Full Review And Alternatives: Collistar Hyaluronic Acid Aquagel

After the success of the Pure Active line created for women, Collistar has created a version also for men, whose skin is thicker and has a lower PH than women.

This cream bears in its name the ingredient Hyaluronic Acid, one of the best ingredients to treat wrinkles, since the brand claims that this cream is formulated with hyaluronic acid with three different molecular weights to deeply hydrate the skin.

But to see if it is true, you have to analyze its ingredients, in which hyaluronic acid would ideally be in the top 5.

After this analysis, I recommend that you read this other one that talks about the Best Anti-Wrinkle and Anti-Aging Creams for Men . Especially the part after the analysis of creams, which I explain what are the differences between the skin of men and women, and much more.

Collistar Hyaluronic Acid Aquagel Analysis

Collistar Hyaluronic Acid Aquagel Analysis Summary

Despite the fact that hyaluronic acid appears in its name, in the INCI it is relegated to 10 and 11 place. If they sell us that the product has hyaluronic acid, it does not have to be beyond the first 5-6 ingredients.

And worst of all, is that the first ingredients are silicones and an alcohol.

The rest of the ingredients are no better: no active ingredients, except vitamin E, and more silicones, PEGs, and irritating, allergenic and even toxic ingredients.

Many chemical ingredients and a low proportion of active ingredients, so I would not recommend this cream.


Nezeni Cosmetics antiaging cream is in the same price range . This cream does include hyaluronic acid, specifically in the second place, so its effects are more visible and effective.

But in addition to hyaluronic acid, it also has a few other active ingredients, and of course, without silicones, alcohol, PEGs, or irritating or toxic ingredients.

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