives it a healthy and youthful appearance. Provides just the right amount of fat for hair to grow healthy, strong, silky and hydrated. So it prevents the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

The nails are not left behind by this product, it hydrates them, strengthens and keeps them healthy. In the same way it is an excellent healing, reduces scars, spots and stretch marks on the skin, it can be used as is as a moisturizing lotion, makeup remover, and even paste or mouthwash.

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Another characteristic is that it is in a liquid form from 25 ° C, below that temperature it begins to solidify in that state it has a white coloration and in a liquid state it is usually transparent or yellow and even light brown, regardless of state in which it is found does not lose any of its beneficial properties. It does not rust when heated since it resists high temperatures.

Its resistance to high temperatures is the reason why it is recommended to replace vegetable oils commonly used in the kitchen, as well as its components that provide an excellent taste and aroma to meals, which is why they have made it the protagonist of culinary recipes.

In addition to having fatty acids, it is rich in vitamins and minerals, which provides nutritional value to the foods where it is added, it is also high in calories because it belongs to the group of lipids.

Preparation of coconut oil

As we have commented in previous articles, this oil can be found in any store and is quite inexpensive in price, and it is much more practical and inexpensive to prepare at home.

Here we will refresh your memory a little, first you will need cups, containers, microwave, blender, scissors: at home the process begins with the drilling of the coconut and extraction of the coconut water and then reserve it, then carefully open the coconut and remove the pulp that it is nothing more than the white skin, place it in a blender and mix it with the coconut water until it forms a paste.

Later take the paste and squeeze it until obtaining all the possible liquid, this liquid is deposited in a bottle with a balloon and elastic on the lid to allow the fermentation process to occur without light.

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Once the fermentation is finished, the bottle is placed to cool until a solid layer is formed which must be carefully removed from the bottle , cutting the bottle with scissors. This solid mass is placed in a mug and heated in the microwave until it becomes completely liquid.

It is passed through a strainer and poured into a container, then covered, allowed to cool and that’s it. It is recommended to use it for a period of 6 months and keep it in a dry place without contact with air and any other oxidizing material, contact with light should also be avoided.

It is vitally important to remember that to guarantee the quality of the oil certain measures of good manufacturing practices are taken: firstly, personal hygiene, especially of the hands since they will be in contact with the raw material that is coconut; secondly, material utensils and tools must be previously washed and if possible sterilized. All this in order to avoid product contamination.

Steps to fasting with coconut oil

Fasting consists of abstaining from consuming all kinds of food for a period of time that will be determined by the person who is going to do it , normally during this time only water is taken. This in order to release toxins from the body and improve health conditions. It should be noted that this practice is carried out in many parts of the world for religious reasons.

Fasting has the ability to greatly alleviate physical pathologies such as allergies, arthritis, digestive disorders of all kinds, skin diseases, cardiovascular diseases, endocrine disorders, asthma.

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This occurs because the moment the body enters a fasting state, the healing channels are activated where the body efficiently detects failures and begins to carry out the necessary actions to improve the state of health.

Fasting allows a gradual detoxification, especially if we have bad eating habits that over time are detrimental to our health. Consuming too much food is an overload of work for all the organs of our body.

Therefore, fasting generates a reduction in that load, it supposes a rest for the organism, since 65% of the energy is directed to the organs in charge of digestion after consuming large amounts of food.

Together with the consumption of water, fasting allows the body to expel toxins that are deteriorating the health of the individual through the feces and urine. Fasting creates the optimal conditions for the body to carry out a natural detoxification without the intervention of external agents, which finally translates into the balance of the functions of the system at a general level.

Since we know the importance of fasting, below we will describe how you should do the fast but with coconut oil as your ally:

  1. First you must have a positive mind , it is necessary to prepare yourself psychologically for this process to which you will submit your body, remember that everything is in the mind, if you want to achieve it you must visualize yourself reaching the goal with great optimism to maintain a good mood.
  2. The only food allowed during the entire fast will be coconut oil , you will take a tablespoon corresponding to meal times, that is, you will consume 3 tablespoons a day or more, according to your requirements. Doctors recommend not to exceed the dose of 30mL of oil daily to avoid harmful effects such as being overweight.
  3. During the day you can consume all the water you want , even coffee or tea, but on the condition that they do not have sugar or any sweetener, since the idea is to achieve maximum detoxification and reduce blood sugar levels.
  4. The duration of the fast is usually 24 hours to a maximum of 72 hours , this time is more than enough to activate the self-cleaning and healing mechanisms of our body. If you insist on extending you will notice an imbalance and symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, loss of consciousness, headache, hypotension.
  5. After fasting you should carry out a ketogenic diet to gradually increase the consumption of nutrients, especially carbohydrates and avoid adverse reactions, remember that sudden changes only generate negative reactions on the part of our body.

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Benefits of fasting with coconut oil

Although in previous paragraphs we described the characteristics, here we present how these characteristics are used during fasting, to provide greater benefit:

  1. It reduces the appetite , this because during the metabolization of the fatty acids present in this product, what are called ketone bodies are formed that influence the loss of appetite, which is positive for people who are fasting because it will avoid the unpleasant feeling of hunger throughout the process.
  2. It increases the rate of caloric expenditure, especially the process of losing body fat, since it does not increase blood sugar levels during fasting, so to obtain energy the body chooses to take it from fat deposits. This is what is known as the state of ketosis .
  3. Due to its high content of lauric acid , coconut oil is a powerful antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral agent for the body, so when it comes into contact with our body, being the only food available, its concentration is increased and this effect is enhanced, helping to the cleansing mechanism of the body.
  4. As it contains medium chain fatty acids, they will not obstruct blood circulation due to the formation of deposits, this property makes it a relevant factor to improve blood circulation during fasting.
  5. When taken at the place of each meal, it will not generate heartburn or reflux that can cause discomfort, this thanks to the easy digestion of the oil due to its composition.
  6. It has the ability to moderate insulin secretion and control the use of glucose in the blood, thus preventing insulin resistance and subsequent type II diabetes. This effect is beneficial for the fasting process because this is one of the reasons why it is done, reducing blood sugar levels. Prevents and cures fatty liver syndrome.
  7. It helps prevent and cure stress, since it acts as a painkiller, this will be useful since being without consuming food can lead to a state of anxiety and stress for the person.

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Contraindications of coconut oil on an empty stomach

The contraindications of this product are few since, as has been said repeatedly, it is a natural product, free of harmful chemicals, with many health benefits, but there are aspects that must be considered when making the decision to use the product. coconut oil for fasting:

  1. Over time, due to the lack of nutrients, the energy levels will fall, which will generate a feeling of fatigue, weakness, apathy , you will not feel like exercising in the least. Everything is in taking care of the quantities.
  2. It can suddenly reduce sugar levels, which causes the body to burn fat in an accelerated way, this effect at first can be positive since it will reduce weight, however if you do not have control, weight loss will not be the result. you are looking for and you can even look emaciated and reach a weight below the recommended.
  3. It is possible that this process is not effective or safe for people with diabetes, so it is advisable to consult with your doctor, to give you the go-ahead and indicate the maximum time you can apply it.
  4. It has a high level of calories so we must be careful in the doses we take, doctors recommend not to exceed 30ml per day, since using it daily in larger quantities generates that instead of losing weight, the conditions are created to reach the overweight.
  5. Excess intake can cause diarrhea, due to the antimicrobial fight process, the digestion of oil in the intestine in some people can cause severe diarrhea. This is because the bacterial flora is reduced due to the high concentration of oil in the body, this change can cause diarrhea.
  6. During the elimination of fungi, it generates a die-off effect that in a nutshell consists of flu-like symptoms, this due to the fact that during the antifungal process a large amount of toxins are released into the bloodstream. The effect lasts for a couple of days only.
  7. You must be clear whether or not you are allergic to coconut, since cases of serious allergic reactions have been shown, where there is a greater probability that anaphylaxis will develop, which is potentially fatal. For this you can perform allergy tests before consuming this product.

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Drink plenty of water throughout the process , it is necessary that throughout the process hydration is maintained as this guarantees that the levels of sodium, potassium and other minerals are kept in balance.

Avoid doing rigorous physical activity as it can be counterproductive, because you are not receiving nutrients and physical activities represent a higher caloric expenditure so you are prone to low blood pressure, dizziness, nausea, cramps and contractures during exercise.

It is not advisable to extend fasts for more than 3 days , since it can generate adverse reactions in your body, the idea of ​​this is to generate benefits and maintain them. Since from that time the body goes into a state of shock and can begin to metabolize proteins, which would generate certain health consequences.

If during the fast you feel nauseous and have a headache, you can take a few drops of the coconut oil and place it on your wrists and spread it until it is absorbed, sniff a little and you will feel much better.

On the other hand, to continue enjoying the benefits of said oil in the body, you can use it as a substitute for margarines, oils since, as we have mentioned, due to its characteristics, it is ideal for cooking, frying and baking. Additionally you can mix it with olive oil to prepare salad dressings.

Another of the uses that you can give it is as a toothpaste or mouthwash, as it is an antimicrobial agent it is capable of removing plaque and tartar from the teeth and thus avoiding oral infections.

If you made the decision to try this fast, do not hesitate to write to us and tell us about your experience, share this article with your contacts and review everything we have for you on this blog, there are many other interesting articles about this wonderful fruit, its pulp, its oil and even coconut water.

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