Communion Gifts For Babies

During the spring and part of the summer months, many children make their First Communion . There are many things to think about, so we are going to facilitate the subject of gifts, both for them and for the smallest guests.

The month of May, the month of flowers, is also the time when the rite of First Communion is celebrated to the greatest extent . It is a very special moment for children, who become the true protagonists of this religious celebration.

One of the aspects that you should take into account when looking for your gift is that, on many occasions, what usually happens is that the gift that is given to children does not usually attract attention because it is more designed for when they are Adults. You will have to decide if you prefer that they enjoy it in the short term or a gift for more in the long term and that they will value in the future.

Details of communion for boys and girls. Five original gifts

For those who are invited to this celebration, the question arises of what to give. If the wedding list had and is well received within this celebration, I also have to tell you that the communion gift list is also becoming a classic. On the one hand, the advantage is that you do not have to think about what gift to make and on the other, you know that you are going to get it right for sure. But, if what you want is to make an original gift and base yourself on the traditional meaning of the gift, we are going to give you some suggestions that we hope you find interesting.
Let’s take a previous walk through the most typical gifts , which does not mean that they are well received, such as electronic devices, jewelry (a medal, watch, bracelet, earrings, etc.), books, a camera …If we think of original gifts, things change a little more since it will depend on each boy or girl and you have to personalize them.

We give you five original gift ideas with which you will succeed. You have to take into account the child’s tastes and personality to choose the one that is most interesting for him:


Giving a bicycle is giving away sports, a different and less sedentary way of life. In addition, bicycles are already occupying a different place in our society, it is beginning to be seen as a means of transport instead of a vehicle for sports. A bicycle is a great, long-lasting, healthy and fun gift.


The newspaper is usually more associated with women, although there are many men who also enjoy writing their thoughts, fantasies or their day to day.

I would always tell you that you bet on a paper diary, the mythical and authentic ones of having to write by hand but, nowadays, you will also be able to find electronic diaries of different models, sizes and colors that can be very well received. To choose between one and the other, think about the protagonist and his tastes.

Table games

We are so used to seeing children glued to the television or any electronic device that, when they do some other type of activity that includes interaction with other people, they usually love it.

Communion can become the perfect excuse to show them all the possibilities there is to be with others, to have fun beyond technology or console controls. Creativity has to reappear and what better than with board games .

A musical instrument

It is clear that you cannot give an instrument to someone who does not feel any affinity for music but, if you like listening to it and have some creativity, a musical instrument can be the best gift.

A homemade keepsake album

Despite the fact that the manual reappears from time to time, there is still a bet on quick gifts in which four letters are put with a signature and that’s it. Despite that, for those who want to make an original and completely personalized gift , value the option of creating your own First Communion album.

The most beautiful thing about this gift is that each of the people who attend this celebration will be able to share a little bit about the book , which will make the album a living memory.

As for the photographs, it will depend a bit on your way of viewing the album. You can take a tour of the most epic moments of his life or you can focus only on the photographs that you have taken during the event.

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