Creams And Serum With Hyaluronic Acid: Characteristics, and Side Effects

Today we are going to analyze everything from serums, pure HA concentrates to anti-wrinkle and anti-aging creams with hyaluronic acid, a natural “miracle” product that many people look for for its moisturizing and rejuvenating properties.

Every time we see a new product that promises to be the solution to our problems we always wonder if it is true or not, from Bodycarre , in our eagerness to help you, we are going to try to show you 17 creams with sodium hyaluronic acid and the best way to know if they would serve our skin to increase our beauty.

Beneficial characteristics of serums, creams and makeup with Hyaluronic Acid

I am not going to extend much since you can read in this article all the updated information on hyaluronic acid in each field, not only in cosmetics, even so we will touch on the most basic.

The use of this type of cream is advisable from 25-30 years, before it should not be necessary. The reason is simple, in our body we produce hyaluronic acid (HA) every day, it has a daily degradation and that is why it constantly regenerates, but after the age of 30 this regeneration decreases by half.

HA is in charge of keeping the skin hydrated , and although it seems that this has nothing to do with wrinkles, make no mistake, because it is very important. The main sign of aging is the lack of hydration, as we explained in the other article, this dehydration of the skin produces counterproductive effects on our dermis and epidermis, making the skin more sensitive to the factors that accelerate the aging of the body.

Once we have the basic notions to know the importance of maintaining our skin with the recommended amount of hyaluronic acid, we go with the rest of the information.

How to choose a cream with Hyaluronic Acid suitable for our skin

As with anti-wrinkle creams and other cosmetics, we must first identify our skin type, once we know the basic needs that the epidermis demands, we can determine which would be the best HA product that we will try on wrinkles, including if we must use any special makeup.

If you are not very sure how to do it, you should read this complete guide on how to choose a good anti-wrinkle cream,  with tips for all skin types, correct labeling, application methods on the face, the use of collagen along with HA, in short, everything you need to not fail in your choice.

Possible Side Effects of Hyaluronic Acid Cream

It is impossible to say the side effects because we are not talking only about HA, but each cream, serum or concentrate has more components with possible side effects, check among other parabens, ethanols, collagen, etc.

If you want us to send you this information about a particular product, you only have to subscribe to Bodycarre through this link and fill in the indicated data, in the Subject box you must include the exact name of the cream / serum that we must analyze .

After a few days we will send you the PDF with the analysis of the ingredients (INCI) and thus avoid possible complications about known allergies to certain components.

Best Creams with Hyaluronic Acid


Nezeni Cosmetics Intensive AntiAge Cream

I am not going to elaborate much on this cream because I have just analyzed it here , but what I can tell you is that it is the best cream with hyaluronic acid that I have tried (and I have not tried a few).

What what I mean? Well, because its formula includes totally natural ingredients , with active ingredients in high concentrations; and one of those assets is hyaluronic acid.

This is always good news, because this compound will make our complexion intensely hydrated for longer, and not only in the superficial layers, but also in the deep ones.

But this is not its only asset, because in addition to hydrating, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles and prevents or delays the signs of aging .

But what has struck me the most is that it has completely banished irritating or harmful compounds, and minimized preservatives.

And this is important because this avoids the combined effect of cosmetics, whose accumulation of harmful compounds can lead to long-term hormonal health problems.

DON’T FORGET TO GO THROUGH THE OTHER ITEM, otherwise  you would be missing the best cream with hyaluronic acid, which is also anti-wrinkle 🙂

And remember that the MAIN AGING FACTOR is the sun , since it causes the formation of wrinkles, so in addition to using a good anti-wrinkle and anti-aging treatment ALWAYS and I say ALWAYS we must use 50+ sun protection on the face, do not forget about Please, but your money invested in cosmetic products is being thrown away 🙂

If you are looking for a cream with hyaluronic acid or a serum, look at the INCI , it is the most important thing, since it is the only thing that will never lie to you, it is mandatory by law to put it according to the proportions of the ingredients in the formulation, so stay tuned and look for creams by looking at it.

Then something that I comment in the other article but since it is so long I do not want to force you to read it in its entirety, remember that the vast majority of cosmetic products have preservatives, the more preservatives the worse for us, from parabens to alcohols or phenols of some kind, many are toxic or carcinogenic in large proportions.

Something that is never said is how these long-term preservatives affect our skin after applying a cream 2-3 times a day … so we better not have to discover in 10 years an unpleasant study that warned of these problems.

Look for creams that have a closed expiration date, yes, closed! The open one that looks like a tin with a number of months as in the following image does not work:

The difference is overwhelming, think that any product that expires closed before 4 years are obliged to put it in the box or in the bottle, that will determine low levels of preservatives that our body will not absorb in the end.

You already know if you are looking for a hyperhydrating cream that also has an anti-wrinkle power with the best of the 5 existing ingredients similar to botox that are used in anti-wrinkle creams, look at what I have written about the anti-wrinkle cream of Nezeni Cosmetics in the other post, don’t you I say buy it, but read it so that you can decide later knowing what there is.

You can buy it on their website

Nezeni Cosmetics Botox Effect AntiAge Serum

From the same laboratory as the previous product, we find this  anti-aging serum . The good thing about this serum is that it is a treatment together with the cream and the eye contour that prevents us from suffering the negative effect on our skin of the harmful ingredients that cosmetics contain.

To give you an idea of ​​what I am saying, the European health regulatory commission stipulates a maximum amount of ingredients that can be harmful to the skin, the problem is that these proportions ARE ONLY REGULATED IN EACH PRODUCT NOT IN THE SET OF VARIOUS PRODUCTS.

The problem comes with what we call the “combined effect” of ingredients, as almost all commercial cosmetics have to put many preservatives to their formulations to last more than 4 years, this causes that when we apply a serum (or moisturizer), an anti -wrinkle and an eye contour; Ultimately, our skin is absorbing chemicals, silicones, preservatives, and alcohols from these products.

Have you ever wondered why every day there are more people with skin problems as they get older? Well, in part in addition to food, it is also caused by the combined effect mentioned before.

That is why I recommend using cosmetics that are as natural as possible but effective , that many organic creams look like more herbal creams with many plant extracts to “deceive” and do not serve to do more than hydrate and little else.

In this case, I have been using the Nezeni serum, contour and wrinkle cream for a long time because I do not want to have problems in X years, or at least avoid them.

Just as I am careful with food, I do not understand why people are not careful what they put on their skin.

After this roll we will analyze the product:

We find a product with very few ingredients with a last generation active principle among the first ingredients with in vivo studies that achieve up to a 47% reduction in wrinkles, we are talking about Cobiolift, which is a type of natural quinoa extract.

Then there is stable vitamin C and a cocktail of low molecular weight and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid to achieve the properties of both in a single product.

Although if you cannot afford the complete pack, I would only opt for one of the two products, better one than none 😀

You can buy it on their website

And if what you want is to enhance the effect of the Hyaluronic Acid in your cream, you can do it easily with the help of the food supplement that Nezeni has developed. These are anti-aging capsules enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Astaxanthin, Coenzyme Q10 and Resveratrol .

While hyaluronic acid replenishes the water reserves of the skin, leaving it hydrated and thickened, the antioxidants that accompany it prevent oxidation and free radical damage, as well as improving cell activity, which improves the capacity for repair and production. of collagen from the skin.

A complement that will help you look better, inside and out. It couldn’t be easier to take, just one capsule a day and you will be able to protect yourself from the signs of the passage of time.

You can buy it individually, or as part of the anti-aging treatment pack, on its website

Monsia Skin Renewal System

We find a complete treatment composed of 4 products to help improve and rejuvenate our skin. The first is a daily use facial cleanser with collagen , as we saw in other articles it is essential, the other 3 products all contain HA and we are going to see what they consist of and their usefulness for our skin.

The second product is a Hydrating Day Cream with HA , the sodium hyaluronic acid compound is in sixth place in the INCI, something that indicates that it has more than 1%, interesting to see that in addition to water, the second ingredient with the highest proportion is beta-glucan, another polysaccharide (like HA) that in cosmetics is used as an anti-allergen.

A little more worrying is to find parabens and ethanols that, although they are at the end of the INCI, are not beneficial for our health.

Then we have a Day Cream for Intense Hydration . Looking at its composition we see that more than the hyaluronic acid found at the end of the ingredients, this day cream could be called sun cream , it is not that it has a very high sun protection, but as it is mandatory to protect ourselves from UVA rays / UVB and in the second cream we did not have it so we avoid having to use a daily sunscreen. But as I mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph, the amount of HA is minimal as it is at the end of the INCI.

We continue to find parabens and also some alcohols that make this cream not highly recommended for dry skin .

Finally we have an Intensive Night Cream. We again find a cream with hardly any hyaluronic acid , if we find butanediol, which is a compound widely used in cosmetics supposedly for its moisturizing capacity, but in reality the true use is the action of dissolving dirt without drying the skin too quickly .

It is true that we find some oils in the middle of the INCI, but we continue to see parabens and other compounds that although they are not harmful at all, we cannot say that they are beneficial either.

Therefore, although it has been a bit long, it really is a 4 in 1, so we have a moisturizing treatment with several essential components that we must apply daily (cleansing tonic, day cream, sun and night cream), as we have seen in the The proportion of Hyaluronic Acid is not very high except in the day cream, so knowing this we already know whether or not we want to try the product.

Hydra-Essentiel by Clarins

We have included this cream, with a gel texture, not because it has a large amount of HA in its composition, but because it can be said that looking at its chemical composition it contains a large amount of plant nutrients for skin and no harmful ingredients .

Although it does not enter into anti-wrinkle creams, its hydration power is very high, leaving the skin silky and taking care to avoid problems with parabens and harmful substances thanks to its natural formulation.

We can also choose the one that best suits our skin care with 2 different options (link to the old version that may be cheaper, they have only changed the name)

  • Normal to Mixed Skin
  • Normal to Dry Skin

Hydrating B5 Gel by Skinceuticals

Although it does not fall into the range of pure concentrates, but this compound has very few ingredients (Water, Sodium Hyaluronate, Pantothenic Acid, Phenoxyethanol), the second is our appreciated Hyaluronic Acid , followed by an antistatic agent and a preservative.

Knowing that it will have a high proportion of HA, we should test it on our skin to check the results on wrinkles , remember that each skin is different and even if someone else does well, nothing guarantees that it will be the same for you.

We should achieve exceptional hydration due to HA, which leads to healthier skin and an improvement in the external appearance, it is important not to forget to always complement it with a sunscreen to protect ourselves from UVB / UVA rays.

Although it usually has a high price (almost € 100), I found for the test a seller in amazon for € 60 , from Loreal Italy, with free shipping costs, so it is safer, I leave the link in case you are interested HERE .

Hydrating B5 Masque by Skinceuticals

From the same brand we find a mask that contains an interesting proportion of HA but we also see that in its composition there is a PH leveler for acne and some ethanol.

Unlike the previous Gel, its usefulness is more as a facial mask , for what it is sold, than as a product that helps us age more slowly. That is why it is important to learn to distinguish what is useful to us even if the labeling tries to tell us that it has a compound and another that will perform miracles. Try it at the best price.

If you did not know, Skinceuticals , belongs to the L’Oreal Group .

RevitaLift Laser X3 Day Cream by L’Oreal

Within the big brands we see that they also make calls for attention to HA , even knowing that the two previous products are from the same business group, they try to capture as much user market as possible.

We check its composition and we really see that hyaluronic acid is in a very backward position within the INCI , which indicates a low proportion of it. We also see that it contains parabens, ethanols and some preservative substance such as Methylisothiazolinone that can be harmful to the body. How always look at the order of the ingredients to determine the proportion of the same within the product.

When applied on our skin, we notice a silkiness effect typical of glycerines, hydration and an improvement in the general appearance of the face can also be appreciated.

Try it at the best price

Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Day Cream for dry skin

One of the most famous creams for dry skin , as always the first thing we should do is look at the order of the ingredients, after seeing it we found that among the first 5 ingredients we found 3 they serve to improve sun protection , we continue looking and we cannot find the right one. hyaluronic acid in the top 10 … a bit disappointing that a cream that has HA in the name does not have a sufficient proportion of its “star” ingredient for wrinkles .

Like the rest of those analyzed, the short-term results are very visible with radiant skin , despite the ingredients that increase sun protection, which usually make it have a more viscous texture, they have achieved a light and easy texture application on the face .

Try it at the best price

Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Concentrate

We continue with another Eucerin product, in this case it is a Hyaluronic Acid concentrate , when looking at the INCI we see that of the 14 ingredients that make up HA, it is in the eighth position.

In the previous product and in this one, the manufacturer tells us that it includes glycine-saponin , a compound that favors the natural production of HA. We are not chemists, but the only thing we know is that saponins have properties very similar to soap and modify the surface tension of liquids , I imagine that when mixed with certain molecules they achieve the mentioned effects and proper care, it only remains to try it to be sure.

Try it at the best price

Pure Hydration by Glo Therapeutics

After some well-known brands, we continue with another less renowned but not for that worse quality.

It is very interesting to observe in its formulation that among the first 10 ingredients are several active principles of plants and HA in seventh place . Most with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory or vitamin-rich compounds.

Depending on the manufacturer, it can be used together with a day and / or night moisturizer . Its price is less than € 45 and as always in lesser-known brands it can be purchased online for less than € 35 .

NeoStrata Bionica from IFC Laboratories

IFC Laboratories have formulated this cream that, although it has a low proportion of hyaluronic acid, contains 2% lactobionic acid, a molecule very similar to HA with a great capacity to retain water, and 4% Gluconolactone , another molecule with the same capacity to retention and also fixes the water molecules.

Therefore we are talking about a cream that has normal hydration values due to these three mentioned ingredients. Do not forget to try it on different parts of the face and body to tell us that such are the results obtained, it also has a very good price, by not doing so much marketing these brands have their main sales online, look at the price on amazon .

Serenade Serum Thermal Water Serum

Avène Laboratories have created a compound with hyaluronic acid and some very interesting active principles based on vegetable oils, but when checking the INCI it happens to us like the vast majority that they have a not very high%. In this case, if we look at the formulation, we find HA in the middle of the formula, so I see it difficult to have more than 1% .

With a creamy and slightly perfumed texture , you can gradually increase the natural density of the epidermis, the best option is to give it a chance for a certain time to see if your results are as desired .

CSI Super Hyaluronic Moisturizing

We present you a little known brand that does not spend a lot of money on marketing and has lower prices than usual. In addition, their products are usually hypoallergenic, free of parabens without preservatives, fragrances or synthetic dyes .

Checking the brief list of 11 ingredients, we find in third place the highly valued hyaluronic acid , this is very comforting after so many creams with low proportions of it. The only complication is the scarce possibilities of buying sites, in Spain you can only through amazon, here is the link to the page .

VIZ-1000 by Peter Thomas Roth

We find a revitalizing moisturizing serum indicated for all skin types, in formulation we appreciate that sodium hyaluronic acid is the fourth , so the proportions are quite high.

It is difficult to find in stores but on the internet it can be found for less than € 70, check here . Being an HA serum we have to remember that we must complement it with a day cream and a sunscreen for our skin care, in case it can only have very high hydration properties but without the necessary added protection, efforts would not serve to nothing.

Rougj’s Jaluronic Concentrate

Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate for face and décolleté, the form of application is with a dropper because its concentration is higher than usual, it is more like a gel for that.

By breaking down the ingredients, we find vegetable proteins, alcohols, free of parabens and, on the other hand, it includes some not very healthy preservatives, the proportion of HA is higher than 1%, that is why it gives it that texture.

Product that is only sold in pharmacies, a bit complicated to find but as always we can try to obtain it in online pharmacies with a price lower than € 50.

Retinol Prestige & Hyaluronic Acid Concentrated Day Cream by Eveline Cosmetic

Another not very well known brand but with a product that in addition to including hyaluronic acid also includes several other active ingredients that help fight aging such as Pro-retinol and Pro-elastin.

Checking the INCI, although we do not see a large proportion of the active principles, we can intuit that with all of them a good and lasting effect on the face should be achieved .

It is indicated for the face, neck and décolleté . Its creamy texture and leaves a silky and hydrated skin.

Try it at the best price

Krono-age Serum from MartiDerm

MartiDerm has created a hydrating serum with marine stem cells to try to strengthen the cell union in the epidermis, in addition to hydrating and firming it.

If we check the formulation we find that HA is not in the first positions , but in the middle, but even so this compound can help fight small wrinkles due to the other ingredients it contains, it is also free of alcohols, parabens and ethanols . We can find it for a price of € 50 at most with shipping costs.

Sesderma Reti Age Facial Antiaging Cream

Sesderma Laboratories have created an anti-aging facial cream with a formulation full of active ingredients , vitamins and hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid .

Due to the 3 types of retinol, it stimulates the regeneration of keratinocytes, together with hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid and TGF-B2 improves tolerance and increases anti-aging effects on the skin. It also has among its first ingredients with vitamins A and E.

very good option that we can find with discounts for less than € 40 .

So far we have come in the analysis from Bodycarre of these 14 products that contain hyaluronic acid to a greater or lesser extent, we should always try them on our skin type, do not allow anyone to decide for you, although you can be guided by the advice while they are founded.

Do not forget to share the article on your favorite social network so that all the knowledge that we try to transmit reaches the maximum number of people possible .

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