Coconut Oil For Wrinkles: its Characteristics, and Properties

Women more than men are in the historical search for the secret of eternal youth, seeking by all means to delay the aging that is evidenced by the appearance of wrinkles.

On the other hand, since time immemorial in a large number of cultures , the coconut is one of the best known tropical fruits due to its wide range of nutritional, slimming and healing properties.

Today we have decided to bring you one of the best kept secrets of coconut, since we will talk about coconut oil and its beneficial uses for the treatment of wrinkles, this being one of the main products derived from coconut.

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Coconut Oil Characteristics

Before entering the field, you must know that coconut oil is obtained from the pulp of the seeds of Cocos nucifera L . which contain 60% of the oils. The extraction of coconut oil is carried out through different physical-chemical methods.

Coconut oil is a product rich in Lauric acid and fatty acids . Among its characteristics it stands out that at room temperature above 25 ° C, it is in a liquid state, it does not degrade at high temperatures, its color usually varies between light yellow and brown, the smell is characteristic of coconut.

Coconut oil is a product widely used in both the food and cosmetic industries, for the production of soaps, creams, scrubs, hair products, among others.

Coconut Oil Properties

At present, medical science has carried out a large number of investigations published in various medical journals, where they have finally recognized the benefits of coconut for the benefit of health; especially those of the use of coconut oil as a complementary treatment of diseases.

Among the diseases that we can highlight we have: Bronchitis, asthma, cold, burns, constipation, cough, fever, flu, poor nutrition, problems with the menstrual cycle, stomach pain, weakness, cholesterol, weight control, wounds, sore throat , ulcers, abscesses, wounds, skin infections, nausea, scabies, lice, swelling, among others.

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This wide variety of benefits is due to the composition of coconut oil, since it has saturated fats, among which the medium-chain fatty acids stand out, this is important since they allow them to be easily absorbed.

Among which is the Lauric, Palmitic, Stearic, Myristic and Oleic , which are those that provide the beneficial properties to coconut oil.

Additionally, it is an excellent antimicrobial product, since being a fatty product reduces the growth and reproduction of bacteria and fungi on the skin, additionally it contains emollients that allow accelerating the process of wound and cut closure.

Coconut Oil Wrinkle Treatment

The physical-chemical reactions generated by the contact of coconut oil with the components of the skin result in the stimulation of the production of collagen and elastin , additionally increasing the levels of antioxidants.

But how important are collagen and elastin in the skin? Well, these substances are responsible for keeping the skin looking young, smooth like “porcelain” as they give it elasticity and firmness.

Wrinkles are formed because over the years the skin loses its ability to retain water in the cells and the production of collagen and elastin is reduced, this is mainly due to the hormonal changes that occur with age, and by assuming that the lifestyle we lead is an accelerating factor of these effects.

All this generates the appearance of expression lines and later the enemies of all beautiful women, wrinkles. And this is when we go into action, to avoid or reduce those unpleasant little wrinkles, our ally will be coconut oil.

This ally, by increasing the production of the aforementioned components, generates a reducing and preventive effect of the appearance of wrinkles through the elimination of dead skin cells, tissue repair through these elements and additionally reduces the inflammation, which generates a rejuvenation of the skin in a natural way.

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Additionally, it helps to reduce spots on the skin, serving as protection, reduces and prevents the appearance of stretch marks, stimulates water retention and reduces the appearance of acne.

Now that you know the secret of coconut oil, what are you waiting for to benefit and have that skin that many dream of, then we bring you the procedure to prepare your own coconut oil .

How to get your own coconut oil?

Although coconut oil is currently a commonly used product and easily purchased in any store, these correspond to refined coconut oils since they are subjected to extraction processes with the addition of hexane.

However, there are practical ways to prepare it in the comfort of your home and at a lower cost, for which you will need materials and equipment that you already have at home or that are easy to get.

Next, we present a simple method for you to prepare your own coconut oil, which in technical terms corresponds to a “virgin coconut oil” . Before starting it is very important that as a hygiene rule you have your hands very clean, your hair collected.

The materials and implements necessary for the extraction of coconut oil are the following: The raw material is Dry Coconut, Cups, Microwave, large knife, blender, funnel, plastic bottle, balloon, rubber band or elastic , strainer, containers, scissors, refrigerator or refrigerator .

Another hygiene measure to start the process is to ensure that all the containers, utensils and tools that you are going to use are well cleaned so that they do not contaminate our oil.

Step 1:

Take the knife and carefully begin to pierce the “eyes” of the coconut , in order to extract the water, take a large cup and proceed to reserve the water at room temperature, ensuring that it is not in contact with air in order to avoid any reaction Unwanted. This step is necessary because we will use the water later.

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Step 2:

Once the water is removed, with the help of the same knife begin to open the coconut slowly to expose the pulp , this procedure must be done with great care since you can cut yourself.

Step 3:

Once the coconut is opened, it is time that with the knife or a spoon, you begin to remove the pulp of the coconut (white skin) from the fiber or shell of the coconut, then with the knife you must chop the pulp into small pieces this to facilitate the next steps.

Step 4:

Place the pieces of pulp in the blender, take the cup with the reserved coconut water and proceed to add it little by little with the blender on at low speed, until you see a paste form.

Step 5:

Take a large container that is clean and dry, pour the paste from the blender into the container and begin to squeeze it with your hands (It is important that you keep your hands very clean at all times).

You must exert enough pressure to extract the greatest amount of liquid, this is called or is known as coconut milk, with great care you must separate it from the mass that is left when squeezing.

Step 6:

Take the funnel and place it over the mouth of the plastic bottle, begin to pour the coconut milk, being careful not to spill it, close the bottle and open holes in the lid, place the balloon and secure it with the rubber band.

You must keep the bottle in a dark place (it should not have contact with any type of light), and keep the bottle for 48 hours (this step corresponds to the fermentation process and is a key step that is very important).

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Step 7:

Once the 48 hours of fermentation have passed, place the covered plastic bottle in the fridge, you will observe how the coconut oil and the remaining remains of the pulp will begin to form a solid layer on the top of the bottle.

Step 8:

Once the solid layer is completely formed, take the bottle out of the fridge, take a pair of scissors and very carefully begin to cut the bottle and remove the solid layer by placing it in a mug that can be heated in the microwave.

Step 9:

Put the mug in the microwave and start heating the layer until it becomes completely liquid, make sure the remaining pulp is completely fried

Step 10:

Take a container and place the strainer on it, pour the oil carefully, this to separate from our coconut oil, the remains of pulp that have remained from the previous steps.

Take the bottle where you want to have your product, place the funnel in its mouth, proceed to pour the oil into it, taking care not to spill it, cover the bottle avoiding contact with the air.

Step 11:

Place the oil in the fridge until it cools a little, prevents it from solidifying and voila you have your natural coconut oil without chemicals or additives; the pulp that is left over can be used to prepare coconut preserves, or some other recipe.

You wonder and now how can I use it for wrinkles? Then we will explain how to use your coconut oil, through the preparation of these simple recipes with other elements that will help you improve your skin and prevent wrinkles:

Coconut Oil as a Moisturizer

As we mentioned before, coconut oil is liquid at room temperature, you can use it as a moisturizing lotion for the body and neck. After a relaxing bath, dry the skin well, take your bottle of coconut oil, add a little in your hands and spread it on the skin until it is absorbed, do this by massaging the skin.

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You can also use it as a moisturizer by placing it in the fridge until it solidifies, then proceed to place it on your skin, massaging it until it is completely absorbed, with daily use you will notice how your skin begins to look more hydrated and much softer to the touch.

Coconut Oil as a Moisturizer and Softener for the feet:

After bathing, dry your feet well, add a little oil to your hands and massage your feet, make sure to place it between your toes, on the sole, and around, do not dry, let the oil act.

This will remove dead cells, penetrates the skin, hydrating it, so that your feet will be soft and free from cracks and dryness.

Coconut Oil as a Face and Neck Scrub

You will need 5mL of coconut oil and a teaspoon of sugar. In a cup mix with the help of a teaspoon, the oil and the sugar until a small paste is formed. Before applying this product you should wash and dry the skin of the face and neck very well.

Take some of the paste and place it on your face and neck , massaging in a circular motion, then remove the scrub using plenty of water. This scrub can also be used on the body, for this you would need a greater amount of oil and sugar. You will notice the instant effects when you feel your skin after rinsing it, you can feel its softness

Coconut Oil based mask

You will need Coconut Oil, Honey, Milk and an Egg Yolk. In a cup mix all the ingredients until you get a paste. You must first wash your face and neck, then take the paste and place it evenly all over the skin until it forms a layer. You can leave it overnight. Rinse the next day.

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Direct action on wrinkles

For a direct action on wrinkles that are very marked or very flabby skin, take a little oil with your fingers and place it directly on the wrinkles by tapping, leaving it to act overnight allowing the skin to absorb it.

Like the moisturizing lotion, you can put the oil to cool and take a little of the cream and place it on the wrinkles directly , especially around the eyes, which is where they tend to be mostly concentrated.


To help maintain healthy skin, it is necessary to guarantee its hygiene, for our cleansing cream you will need a teaspoon of coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, almond oil.

Mix all the ingredients in a container, wet your face and then rub your face with the mixture for a few minutes, proceed to rinse.

Now that you have all these uses, there are no excuses for not having dream skin, start making the use of coconut oil a habit and you will begin to see the benefits in just days.

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