Crohn’s Disease In Children: Causes, Treatments, Diagnoses And Complications

First, you should know that Crohn’s disease represents a type of condition that is called long-term, this means that it is chronic, it can occur at different times in the lives of children, because it does not have a specific age on its involvement , it is necessary to mention that it mainly affects the small intestine .

At the end of the day, as we have mentioned, it affects the small intestine, but it attacks an area that belongs to this organ more frequently and is called the ileum, I want to indicate that on many occasions the disease is frequently affected by this disease. small intestine and also the large intestine, at the same time this can happen.

On repeated occasions, Crohn’s disease in children can inflame the entire digestive system, this includes the mouth, also the esophagus area, commonly inflaming the stomach, and especially the first part that corresponds to the small intestine that has By name duodenum, it can also inflame the appendix and the anus.

As we can see, Crohn’s disease in children can be very serious, and be very annoying, that is why you must take the necessary measures, such is the case, to prevent any type of self-medication, so that the situation does not look complicated Remember to have the necessary rest to avoid much more unfavorable consequences.

What are the causes of Crohn’s disease?

However, a large number of experts in the field do not have the full certainty or security of Crohn’s disease and what its causes are, many attribute to some type of virus or even a bacterium affecting and affecting the defense system that our organism against disease, this is known as the body’s immune system.

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At the moment in which these bacteria can affect the immune system of the human body, certain things will occur there, first of all the natural defenses of the body can become inflamed in a completely abnormal way , this happens in each of the intestinal walls affecting each time one larger area and without stopping at any time.

In this way, millions of children who have this terrible disease have a completely abnormal immune system in their body, but specialists are not absolutely sure if these problems that involve the immune system are the cause of the disease, and they do not know if it is. disease causes system failure.

On the other hand, many people worry and ask the questions of what is the age at which this disease can be suffered, but it must be mentioned that it affects those people whose ages range between 15 and years more often. 35 years old, mostly , without forgetting the small children who live in our country.

Likewise, it can affect men and women equally, it does not make any distinction, however, millions of children are those who suffer mainly from this disease, and its consequences are strong, we must not forget that children, because they are smaller, have a system less developed and less adapted to this disease.

In this sense, children and adolescents are more likely to suffer from this disease, in addition to this, people who have relatives who have previously suffered from Crohn’s disease have the possibility of having the disease, in many cases those close relatives such as parents or siblings with blood ties.

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In this perspective, the symptoms of Crohn’s disease may be different according to each child, but mainly abdominal pain stands out, frequently this pain will be centered in the lower right part of the abdomen, to this is added loose stools, or a constant diarrhea, even in many cases this diarrhea is bloody in quantity.

Thus, rectal bleeding occurs frequently, weight loss may occur in large quantities, but children may also have fever at high temperatures, and normal growth in children is commonly stagnant, that is, children do not grow as expected, their size is greatly diminished.

At the same time, children may feel severe pain in the joints, this will prevent them from performing certain tasks that would be easy for anyone, likewise, infants may present cuts or even tears in the anal part, this is known as a fissure. anal, this generates a lot of pain for those young people who are suffering from it.

However, some children may not feel or have no symptoms over the years, this is commonly known as a process of being in remission, in this sense, there is no way or method to know when The precise moment in which remission occurs, and for this reason the moment when the symptoms return is not known.

I want to emphasize that these are the symptoms of Crohn’s disease, but it must be recognized that these problems can be similar to those of other diseases, therefore, it is necessary that you go to the doctor to determine what are the symptoms that you are presenting your child and be able to obtain a clear and above all very precise diagnosis.

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How can Crohn’s disease be diagnosed?

Currently there is the possibility of diagnosing this disease in children if they present these signs that can occur for long periods of time, such is the case of abdominal pain, soft stools, continuous and recurrent fevers, weight loss alarmingly that they can be indicative of this disease that we speak

But this does not end here, but those people who have in their body the continuous loss of red blood cells that are healthy, better known as anemia, can also be indicative that your child suffers from Crohn’s disease , this can lead to children feel very tired and do not want to do any type of physical exhaustion activity.

Seen in this way, your trusted doctor to whom you entrust the health of your little one, must provide the child with the necessary medical attention, as well as be responsible for carrying out all the necessary reports on the health history of the minor. From this point of view, the doctor must perform a physical examination to determine his conclusions.

It should be noted that doctors can carry out another type of analysis to determine if young people suffer from this disease , commonly and on the recommendation of specialist doctors, a blood test is recommended , this in order to determine if the child has fewer healthy red blood cells from blood loss.

This will allow doctors to determine if this person has anemia, in addition to this, the aforementioned analysis carried out will allow to exercise control over whether your child has greater amounts of white blood cells in his body , this may be an indication that the body has a strong inflammation problem and needs to be treated quickly

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As a second mechanism to carry out and thus be able to determine if the little ones in the house have this disease, a stool culture can be performed, this is done to determine if there is blood loss, but with this a control can be carried out in the case of that you have an infection that is generated by a parasite or some strong bacteria.

And it is that with the performance of this test it can be certain that the person suffers from this disease or if on the contrary there is no reason to be alarmed, with the performance of the stool culture it can be discovered why the children are presenting this type of symptoms that can be very annoying for all the people who are suffering from them.

Although it is true, some specialists use other types of methodologies, some decide to carry out an endoscopy because this analysis allows a complete analysis of the digestive system of our body to be carried out, with this we can see areas that would normally be affected by the disease of Crohn, this is used worldwide.

To carry out this analysis, a kind of very small tube is used that is completely flexible, this is called an endoscope, this small tube has some fundamental characteristics, and that is that it contains a light and also a small lens in which it is you can find a camera at the end of this tube to see everything inside.

With this they allow all the organs of the digestive system to be observed , since people are subjected to taking laxatives that allow us to dispose of all waste and with this have a better view of all our organs and their respective functioning, with this the doctors have the information they so badly need to carry out the required diagnosis.

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But there are other things that doctors can observe with the performance of an endoscopy, such as the process of carrying out the taking of some samples of the tissues of the digestive system, to perform biopsies of the internal area of ​​the digestive system, in order to submit them to a complete analysis on the state in which it is on that day.

For the rest, other doctors take the idea of ​​performing a colonoscopy, in this analysis the route of the large intestine can be fully observed, with this analysis process it can be observed if there is any growth that is not normal within the intestine, there it is observe if there is any type of inflamed tissue and determine consequences.

In addition to this, it allows to observe if there are certain sores or ulcers, and to determine if there is any type of hemorrhage, for this a tube that is very flexible and that also has a light is used, this is known as colonoscopic, and this It will be placed inside the rectum of the children so that it can reach the colon area and be able to see everything that is there.

The aforementioned tube allows specialists to observe everything related to the internal lining of the colon, with this, the option of taking a small sample of the tissues can also be chosen to be able to analyze them later, in this sense, the necessary precautions can be taken before any problem detected.

I also indicate that the biopsy is that process in which a sample of all the tissue that performs the function of lining the colon is carried out , this so that it can be analyzed in a laboratory and to determine if there are sufficient reasons to corroborate or deny if any child has Crohn’s disease and if so, start treatment for it.

I express on the other hand, that some doctors also perform a radiographic series that is done in the area of ​​the gastrointestinal tract, this in its upper part that corresponds to the digestive system, with this the esophagus, stomach and the part that corresponds to the small intestine called the duodenum, observing everything necessary.

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In order to carry out this analysis, children need to be able to ingest a liquid called barium, which has characteristics of being very thick and especially pasty, this is used to perform the function of covering each of the internal walls that our organs have to be able to observe them in an x-ray, and determine certain things.

Through this, possible diseases that can generate strong problems to the health of children can be determined, after having carried out this procedure, other x-rays will be carried out in order to cover as much area as possible, to determine if there are possible causes of the disease, an X-ray of the complete digestive system will then be performed.

In another vein, a radiographic series is made that is focused on the lower gastrointestinal tract or the barium enema, this allows a control of the large intestine, which includes the colon and also the rectum, there A very thick liquid is going to be placed and also very pasty called barium and it goes in the tube.

This tube that contains the vario has to be inserted into the rectum of children in a similar way to an enema, this liquid that we are talking about will perform the function of covering the organs to observe them in the X-ray that is going to be performed, in these Studies of the abdominal area will show whether there are areas with narrowed characteristics called stenosis.

How can Crohn’s disease be treated in children?

It is necessary to indicate that this disease is something that can have long-term characteristics, this means that it is chronic, it has no cure until now , but certain methodologies can be used that allow controlling certain aspects of it, in that case it is carried out a treatment which has three main objectives and they are the following.

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Then you will be wondering if there is no cure then what is the function of being able to treat it, first of all the treatment helps to correct problems of a nutritional nature , and is that many people suffer from this problem and in that particular if it can be corrected, this will allow to improve some condition of the disease and therefore your child will feel better.

Secondly, it can control all the swelling and inflammation that Crohn’s disease can induce, since this is one of the most painful conditions and that generates the greatest discomfort in children, in this particular it is allowed to control it with the treatment that is indicated, Remember that everything will depend on the doctor who is prescribing your child.

Third, the treatment will greatly alleviate each of the symptoms that it has , such as the constant abdominal pain that generates a lot of discomfort, in this way it can also reduce the continuous diarrhea and all the rectal bleeding that may occur, this It avoids many annoyances and allows you to live a little more calm and happy.

Consequently, the doctors who are treating your child’s problem must design a care plan that must be with particular characteristics depending on the child who has the disease , this leads to the age of the children must be controlled, since the type of treatment that should be indicated depending on the case studied will depend on this.

In that study carried out, the general state of the child’s health and all his historical file of diseases must be included, it must also be established what is the severity of this case, and it must be included there as his response could be to a certain drug that he wishes to apply, there Possible therapies and treatments to be applied are also included.

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In any case, and being as realistic as possible, it must be determined what is expected to happen if said treatment is applied, that is, if it is expected that the treatment may lead to a considerable improvement, or if on the contrary it is expected that this situation may worsen, and if so, what opinion would the parents of the child under study have.

It should be noted that the opinion of the parents should be considered, in this sense the treatment may have certain medications, and it is that some of them can reduce inflammation in the colon area , this allows to improve and avoid cramps that are continuously generated in the abdomen, there will also improve continuous diarrhea.

Some cases require any special measures, and in cases that are very complex implementation of steroids may be necessary , in order to reduce certain swellings, antibiotics may be included or any medications that can help the immune system that makes life in the organism of us.

For this purpose, a complete and continuous treatment must be carried out without interruptions, since some people claim that it did not work, but it has happened that people do not carry out the treatment with the continuity that is required, that is, they do not do it with the responsibility that the situation requires and therefore the treatment will not achieve the desired effects.

By virtue of this, a diet must be continued, it has certainly not been fully proven that with the special diet that you apply to your child, Crohn’s disease can be prevented, however it has been clear that a healthy diet allows relief and improvement all the symptoms of this disease, you must consume the necessary nutrients.

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But you have to consider that some foods can cause a lot of discomfort and therefore the worsening of the situation, such is the case of milk, which can cause stomach discomfort when consumed, likewise hot spices or fibers are also added, for this you should consult the doctor who is treating your child’s case.

In view of this, an adequate diet allows to improve symptoms, but there is still something more to add, and that is that vitamins help and prevent greater problems that arise, these vitamins help and maintain remission, for this reason , the doctor should be consulted. which vitamin complex the young person can take for their balanced diet.

It should be mentioned that depending on the treatment you want to apply, certain risks can be assumed when applying a food supplement, since these can have certain side effects that can have certain characteristics that are detrimental to the lives of children, so it should be studied much that is going to be administered.

Some specialists in the area suggest giving children supplements with nutritional characteristics, as well as the use of special formulas that are liquid and that have high doses and amounts of calories in their composition, because these have useful properties for those children. that have not grown as expected.

In some rare cases, they use the use of type IV feeding that is used for all children who urgently require some type of additional nutrition during some brief periods of their lives, this feeding is intravenous, it has many necessary vitamins for children with the disease.

Now, surgery is commonly used and in some cases it can provide help against Crohn’s disease, but we must not forget that this disease has no cure, and this method can reduce each of the symptoms that occur to long-term, some symptoms that with some medications do not improve even after complying with the treatment.

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Such is the case that surgery allows to solve some other problems that in other methodologies could not be improved, and it is that with surgery problems such as a blocked intestine or some type of hole or any perforation that exists in an organ can be solved , thus also the sores to the abscesses or even the hemorrhages are improved .

In the surgeries and in their procedure that is carried out with children who have this disease, abscesses that are in the fistulas or near them can be drained, it should be mentioned that an abscess is the accumulation of pus or also of some type of infection , in this case the application of antibiotics or surgery is used as treatment.

Another aspect to consider that can be treated with surgeries is intestinal resection, because the entire section that is diseased in the intestine organ will be removed, and with this the areas of the intestine that are healthy can be joined, we must limit that with the execution of this surgery the child’s intestines are going to unite and therefore these will be cut.

Said in this way, surgery is responsible for providing opportunities that no other method could have, in this sense, the ostomy can also have a solution in surgery, and in this case some parts of the intestine will be removed, to remove a new one . forms the feces of the human body, this surgery that makes an opening is called an ostomy.

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What are the complications that a child with Crohn’s disease can do?

Initially, Crohn’s disease in children can affect them gradually, in the sense that they can lose weight because they can not obtain the necessary or sufficient calories from their food, so each of the necessary options should be considered to achieve that children eat the proper and healthy way.

A weight loss for children can happen if they do not eat and do everything possible to avoid it, because they consider and deduce that when they eat this it causes pain when the digestion process is carried out, and that is that many children take the decision not to eat and thereby avoid these pains, but they must eat to stay healthy.

In other cases children decide not to eat because they are not allowed to eat their favorite foods and therefore avoid everything else, in other situations some children due to inflammation in the digestive tract this prevents them from assimilating the nutrients from the foods they eat and thus they can lose a great deal of weight quickly.

In other circumstances, children need to eat a greater amount of calories and vitamins, because the disease leads them to that situation, therefore they need more nutrition and therefore eat a greater amount of food, that is why each one should be analyzed of these situations so that the necessary measures can be taken before this.

In the same way, and given the impossibility of assimilating the nutrients because they have inflamed organs, in many options the specialists recommend ingesting liquid formulas that are special for this type of situation, these formulas have high amounts of calories that contain many nutritional supplements, which are necessary for children.

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It is explained then that Crohn’s disease can cause and generate numerous health problems, one of them is the blocked intestine, secondly a type of tunnel known as a fistula, in all the tissues that are close to the affected area, but this implies that the whole area can become infected and have to take antibiotics quickly.

At the same time it can generate numerous breaks in these areas affected by various problems, there are often many tears in the anus area, these are popularly known as fissures and are really painful and complicated, in addition to this, several problems commonly related to the function tend to occur. liver in the body.

By virtue of what has been said, some people have a low amount of red blood cells or also little hemoglobin in our blood, this is known as anemia, and it usually presents with effects of weakness in the body, and with this the person does not cause them to perform any type of physical activity that entails wear and tear on your entire body.

Another problem that can have really painful consequences, such is the case of weakness in the bones, this happens because some bones are very delicate due to the presence of osteoporosis , or on the other hand the bones are very soft as a result of the presence of osteomalacia , and all the consequences that these diseases entail.

There are large amounts of problems that can affect the organism of human beings, and many of them appear in the worst places, we cannot ignore that the problem of disorder that occurs in the nervous system is very common, and this has As a result, the legs are sore, and this is called restless leg syndrome.

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In this perspective, children can present the disease of arthritis, something that does not appear until after people have a certain age, this in normal conditions that people do not have this disease, so that each of the problems is demonstrated that someone with Crohn’s disease can have in their body.

As a complement, children may have skin problems, in which their skin may take on strange characteristics and have a strange color or show signs of disease, commonly red eyes are present, as well as a swollen mouth or inflammation in other areas. of the body that are very noticeable and completely evident.

We note that there are countless problems that the disease can generate in young people, but I want to emphasize that after bowel resection surgery is presented, a condition that is widely known by the name of short bowel syndrome may occur, and it occurs commonly after Este.

And it happens after extracting a large portion of the small intestine, it is very likely that our body does not have the ability to digest and also absorb various types of vitamins, or some nutrients and foods, including although it seems strange, the body does not absorb water , and this is hard to beat from any point of view.

This type of problem in which there are enormous deficiencies to absorb food, and with this they cannot assimilate the nutrients that each food we eat contains, and this is called malabsorption in which this causes diarrhea, and can also cause slow growth in children as well as poor and poor development of characteristics.

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But you have to know what the symptoms of this disease called malabsorption are, you must be aware of loose stools or better known as diarrhea, right there in the stool there may be numerous amounts of fat in the stool called steatorrhea, and even weight loss or that children do not gain weight over time.

It should be noted that the body shows loss of fluids or even to the point of dehydration without having made any type of wear that has caused that, this occurs because the body cannot absorb water and logically dehydrates quickly, the lack of vitamins and minerals is very common in those who suffer from this.

How a child with Crohn’s disease can live

It is well known that this disease represents a condition with chronic and incurable characteristics, which can occur at various times in the lives of our children, in various circumstances children will present physical problems, with some emotional problems, also social characteristics focused on the closest Familia.

Each of these problems that we have mentioned are consequences of this condition, before this, it is necessary that you can carry out a very specific and strict planning with the specialist doctor who is treating your child’s case, to establish the modalities to be developed to combat the Effects that the condition generates in the organism of our children.

You have to consider that the doctor you are going to has cared for your child since birth, and therefore knows the situation that he has gone through since he was born, for this he must also control the growth of the child, also his nutrition levels You must be aware of the mineral density that you have in your bones, and everything related to it.

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You must also know what are their risks of infections and their possible treatments, what is their immunization status, know the status of the immune system, in this sense, you should know if the child has liver problems, to take precautions with this, if have problems with your eyes, or if your skin has had problems for some time.

This doctor must be aware of all the changes in the diet that the child has been experiencing, so that the necessary measures are taken based on this, this due to the fact that when the disease is stable all children can eat a diet with normal characteristics , to continue their normal, daily life.

I want to indicate that at certain times or stages of the disease, you can take into account each of these suggestions, firstly, you can give your child the option of eating smaller meals, but that they are more constant or frequent, this at the time of the disease is presenting strong symptoms in the child’s life.

Each and every meal that contains milk, or any product with dairy characteristics, should be completely limited, because with the development of this disease it has been proven that products containing lactose are harmful to the lives of children, and there is a long history regarding this mentioned part.

Consequently, the consumption of milk products is totally excluded from the diet, as another element to exclude we cannot forget the elements that contain high amounts of fat, as well as all those foods that in their composition have high concentrations of fibers Such is the case with popcorn, or also walnuts.

It should be noted that seeds are excluded from foods suitable for these children, in any case we must not forget that we must observe all those foods that in the past have caused a lot of damage to the health of our children, because there are certainly foods that do not they are included here and they also hurt, so you must take care of everything.

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It is explained that any type of liquid that is going to be ingested by children must be at room temperature, that is, they cannot under any circumstances drink cold drinks, in this sense, at the time of eating they cannot ingest any kind of liquids, only It is possible after having made their respective daily meals, this depending on the meals per day.

In this way, liquids must be treated with great care, and with respect to caffeine, this must be avoided to a great extent, because its use can be harmful to the digestive system of children, it cannot be ignored that the foods that contain sorbitol, also those that have xylitol and even those that contain mannite.

One of the most important components that must be considered are those related to sweets, such as sweets, all kinds of cakes and also cakes, these three elements have to be away from the child’s diet, so that their health is not seen compromised by the inclusion of foods that pose problems for your body.

From this point of view, the little ones in the house who are affected by this problem should not eat those foods that can generate gases , such as any kind of beans, peas, broccoli, onions, which are foods that mainly produce gases in people, do not forget the cauliflower or leave out the cabbage.

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In parallel, those foods that are suitable for the consumption of these little ones, are those that contain the type of fiber that is more soluble, in this case I mean those that absorb water, in this list we must include bananas or plantains, rice , all compotes that are made of apples, tapioca, cooked oats are widely used.

I want to emphasize that children who have short bowel syndrome, this after having undergone surgery due to Crohn’s disease commonly have difficulties with constant diarrhea and this is attached to malabsorption, therefore, the The doctor in charge must do the appropriate treatment to know how to treat these symptoms.

And it is that in these cases, in which children present this syndrome, they frequently need to be helped to obtain the nutrition they need to achieve their development, and it is that sometimes they are ordered to eat liquid foods, as supplements through total parenteral nutrition or also called TPN.

This TPN diet represents a food supplement that contains nutrients specially developed for your child, because it is a particular mixture that contains glucose, many proteins, fats, various vitamins and also minerals that are administered into the vein, that is, from intravenously during certain times of the day.

What are the key points about Crohn’s disease in children?

In principle, Crohn’s disease occurs when there is redness, some type of swelling or inflammation, and there are also sores throughout the child’s digestive tract, this disease is called (IBD), better known as inflammatory bowel disease than in the vast majority of situations affect and attack the body’s small intestine.

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But we must not put aside, that on other occasions it has managed to completely attack the digestive tract, and with this the condition will be long-term, because there is no cure that can eliminate everything, therefore the condition is chronic, then the indicated medications can only help reduce symptoms by allowing children to perform other activities.

In attention to the problem presented, when you go to visit the doctor, you must write down all the questions you want to ask him , so that you do not forget any of them, once the consultation is underway, you must write the new medications that you must buy for your child, all the treatments and tests that you must perform, and each instruction given.

If your little one has appointments to control the symptoms of the disease, you have to write down the date of these so that you do not miss it, do not forget to write the time, and what is the purpose of that visit to the doctor , it is necessary to mention that you must write down some telephone number that allows you to start a conversation in the event of an emergency.

As a result of these meetings with the doctors, as the case may be, treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs may be indicated, the use of cortisone is also used, as well as the use of suppressants for the immune system, biological therapies are carried out, to To treat colic and recurrent diarrhea, colon remedies are used.

What is the long-term perspective or goal for a child with Crohn’s disease?

It begins with the emotional responses that children can provide, and it is that they will present changes in their mood, as a direct consequence of the disease, in some cases the little ones can blame themselves for their condition, at times they can feel frustrated for not be able to carry out any activity that contains exercises.

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Such is the case, that some will show their annoyance by feeling different from the rest of the children and this will cause distancing and distancing from others, they will feel annoyed and angry and will constantly wonder why their disease, they will worry because they do not grow as others, and they will feel a certain sadness about their personal appearance.

It should be noted that this makes them vulnerable to certain things, such as, for example, that they should be told what is necessary so that they face some kind of joke that their colleagues may play on their personal situation, because not all people have the strategies appropriate to deal with the consequences of this condition or disease.

This can generate distractions in children, definitely affecting their performance in classes, therefore, it is important that the child’s family can fully understand what the needs of this child are, in order to help him / her integrate into the school environment and also in the rest of the family according to their particular needs.

It is necessary that children can feel all the support of their family, this is the best they can do, because this will generate trust, acceptance, integration, and above all support, this will motivate the little one to fight for each of their dreams , and that your illness will not prevent you from achieving the goal of fulfilling each of your dreams and aspirations in life.

In this case, the family must learn everything necessary about this disease and with this process of knowledge, they must understand what its effects are for the person suffering from it, they must understand that the child can present mood changes at any time, therefore both do not have to always get used to the same attitude in him.

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The whole family has to find the strategies that are necessary to carry out the channeling of the child’s frustration when he is angry, show him that he does not have to limit himself in anything, it is important to respect their privacy and show them that they can be independent and that their dreams can achieve them by themselves.

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