The Best Creams With Dragon Blood for Skin

Dragon’s blood is the latest in beneficial active ingredients for skin care.

The name sounds a bit creepy, but rest assured that no animal was tortured to obtain this wonderful ingredient.

So what is it about? Oddly enough, it is actually the sap of the Croton Lechleri , a tree found in South America that is commonly called the Dragon Tree.

It is deep red in color, hence its name. And it has a strong earthy and herbaceous smell

Legend has it that the first dragon blood tree grew from the blood of a wounded dragon that fought an elephant. The locals then used the resin from this tree to heal their wounds.

And the sap is still used as one of the main methods of healing cuts, wounds, insect bites and bites around the world.

Why? When applied to the skin, it creates a thin film, acting as an invisible plaster that helps protect the skin and prevent infection.

As you can see, this ingredient is not new, but it has recently gained in popularity due to its inclusion in a cream marketed by the Mercadona supermarket chain.

Mercadona has given it great fanfare by announcing it as an anti-wrinkle ingredient , although as we will see later, this is not entirely accurate.

If you are curious to know all that dragon blood has to offer your skin, read on.

First I am going to explain all its properties and benefits for the skin, and then I am going to analyze the best products that we can find today with this active ingredient.

The power of dragon blood in skin care

Dragon’s Blood is becoming more and more popular in the skincare industry because it can do wonders for your skin.

Skincare experts rate it as the best remedy for skin that has been damaged over the years due to overuse of chemicals, exfoliation, and sun exposure.

This is because it contains a wide range of natural compounds, many of which have been well studied.

The sap is rich in protective antioxidant phenols and anti – inflammatory compounds of various types.

Due to these compounds, it helps protect skin cells, and reduces redness and swelling.

It also contains a group of compounds called proanthocyanidins, which actually repair collagen , the main network-shaped protein that makes up much of our tissues.

The sap also demonstrates antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal activity. That is why Dragon’s Blood is widely used in all types of infectious skin diseases with great success.

You will be able to find it as an active ingredient in a lot of formulations such as creams, lotions, masks, serums, gels and lip care products.

Here are some of its benefits:


It’s packed with antioxidants and other substances like proanthocyanidins that prevent and delay the signs of aging so your skin can keep looking young.

It prevents (which is not the same as eliminating) the formation of wrinkles and fine lines . And thanks to its reputation as a soothing and anti-inflammatory that it has, it is the worst nightmare of eye bags.

With regular use, it has been shown to improve skin elasticity and reduce sagging for a firmer appearance.

Heals irritated skin

Dragon’s blood has been known for its anti-inflammatory properties since ancient times.

In addition, it contains taspine, which is a natural agent known to repair tissues and promote collagen production .

It can quickly heal irritated skin by reducing redness, blemishes, and allergies.

Eliminate acne and acne scars

Dragon’s blood has an antimicrobial action that can help keep breakouts at bay , so with regular use you can finally say goodbye to acne.

In addition, its excellent healing and restorative action can help reduce the appearance of acne scars to give you a more even appearance and clearer skin .

So, include this ingredient in your skincare regimen, and your skin problems won’t stand a chance.

The Best Products with Dragon Blood

Nezeni Cosmetics Antiage Cream

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Anti-aging cream is one of the most important parts of any skincare routine, and this is an excellent choice if you want great results in the face of the signs of time.

A key ingredient in this is the Cobiolift, which you should use if you aren’t already doing it.

Penetrates deep into the skin to help tighten, firm, and ultimately reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time.

The combination of dragon blood and Cobiolift is perfect , because they will maximize the antioxidant and restorative effects of the two substances, creating a shield that protects against the signs of aging.

But it is that in addition to these two beneficial assets, the cream also contains other valuable compounds.

Here is the INCI so you can see all its components. In case you don’t know, the ingredients are listed in order of concentration, so those above will contribute more than those below:

This time we are not going to analyze ingredient by ingredient since we have already analyzed this product in the article on the best anti-wrinkle creams for men and you can see it there.

But what I’m going to do is a summary of all its benefits, which are not few.

With a quick glance at the list we see that there are quite a few assets at the top , and that is precisely what we want, that the good is concentrated: the Cobiolift (Chenopodium Quinoa Seed Extract), the Tens’up (Cichorium Intybus Root Oligosaccharides) Betaine, Glycerin, humectants, Arginine, and of course, Dragon’s Blood.

While the Cobiolift and Tens’up help reduce the depth of wrinkles and lines already installed on the face, the dragon’s blood prevents more from being created and repairs damaged skin.

Hyaluronic Acid deeply hydrates and plumps contours, which betaine and Fucogel also promote.

And all with natural and quality ingredients , which only benefit the dermis. This is partly because it is free of irritants, and has a very low number of preservatives, which helps avoid the combined effect of cosmetics.

The INCI is reflected in its effectiveness, because in a short time you can see how wrinkles are diminishing and the skin has a more revitalized and rejuvenated appearance.

For the face, there is no better product. And for the body? The next option.

Akento Cosmetics Anti-Stretch Mark Cream

To regenerate and treat stretch marks there is no better cream than Akento Cosmetics. And much of this has its formulation.

As we have seen before in the benefits of dragon blood for the skin, one of its most desirable qualities is that of healing. That is, it helps accelerate wound healing .

And that is why in this anti-stretch mark cream this ingredient plays a very important role, because let’s not forget that stretch marks are still a scar that has been produced by a break or tear of the epidermis due to different causes.

And of course, it is not the only asset that we will find.

Here you have the complete INCI for you to take a look at.

We are not going to analyze this product either, since all its ingredients are already explained in the article with the best anti-stretch mark creams and you can see it there.

After several moisturizers (essential for the health of the epidermis) we find the true protagonists of the formulation: Methylsilanol Hydroxyproline Aspartate (also called Hydroxyprolisilane N), and Dragon’s Blood.

These compounds are very beneficial for the removal of stretch marks. On the one hand, they regenerate collagen fibers , which helps to keep the skin firm and stretched; and on the other, the healing process is optimized by increasing cell proliferation.

And with all this we get that scars (especially stretch marks), fade in our body.

Akento Cosmetics is another brand that is committed to quality, natural and active ingredients in high concentrations , so we will not have any irritation problems and the results will be seen in a very short time.

Without a doubt, the best body cream rich in Dragon’s Blood.

Rodial’s Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel

It is an anti-aging cream that has a very pleasant texture and sensoriality (thanks to the silicones), but which at the moment of truth, does not meet expectations .

The problem is that the assets it includes (some are quite good) are in a low concentration , so its effects will take longer to see.

For the price it is, all assets should be in high concentrations. But in reality, we are really paying for silicones that mask the filling effect.

You can enter the full technical analysis in the following article: Rodial’s Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel, Analysis and Alternative .

Dragon’s Blood by Beauté Mediterranea

It is the famous low cost cream from Mercadona, an antioxidant and regenerator whose main ingredient is aloe vera gel (hence its regenerating function).

Dragon blood is present, but in a lower concentration . This indicates that the antioxidant action is lower. And few more assets have.

Although many people think that this cream can help reduce wrinkles and fine lines, its effects are really little more than regenerating and hydrating.

You can enter the full technical analysis in the following article: Dragon’s Blood Cream by Beauté Mediterranea, Analysis and Alternative .

Dragon’s Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot by NIP + FAB

This is the worst product on the list, and the one with the lowest concentration of dragon blood . Not only that, but it is also full of ingredients that are irritating and toxic .

It has a good amount of hyaluronic acid, but this is not enough to hydrate and care for the skin. Its perfume in excess and its high levels of preservatives limit its use, since sensitive skin will surely have irritation problems.

This serum has a reasonable price, but it is not the cheapest we have found either. There are many more and better options for hydrating your skin .

You can enter the full technical analysis in the following article: Dragon’s Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot by NIP + FAB, Analysis and Alternative .

Dragon Blood Cosmetics: Not all are the same

There has been an increase in the popularity of Dragon Blood in recent years, and this is noticeable in the presence of cosmetic products that contain the resin. But not everything is the same.

Many of those containing Dragon’s Blood that are seen on the market today have a very small proportion of the active ingredient .

These products use the name on their packaging because Dragon’s Blood sounds great and is a juicy claim. But the reality is that it provides very few of the benefits that resin has.

To avoid this, it is best to check the INCI of each product before purchasing it, and make sure that the Croton Lechleri ​​Resin Powder name is present in the upper half of the list .

This assures us that we are going to obtain all the beneficial properties of this resin, and that it does not remain just one more name that does not have enough power to exert any effect.

Other Dragon’s Blood formats

In addition to cosmetics, dragon blood is available as a supplement in various forms, including liquid tincture and capsules .

As always, if you are going to use these formats, it is important to purchase high-quality products from reputable companies.

The incense of dragon ‘s blood is available in many stores, but recommend avoid it because of the dangers of incense.

What about the oil Blood Dragon or the essential oil of dragon ‘s blood? It’s not easy to find certified oils of this type, but what I don’t recommend is settling for impure and adulterated counterfeits like dragon blood fragrance oils, which are definitely dangerous synthetic essences.

There is currently no fixed dose set for using the resin. An appropriate dose of Dragon’s Blood depends on several factors, including the user’s age and skin and health condition.

Therefore, it is always advisable to read the label on the packaging of the products and consult a professional if you have any questions.

Possible Side Effects and Caution

Dragon’s blood appears to be safe for most adults when used in cosmetics or taken by mouth .

But it is best avoided (the oral form) if you are pregnant or nursing, because the safety of dragon blood has not been determined for these women.

Possible interactions are also unclear, so you should always speak to your doctor before taking this supplement if you are currently taking other medications or have any concerns about your health.

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