Coconut Water For Weight Loss: Contraindications, Recipe And Reasons To Drink It

Coconut water is used as a refreshing drink, and in some regions it is used to prepare desserts and sweets in conjunction with the pulp. Actually, everything is used from this fruit that is grown from the coconut palm, and in this article I want to talk to you exclusively about the benefits of coconut water to lose weight.

This natural drink is very popular for this use in recent years, due to its many properties that will not only help you burn fat but also benefit you in many more ways that contribute to losing weight and gaining confidence.

The beauty that is most important is internal beauty, but you cannot have high self-esteem if you do not feel good about yourself, and in order to feel good inside and out you have to be in good health and this health is also reflected on your body weight.

That is why coconut water is almost magical because it treats many diseases, fills you with energy, strengthens your immune system and apart from all this it also allows you to have a perfect body without sacrifices, without straining and without having to starve.

This tropical fruit keeps inside the elixir of life, nutritionists and beauty experts prefer it, because its nutritional contribution, its source of vitamins and minerals is favorable for many things and among them is losing weight naturally, of these properties of coconut water to lose weight let’s talk.

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Reasons why coconut water helps you lose weight

The younger the coconut, the more water it will have, it must be a coconut that is about six or seven months old. Those that are still half ripe, their liquid is transparent and is what becomes the pulp when it matures; So don’t wait any longer and get a young coconut so you can enjoy the wonderful benefits it has for you, here I mention some of the reasons why this water serves to lose weight:

Speeds up metabolism

Coconut water has active ingredients that when combined with a little lemon will be the perfect drink to speed up your metabolism , so it will be very effective to multiply the burning of fat where there is more adipose tissue.

Remember that metabolism is the process of producing and burning energy that the body performs from the food you eat; Thanks to metabolism, the body can exercise its daily functions of walking, running, walking, even the function of breathing.

If your metabolism accelerates then your body begins to burn more calories or as who says to burn more fuel and therefore you begin to lose weight; In case you have a slow metabolism then it is time for you to try coconut water to notice the change.

Eliminate excess fluid retention

Coconut water contains minerals such as potassium and magnesium that are very useful to naturally eliminate excess fluid retention and in this way the swelling is reduced and you will feel better because your body will be lighter and free of toxins that you eliminate at through urine.

There are toxins that hinder the weight loss process and drinking coconut water will eliminate them from your body with each intake, day by day so that they do not accumulate in your body and you feel healthy and full of energy.

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Low calorie

The caloric intake of coconut water is really low compared to the pulp, so this is one of the reasons why coconut water is excellent when it comes to following a low calorie diet. You can take it to eliminate the consumption of juices and soft drinks that generally contain a large amount of sugars that make you fat.

For every 100 ml it contains 20.6 calories , and the fats in this coconut water benefit cholesterol and also digestion, it has low acidity and is preferred by athletes, considered by them an isotonic drink, something wonderful because if you are going to the gym after each exercise you can drink coconut water.

Natural Moisturizer

Coconut water is the most recommended to recover nutrients that are lost during physical activity, exercise or walks, thanks to its high content of electrolytes and minerals. Your body will always be hydrated, including your skin, so you can burn as much fat as possible and naturally regain the nutrients and fluid you need to continue exercising.

Coconut water has no sugars

Many fruits contain sugars, but in the case of only coconut water this has a very low percentage of sugar, so it is safe to consume without risking weight gain, in fact, its taste is mild, for what drinking cold coconut water is refreshing and you will not have to worry about anything, you can take the amount you want so that you have a feeling of satiety and do not have to snack between meals, a habit that can lead to obesity.

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Improves the digestive system

Just as I told you that you can add a few drops of lemon to help accelerate metabolism, you can also add a little olive oil to improve the digestive system and intestinal transit, which will help you have a flat abdomen; Because if you have poor digestion the consequences will affect the absorption of nutrients, fat will accumulate, especially in the abdominal area, and not according to your health it will be affected, to the point that you will even have dark circles.

Therefore, having a good functioning of the digestive system is the key to having the dream body , because if your intestinal transit does not work normally, you could have more gas formation, inflammation, decay, and a bulging abdomen.

Coconut water also favors the thyroid , an interesting fact in this article about losing weight with this water, because in many cases those who suffer from this disease find it very difficult to lose weight.

This is how coconut water is taken to lose weight

Once you know the reasons why coconut water helps you lose weight then it is time to know how to take it and here I want to give you some brief recommendations:

  1. You can drink it on an empty stomach as your body will absorb all the nutrients; You will feel satisfied, and you will also purify your body and cleanse it first thing in the day. By taking it before any meal, it will serve as fuel to face your daily routine and you will lose more body fat. Just one glass is enough.
  2. You should not add sugar , it is best to take it directly from the coconut, just open the holes in it and insert a straw and that’s it. In cases like the ones I mentioned earlier, you can add lemon, or olive oil.
  3. You can take it during exercise and after physical activity.
  4. Five glasses a day is acceptable , but if you exceed this amount you can have unpleasant consequences due to excess.
  5. Drink 1 glass on an empty stomach, another before lunch, one during exercise and one at the end. You can take the fifth glass before dinner to calm your hunger.

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Tips on coconut water for weight loss

Losing weight with coconut water is a natural way to do it, you don’t have to starve, you don’t have to sacrifice taking different concoctions with horrible flavors, you just have to include this delicious drink in your daily diet.

Try combining your diet with exercise plus coconut water so you can lose weight in a short time.

Contraindications and Side Effects of drinking coconut water to lose weight

My advice is that you respect the limit that I recommended above, since if you take it in excess you could suffer from some unpleasant side effects such as: diarrhea and gas.

If you have a potassium restricted diet, it is better to consult your doctor because coconut water contains this and other minerals that could harm you.

Coconut water recipe for weight loss

You can drink coconut water as I just suggested, the more natural the better, however there are many recipes for losing weight that use coconut water, I bring you one of them so you can enjoy the slimming benefits coconut water and other ingredients that I will mention below:

Coconut water, celery and lemon

When you mix coconut water with celery and lemon, you will get a magical drink that speeds up your metabolism, favors the elimination of excess liquids and also gives you a feeling of fullness so that you do not feel like eating and eating even when you have already fulfilled your three respective meals.

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It is very easy to prepare, have the three ingredients on hand, a young coconut, a fresh celery stick and a large lemon.

Preparation: Extract the water from the young coconut, about 200 ml, cut the lemon in half, and together with the celery, blend the ingredients, strain the mixture and that’s it.

You should drink it every morning on an empty stomach.

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