Dercutane: Contraindications, Properties And Benefits

Dercutane belongs to the group of medicines known as acne preparations, its active principle is Isotretinoin ; These act by decreasing the activity of the sebaceous glands responsible for producing fats, that is, they reduce the production of these glands to a minimum.

Dercutane is one of the last generation names that has been given to Isotretinoin , because the name that made it famous was Roacutan. This drug was launched by Roche Laboratories in 1982 , and from that time to the present day it has become the most famous drug for acne. But also the one with the greatest adverse effects.

Composition of Dercutane

Dercutane has been made especially for you, each 5mg capsule contains 5mg of Isotetronoin, refined soybean oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil, DL-alpha-tocopherol, disodium edetate, beeswax, hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Dercutane, like any compound medicated to treat severe acne, contains retinoids of vitamin A. On the other hand, this vitamin is a fat-soluble substance in the body and can be absorbed by the body through food and through vitamin complexes.

In turn, it has a series of essential retinoids for the skin and its maintenance, being Isotretinoin one of them, for this reason Dercutane is used to treat skin conditions.

Isotretinoin as an active principle works by reversing the excessive production of oil and sebum in the skin, which constitutes a main source of food for the bacteria that cause acne, thus eliminating the formation of papules and inflammation of the lesions in face.

On the other hand, by managing to reverse the proliferation of bacteria, the infection greatly diminishes, giving way to the restoration and healing of the skin progressively as the treatment progresses.

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In addition to the main active ingredient or compound, Dercutane has excipients that are all those additional supplements to the pill, such as lactose, starch or talc.

Appearance and contents of the pack

Dercutane comes as soft capsules, pale pink in color, each package contains 50 soft capsules, inside they have a yellow or orange aqueous liquid depending on the presentation in each country.

Each capsule in this presentation can contain 30 milligrams or 20 milligrams of Isotretinoin. Dercutane has two presentations and they differ in the amount of milligrams of the active compound, as required by the patient.

Recommended doses of Dercutane

In children this treatment is not indicated .

In adults and adolescents: A starting dose of 0.5 mg / kg / day is indicated, depending on the response obtained, the doctor will modify the dose. They generally take it to 1mg / kg / day, if it has had good results and good tolerance in the patient, in addition to not presenting any side effects.

For all those patients with kidney problems; treatment is started with the lowest possible dose and the doctor is in charge of monitoring the behavior of the medicine in the patient.

The capsules are generally taken twice a day and should not be chewed, only taken with a glass of water, with meals.

The doctor in charge of medicating these pills, in this case the dermatologist will be in charge of prescribing the dose he deems appropriate according to the severity of the case of acne associated with your body weight, respectively.

To set the correct amount of the dose, the specialist must be guided by a relationship between the milligrams of the active compound in the pills and the body weight of the person who needs it.

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This relationship establishes that for each kilogram of mass that the patient contains, 0.5 milligrams of the drug must be administered, in this case Dercutane; the maximum being 2 milligrams of the compound for each kilogram of mass, if the case of acne is very severe.

For all those who have a weight greater than 60 kilograms of body mass, the intake of this product will be repeated in two doses, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. This occurs because the amount of the drug is too much to be ingested in a single intake.

What should I do if I miss a shot?

If you forget to take the recommended dose at one hour, what you should do is wait until the next dose, you should never double the dose in case of forgetting because this results in the active principle not being absorbed as it should, and therefore it will not have the expected effect.

You should never take a double dose as compensation for the loss, since you will be subjecting your body to an overdose of Isotretinoin, bringing serious consequences to the functioning of the liver if you do it too often, in addition, most of this drug is lost and excreted through urine.

On the other hand, you must remember that if you forget to take the medication very often, it will not have the effect you are looking for, since Dercutane needs a cumulative dose of at least 7.2 grams of the compound in the body at the end of the treatment.

If this required number of grams is not achieved, the chances of the acne breakout reappearing after treatment is high. In this case, you must start another cycle of treatment again.

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Side Effects of Dercutane or Isotretinoin

This drug has multiple side effects which affect largely and directly the skin, mucous membranes and in very rare cases the liver (only if liquor is ingested throughout the treatment). Below you can see a list of the most common side effects.

Dry skin and mucous membranes

This is undoubtedly one of the most normal side effects that occur while using drugs like Dercutane. This happens because the production of skin fat is reduced and this is responsible for keeping this sensory organ of the body fully hydrated.

With the reduction in the production of fat, the accumulation of sebum decreases, so it is normal to observe cracked skin in the person who uses this drug, especially in areas such as the lips, nose and palms or internal part of the hand.

Although it is not a dangerous symptom, it can cause eczema on the skin and atopic dermatitis in the most serious cases and to heal it will be necessary to suspend or lower the dose of treatment, in addition to the use of topical moisturizing creams. Although this condition does not reach this point, it is always good to use moisturizers that help our skin heal.

Partial hearing loss

In recent years, it has been found that therapy with Isotretinoin or other drugs based on it, such as Dercutane, can cause a deterioration in the hearing of totally healthy people.

However, this side effect cannot and should not be confused with congenital deafness, which occurs as a result of fetal exposure to drugs with strong active compounds, as is the case with Isotretinoin contained in Dercutane pills.

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After starting these studies, approximately 609 reports have been received for investigation, in which 5 of them hearing loss was due to the use of Dercutane therapy in ages between 14 and 46 years with a duration of treatment from 4 to 8 months.

It has not yet been possible to verify whether this side effect is permanent or not, however, it is recommended that if the patient has symptoms and hearing impairment, it is best to send him directly to the doctor for some hearing tests.


As Isotretinoin makes the skin much more sensitive and exposed, it causes a photosensitivity or allergy to ultraviolet radiation in the skin, so the body’s immune system sends a series of reactions to protect itself, triggering general discomforts.

The body’s reactions to Photosensitivity can cause solar urticaria, chemical photosensitization and skin irritation in the form of plaques where light has struck or penetrated.

In the case of Dercutane we speak of a chemical photosensitivity or phototoxicity, which produces brown or red spots with pain, hives or itching and in more severe cases blisters, as happens with a sunburn under normal conditions.

To alleviate this symptom or side effect , sun protection should be used , even when you are at home and if the case warrants it, the doctor may prescribe corticosteroids to alleviate said pathology; In very serious circumstances, Dercutane treatment should be stopped or its dose lowered.

Intestinal diseases

It has been associated with intestinal diseases with inflammation such as regional ileitis, it can worsen digestive symptoms, it can cause hepatitis and treatment should be stopped.

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This set of gastric problems was called Crohn’s disease, being an inflammation of the entire digestive tract which causes diarrhea, vomiting and malnutrition in most cases.

Being such a strong drug, it causes internal irritation of the stomach , not realizing it in time can lead to the formation of ulcers and more serious complications that may require surgical intervention.

Pancreatitis and high triglycerides

First you have to know that pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas, this becomes acute and even chronic when you are using Dercutane, it appears as a side effect and you must stop it immediately.

This pathology occurs due to a digestive disorder caused by an extremely strong drug or active compound, where digestive enzymes begin to digest the pancreas, inflaming it and bringing more consequences with it.

Pancreatitis does not heal, it only gets worse over time, which is why when this condition occurs, the medication with Dercutane will be immediately suspended and cannot be resumed.

Blood with toxicity

Once the treatment with Dercutane has started, the liver begins to synthesize the drug to send it to the bloodstream, because this way it can reach the required site. For this reason, the blood begins to acquire toxicity up to 6 months after finishing the treatment.

Patients who undergo this treatment cannot donate blood , since such blood can be received by a pregnant woman; you should consider that this drug is too toxic for the fetus that is in the process of gestation.

This symptom is not serious nor does it cause adverse reactions to the person who is taking Dercutane or Isotretinoin in any of its presentations. The ban is only done as a preventive measure.

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Ocular dryness

Dercutane also affects the function of the glands responsible for lubricating the eyes, which is why during the first weeks you can start to feel dry eyes. For this, the use of contact lenses or together with the application of artificial tears is recommended.

Countless cases have been found in which the patient complains of so much dryness that he has even occasionally bled from the nose, and at eye level a variety of cases have also been found in patients in whom dryness persists despite having passed 15 years after finishing treatment.

This treatment can make night vision difficult, which is called nyctalopia, but it is a totally reversible effect when the treatment ends. Most patients do not notice this symptom.

Other eye disorders that can occur are; blurred vision, conjunctivitis, dry eye syndrome, poor tolerance to contact lenses. The use of artificial tears or lubricating eye ointments is recommended for these cases. It may happen that over time the condition becomes chronic, but the cases in which it occurs are very rare.

Alterations in triglycerides and cholesterol

With the use of Dercutane, there are cases of lipid profile disorders , that is, an excessive increase in triglycerides and cholesterol and hepatobiliary disorders, for this reason it is recommended to have periodic tests to detect any serious abnormality and suspend treatment.

This occurs because the metabolism of fats changes completely in order to reverse the production of fat in the skin, which causes their blood concentrations to increase circumstantially.

It was found that people who suffer from severe or moderate acne, have a much higher lipid concentration and above normal levels in relation to a person who does not suffer from this pathology.

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Effects of Dercutane in the Sexual Area

Countless cases have been collected where both male and female patients report that this treatment has caused them problems of low sexual desire; women say they should use lubricants because they feel a lot of vaginal dryness, and men have indicated that they have suffered from low erections and erectile dysfunction.

Decreased ejaculation and also anorgasmia . Therefore, erectile dysfunction is associated with taking this drug.

Although there is evidence regarding the return of normality after completing the treatment. In some cases, people claim that symptoms persist after finishing treatment.

Suicide associated with this drug has been reported to be directly related to depression and sexual problems.

Here the main thing is that the patient talks with his treating doctor and explains everything he feels when taking this medicine, and in such case, raise the possibility of abandoning the treatment because of acne (you can even look for other similar options, but with fewer risks), it cannot be more important than overall health.

Other treatment options should be sought if these effects are as devastating as sexual loss of appetite, low self-esteem. There are even hormonal treatments that a good endocrinologist can apply.

Of course, by carrying out a number of previous examinations that indicate what the problem is related to the patient, you must review the part of the thyroid, how this organ is working, considering that it is in charge of sending the secretion of certain hormones.

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We must not despair if we observe problems of sexual origin in our body, we must talk with the partner, with friends and especially with the doctor, because the search for a way out is what will improve our self-esteem.

In the area of ​​depression, a good psychologist can help us, guide us, there is no problem without a solution; There are alternatives and it is necessary to inquire or find the one that best suits our situation.

Dercutane and the effects on sleep

There have been several recent studies on how this drug influences the rest of the patient: if it induces sleep or causes insomnia. It could be concluded that deep sleep at night is not affected by this drug.

However, Dercutane has certain effects where the person feels sad, feels slower than normal, and tends to isolate himself from others, for this reason it is thought that if it can have a certain effect on serotonin levels and in turn in dream.

In general, this drug does not influence the normal development of sleep in the patient , but some abnormalities in its structure or pattern can be observed. It should be noted that this factor will depend a lot on the person using the drug.

Over time it has been possible to carry out studies to verify that this factor is or is not a side effect of the treatment, these studies were carried out in people aged between 16 and 40 years.

Being able to obtain some results of insomnia and hypersomnia directly related to the intake of Dercutane since once the medication was suspended, the person would return to their normal sleep pattern.

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Despite the results of these studies, it was not possible to verify whether or not this drug directly influences sleep since negative results were obtained in very few individuals.

Serious and rare side effects of Dercutane

  • It has to do with psychiatric disorders : excessive increase in sadness, moments of a lot of crying, loss of interest in social activities, problems concentrating in studies or at work, sudden changes in weight, changes in appetite, a lot of insomnia.
  • Also in this area are negative thoughts that can cause harm to others, hearing voices, seeing shadows that you did not see before, loss of contact with reality. Excessive crying, memories of past episodes, but many times you do not remember the events of the present.
  • Intracranial pressure : starts with a headache, nausea, very blurred vision, and then can seizure and finally feel very drowsy as if tired.
  • Alterations of the digestive system: It can even produce pancreatitis, blood in the stool, inflammation of the intestine, it can cause a serious problem of hemorrhoids, the person finds it difficult to go to the bathroom even to urinate, cystitis can also occur.
  • Kidney disorders: Excessive fatigue, you stop urinating, the eyelids remain inflamed, this means that you are suffering from an inflamed kidney or glomerulonephritis.
  • Toxic epidermal necrolysis: central blisters appear with spots around it, it can be on the legs and feet, hands and arms and sometimes on the thorax, this type of rash is very serious and puts the life of the person suffering from it at risk.
  • Increased uric acid, and consequently a lot of pain in the body.
  • Inflammation of all the lymphatic glands.
  • Increased sweating
  • Changes in the nails, they become more brittle than normal.
  • Inflammation of tendons and ligaments.

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Dercutane tablet maintenance

It is recommended to keep them in their original packaging, not to place in low places where pets and children can reach the medicine. It should be a cool, dry place, free of smoke and extreme heat or cold.

They should be stored in a place no more than 25 degrees, they should not be exposed to excessive light. It should not be used after the expiration date, nor should it be used if the blister pack is badly damaged. When the treatment is finished, the remaining pills should not be thrown away, they should inquire at pharmacies how the medicine is stored in case of expiration.

Dercutane cannot be stored in places where humidity proliferates since they can get mold or lose their original physical state, which would not make their intake prudent, this as a preventive measure.

They must be kept in their original blister or carton because they can run the risk of being contaminated with bacteria contained in free radicals. If they are not to be ingested, avoid uncovering them as much as possible for idleness.

Avoid contact of the pills with any type of animals, especially flies, mice and cockroaches. If you have pets, avoid contact of their fur with the drug as much as possible.

Dercutane interactions with other medications

It is advisable to consult the doctor before starting any treatment, and let him know if we are taking any natural medicine or other medicine that may not be compatible with the one to be taken.

Dercutane is not compatible with vitamin A, nor antibiotics such as tetracyclines, because it can cause hypervitaminosis and intracranial hypertension , we must also bear in mind that this drug is a teratogenic agent, that is, it can cause malformations.

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Therefore, before prescribing it in women, you must be sure that you are not pregnant and take extreme measures so that you do not get pregnant during treatment. This medicine contains soybean oil and sips, therefore it should not be used in patients who are allergic to these components and are not intolerant to fructose.

It is not recommended to mix its intake with drugs that have bacterial origins, since the action of both will be negatively interfered with in our body.

The action of contraceptive pills and other hormonal contraceptive methods is reduced while Dercutane is consumed and after 1 month of having finished the treatment; for this reason, latex condoms should be used to prevent pregnancy.

It is not highly recommended to take herbal infusions of medicinal plants since their compounds cause the action of the drug to deviate from its course, being able to affect other organs and tissues, without receiving the expected effects.

Vitamin complexes can be ingested as long as they do not have vitamin A and neither do any of its derivatives, because they interfere in the same way with the action of the drug creating an unwanted reaction.

If you like to take collagen and other products to improve the appearance of your skin, make sure that they do not have retinoids of any kind and if they do, do not use them until the time of the medication with Dercutane is over and your doctor authorizes it.

Risks in handling machinery or automobiles with Dercutane

It should be noted that this drug causes blurred vision and poor night vision , it can also cause leg cramps, so it is not recommended for use in people who need precision of their reflexes to operate machinery.

In general, it does not cause major risks to carry out work with heavy machinery or to drive vehicles, if the symptoms of visual dryness do not prevent the clarity of vision.

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As a preventive measure, the specialist doctor will be in charge of periodically performing visual examinations, in this way he may or may not authorize the person to carry out this type of work without any inconvenience.

However, it is not recommended that the operator who takes this medication have contact with sharp objects or machinery used to cut or divide objects.

It is preferable not to drive vehicles such as forklifts, trucks or vehicles for the transport of extra heavy cargo, taxis or buses at night because unexpected accidents can occur on the roads and especially if the area has little or no lighting.

Aircraft pilots are prohibited from flying during daylight hours when they are taking this medication, since Dercutane creates sensitivity to light. The night flight is totally prohibited for safety reasons for the crew.

Skin sensitization

Dercutane accelerates the rate of regeneration of the skin, so it becomes hypersensitive, very delicate, so it can burn more easily, so you have to use sunscreen at all times and if it is the one that brings the maximum level of protection would be better.

This fragility that the skin takes, makes it more sensitive for laser treatments and also with wax-based hair removal, for this reason, it is not recommended to use this type of aesthetic treatment when using Dercutane.

By using Dercutane the skin becomes more fragile and delicate, both in sunlight or radiation as well as free radicals and friction in contact with other rustic, rough surfaces and some types of clothing.

At that time is where it is appropriate to use products that are hypoallergenic and do not influence the pH of the skin, as is the case with some make-up and cosmetic use soaps and moisturizing creams.

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Luckily, all these extreme sensitivity reactions are reversible at the end of the treatment with Dercutane , it is important to avoid unnecessary contact or exposure to sunlight, since this extensively mistreats regenerated skin.

Try as much as possible to use moisturizing products every time you bathe and wash your face, remember to choose good quality products and special for sensitive or delicate skin.

Dercutane and breastfeeding

Using Dercutane while breastfeeding is totally prohibited due to the high toxicity of the drug in the body of both the mother and the baby who is breastfeeding.

Being a fat-soluble substance, Dercutane has a high tendency to be stored in the reservoirs of breast milk, with almost all of the drug being ingested by the baby who is fed by the mother.

Isotretinoin influences the growth of the child, especially in his bone and muscular system, and if the proper precautions are not taken, he can begin to present hearing impairment.

Celebrities who have used Dercutane

Camerón Díaz , in his book, comments that he used it and talks about his personal experience against acne scars, which is not only for adolescents, we also find it in mature age. And here is his story, where he says that acne leaves marks and scars .

Acne scars are called an atrophic scar. When it comes to concealing these marks is where sunscreen plays an important role, and we can also put a little bit of argan or rosehip oil. Sometimes it is necessary to perform depigmenting treatments, since acne sometimes leaves reddish spots, very striking.

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With all the defects that this acne treatment can present, Isotretinoin is considered the discovery of the 20th century in the dermatological area. She is considered the only treatment that eliminates acne in the medium and long term . Depending on how strong your type of acne is.

In short, whether you are 14 or 40, you are prone to acne problems, and you will have to fight with all the emotional burden that that entails. You must learn to assume that there are solutions to a problem but the solutions may cause you another problem many times more serious than the original.

Let’s always try to take care of ourselves as much as possible, especially the face that is more sensitive and our main image. There is no magic bullet for problems like this, but we must go ahead and test the options that exist.

Dercutane among many options on the market, is one of the best, you have to try to see results, but it is always good to consult a dermatologist before starting any treatment, especially for the face.

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