Crow’s Feet: Treatments, Prevention And Home Remedies

We get up early in the morning, we look at ourselves in the mirror and there they are: the crow’s feet, those little wrinkles that are under the eyes. Its appearance does not always have to be age-related. Squinting to see well, cigarettes or too much sun are some of the causes that can also produce them.

They certainly took days or maybe weeks to show up, but now that you realize they are there, you can’t help that every time you look in the mirror your eyes quickly focus on them. In any case, the first piece of advice we can give you is not to get obsessed: crow’s feet are an inevitable and natural symptom of aging.

What you can do is change your habits to try to improve  and reduce them.

Crow’s feet are small expression marks located on the outer corner of the eyes . Since the skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate, it is often where the first folds appear, usually occurring, on average, around the 30 years.

These wrinkles in the eyes appear due to facial expressions, excessive sun exposure, lack of hydration and even the act of sleeping. When you smile, for example, short lines form near the eyes, but with age, due to loss of collagen, hydration and elasticity, the skin stops monitoring muscle movement and eventually the marks are permanent. .

These wrinkles are commonly called this way because their lines draw shapes similar to the legs of a bird.

It is a physiological process that occurs naturally and cannot be avoided. There are no miracles, but to delay the arrival of this formidable enemy, there are effective tricks. Here is everything you need to know.

How to prevent the appearance of crow’s feet?

  • Avoid sunbathing on your face. As you know, the sun is the enemy of the skin, as it damages it and accelerates its aging. So protect yourself by using sunscreen every day.
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  • When there is a lot of light , we often contract the orbicularis oculi muscle, that is, we keep our eyes half closed. The solution is to bet on sunglasses and hats.
  • If you feel that you constantly have to strain your eyes , then it is advisable to consult an ophthalmologist: you may have to wear prescription glasses.
  • Another great enemy is tobacco. In fact, nicotine hinders the oxygenation of the skin, causing premature aging . Also, people who smoke tend to squint to prevent smoke from entering.
  • The dry skin worsens wrinkles, so you hydrate with a special cream for the eye area . Pat with the ring finger and massage gently.
  • Water only brings benefits to our body, drink it regularly to keep the skin hydrated.
  • Don’t go overboard with makeup products in this area. When applying treatments or other products, try not to rub or squeeze this sensitive region of the face.
  • Also avoid sleeping on your stomach or side, because the contact of the face with the pillow contributes to the formation of wrinkles. The ideal is to sleep on your back.
  • Try to do massages and relaxing exercises in the area to avoid tension.

Home remedies to eliminate crow’s feet

Here are 5 simple homemade masks that will help you reduce wrinkles that appear around the eyes. These are natural anti-aging remedies that you can prepare at home that will help you to be more beautiful.

Homemade carrot mask

You will need a small carrot , a tablespoon of sunflower, and a teaspoon of olive oil . Cook the carrots and make a puree. Mix it well with the sunflower and olive oil. Apply the ointment to the eye area and leave for ten minutes. Then wash the area with cold water.

Homemade egg and flour mask

The necessary ingredients are an egg and a little flour . First we beat the white to the stiffness and sift the flour to get a doughy mixture. Use a brush to spread the cream on the eye area and for it to take effect, let it dry for two hours.

Homemade grape and vitamin E mask

This mask is applied at night and in addition to helping to eliminate crow’s feet, it will help you prevent dark circles. You will need two capsules of vitamin A (which you can buy on amazon ) and 2 green grapes. Beat the grapes together with the vitamin E and apply to the eye area before sleeping. In the morning, be sure to rinse with cold water.

Avocado mask

The avocado mask that we offer you is ideal for dry skin, but we do not recommend it if you have oily skin. Peel and mash the avocado and apply gently. Leave on for an hour before cleansing your face with cold water. Avocados have plenty of vitamins E and D that help regenerate collagen in the area.

Papaya mask

We extract a small amount of papaya pulp juice and apply it to the eye area. We wait 10 minutes and rinse our face with cold water.

What are the most effective treatments to fight these wrinkles?

There are substances that not only prevent wrinkles, but also alleviate existing ones, at least temporarily:

  • Look at the label on cosmetics and look for the word ” peptides.” This chain of amino acids increases collagen production and forms a barrier against moisture loss from the skin.
  • Invest in creams based on DMAE (2-dimethylaminoethanol), a substance that acts on muscle contraction, providing firmer and tighter skin.
  • Use a scrub with glycolic acid , because in addition to removing dead cells, it promotes the formation of collagen.
  • Botox is a solution that many women have adopted. The botulinum toxin is a nonsurgical injection blocking nerve signals muscle , softening or temporarily eliminating lines.
  • The peeling with retinoic acid promotes desquamation of the dermis, thus stimulating the production of collagen.
  • The hyaluronic acid injections fills the space between cells.

As you can see, there are several procedures that promise to rejuvenate the face , but it is very important that you consult an experienced doctor who, according to your needs, will indicate the most satisfactory treatment.

Here we show you massages to stretch the region where wrinkles appear in the eye, and what you can do when you apply the anti-aging cream , or whenever you want.

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