Diane: Contraindications, Properties And Benefits

Diane is a female contraceptive product that is administered orally, by means of a coated tablet or pill. It belongs to the group of combined or last generation contraceptives, whose composition is formed by the union of two compounds or hormones.

In addition to being used to prevent pregnancy, Diane is used for the treatment of different medical conditions associated with skin lesions such as; nodular or inflammatory seborrhea, acne, mild hirsutism or androgenic alopecia.

The diseases or medical pathologies that can be treated with Diane are related to the lack or failure of female hormones such as: estrogens and androgens . People who can be medicated with this drug must be female.

Currently these pills are used to control skin pathologies, and they are very rarely prescribed for contraceptive use, they are used as mentioned above, only for the treatment of skin or hormonal conditions.

What is Diane used for?

These pills were created as a contraceptive method, however, thanks to their hormonal effects, their uses were expanded to other treatments, leaving aside their initial purpose. The most common cases in which Diane is used are the following:

Acne control

The control of acne through contraceptives is carried out to supply the deficit of hormones that has led to this situation.

Not only the hormonal deficit or changes in the different stages of life such as puberty , pregnancy, menopause, can cause the arrival of acne. Lack of hormonal control as one of the common factors causing this condition can also be generated by stress.

It is necessary to determine what type of factor is causing acne, to determine exactly the procedure to follow and assertive treatment, in most cases if it is hormonal and is solved with oral contraceptives.

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This is the most common reason for the medication with Diane for the female sex, this happens thanks to its regulating action of hormones, which allows women to significantly improve this health condition that affects not only physical appearance, but also the self-esteem.

We must also remember that acne is a problem that goes beyond a simple physical or aesthetic condition of the skin. It can be a more serious problem, because it affects self-confidence, self-esteem, something more harmful to health than acne itself.

Detecting the problem or determining factor causing acne is simple, only hormonal studies are required to decipher if it is a product of hormonal deficit and act through the benefits that Diane offers for this skin condition.

The indication for acne treatment with the contraceptive pill is based on recurrent acne or has not improved with other treatments and has gone from a moderate to severe condition.

An increase in the production of male hormones in a woman’s body can cause these types of skin problems, as well as other problems. Using Diane can improve and even completely eliminate this problem.

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Polycystic ovary syndrome is a determining factor in the appearance of acne due to the hormonal changes that are triggered by this condition, such as hyper androgenism that in turn generates acne; hirsutism, hair loss or alopecia, etc.

This disorder can lead to unwanted consequences such as infertility and problems related to a marked resistance to insulin and would subsequently trigger a series of factors that cause dangerous diseases such as Type I and II Diabetes Mellitus.

In general, oral contraceptives work by decreasing the production of male hormones in women, decreasing the production of sebum; the pores will not be affected and acne will not occur, if acne is implanted as a moderate to severe problem, it improves and renews the skin.

Body hair control

Diane is special when there is an increase in the production of androgens or male hormones , so the growth of body hair is a symptom of it, being very annoying for women who suffer from it.

The increase in male hormones can be the result of a failure in the hormonal production of the adrenal glands or be the result of polycystic ovaries, among other causes.

Whatever its cause or determining factors to produce this condition, it is very notorious or better said “evident” by the growth of hair in areas not common in women, a real aesthetic problem.

Through various studies, it was determined that treatment with Diane for these cases is usually effective, since it inhibits hair growth, reduces its thickness and lightens its color to the point of its disappearance.

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In addition to producing a significant improvement in hirsutism, it produces hormonal stability in the body that, with continuous use for a year, can lead to the definitive cure of the problem.

However, in the absence of the proper study corresponding to the organs that could be interfering in the failure of the production of female hormones and an increase in the production of androgens, the treatment could become temporary and only improve, but not completely eliminate the hirsutism .

If this condition occurs due to diseases such as congenital adrenal hyperplasia or hypothyroidism, the procedure or action is completely different, with the use of drugs specifically designed for these conditions and in combination with hormonal preparations that supplant the failures and regulate androgen excesses. in the body.

For this reason, it is extremely important to go to the specialist because behind the simple growth of hairs in areas not common for women, a serious health condition may be hiding, which by stopping in time can avoid complications and even cure them.

Self-medication is not recommended, since as mentioned above, each organism must be studied individually since the response to any drug or hormonal preparation is different in each woman, so no hormonal method should be used without consulting with a specialist.

In addition to this, it should be noted that the causes of hirsutism are many, as has also been described, so first the specialist or endocrine doctor will study the cause and then, according to the results, they will indicate the corresponding medicinal alternative with the result, without diagnostic tests. This condition is not medicated in a correct way.

Avoid pregnancy

Diane is a presentation of contraceptive pills or contraceptive pills, in its beginnings, it has an effective hormonal combination to prevent the fertility of the female ovum.

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As this type of oral contraceptive has been studied, great benefits have been found for its actions on the skin and reducing the androgenic loads in the body, thus improving conditions such as acne, hirsutism, androgenic alopecia, among others.

For this reason, its use was expanded not only as a contraceptive method but as a therapeutic alternative in the aforementioned conditions, giving surprising results.

The hormonal load or combination thereof in Diane is very low, so when used as a contraceptive method in a discontinuous way, it lost the contraceptive efficacy; in this case, you must be strict in the schedules and daily intakes to obtain adequate protection.

In addition, the drugs that can decrease its concentration due to an increase in its metabolism should be known, such as the most commonly used antibiotics, among others; which interfere in the plasma concentrations of the hormonal load of Diane, allowing susceptibility in the protection then a pregnancy could occur.

medical evaluation is necessary so that the Diane contraceptive is guided by it, it should be noted that these pills are for personal use so self-medication is not recommended.

Special care must be taken with the use of the Diane pill as a contraceptive method for a long time in health problems such as hypertension, diabetes or own or hereditary circulatory problems.

Composition of Diane

It is composed of an estrogen of 2 mg of Cyproterone Acetate and a Progestogen of 0.035 mg of Ethinylestradiol , considered a low-dose contraceptive due to its small level of hormones, but ideal for other pathologies.

It also contains other compounds that function as excipients , that is, they do not belong to the active compound but are found in medication, these are; Cornstarch, Magnesium Stearate, Lactose Monohydrate, Talc, Titanium Dioxide, Glycerol, Yellow Iron Oxide, Glycolized Montana Wax, Glycerol, Providone and Macrogol .

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How does Diane work?

Its pharmacological effect is produced in the cervix, preventing the completion of ovulation due to the thickness of the mucus that is there, thanks to the change produced, this happens since the ovule is unable to enter the wall of the cervix, which together with the composition of the drug prevents fertilization.

It should be noted that Diane since 2005 in Spain stopped being used as a contraceptive pill, to become a drug of choice for cases of acne associated with increased androgen production in women due to various causes, especially in cases of ovaries. polycystic.

The treatments with Diane should not be prolonged due to the risks, it stopped being used as a contraceptive method, since it favors a favorable environment for the formation of clots or better known as venous thrombosis.

This is why its use is limited to only treating acne and some cases of hirsutism in some countries where its commercialization has not yet been prohibited, since the risks-benefits are marked.

Diane side effects

Oral contraceptives cause side effects when used and Diane does not escape these. For this reason, it is advisable to have a good orientation by the health personnel regarding the opposite effects, to take into account any changes with the use of the contraceptive and to determine when it is necessary to consult the doctor.

The health problems resulting from the ingestion of Diane are the same that occur with the use of other oral contraceptives on the market. What differentiates this pill from the rest is the low amount of hormones , which is why the side effects will not be very marked.

In the same way, it is still a condition that, if correct action is not determined at the time, can generate discomfort that is difficult to control. For this reason, the notification of any effect caused by the use of the contraceptive is recommended.

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Diane can cause side effects such as significant weight gain, fluid retention, or loss of body weight . These symptoms usually occur within the first three months of treatment.

If symptoms persist after this period, it is necessary to see a doctor to evaluate the use of the contraceptive and if it is necessary to change it or completely eliminate oral contraceptives.

Beware diane

This section will explain in detail the care that must be taken into account when starting treatment or choosing Diane as a contraceptive method.

It should be noted that the contraceptive action of Diane is in the background of use, since it is used mainly to improve other conditions in the body, which are related to hormonal or skin failures.

In relation to the above described, Diane can be used as a contraceptive method only if the woman has a hormonal deficiency or an increase in androgens in the body, and in cases of acne due to polycystic ovaries or hormonal deficiency.

If the woman does not present any problem of this type, it is preferable to choose any other brand on the market as oral contraceptive method, which guarantees good prevention of pregnancy or contraceptive protection and can be used for a long time.

If it is determined by studies conducted and a diagnosis by a specialist that Diane should be used for medical and contraceptive treatment , you should be especially careful if recurrent headaches or worsening migraine symptoms appear after starting Diane.

The treating doctor must be notified of said condition and he will determine the actions to follow or suspension of treatment, until everything returns to normal and look for other alternatives.

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Cautious situations can occur with the use of Diane, such as sudden changes in vision or hearing accompanied by other failures in perception; a picture that may be an indication for the suspension of treatment immediately.

It is necessary to be careful in case of symptoms of venous thromboembolism in the lower extremities, also changes in the respiratory pattern and chest pain.

In these cases, the suspension of the drug or pill , an assessment and medical surveillance are essential to reverse the damage that could have been generated by the use of Diane, in patients with a clinical history of venous thrombosis or close family inheritance of the same .

Diseases of the liver, cardiovascular, Central Nervous System are not compatible with Diane, so a detailed study of the conditions or diseases suffered by the woman must be carried out before starting to use the contraceptive pill, whatever the function that is wanted to take advantage of the hormonal composition of it.

How to take the Diane pill?

The intake of this product is the same as that of other combined contraceptives , so it should be taken every day at the same time and take a break or rest interval of 7 days; in which menstrual bleeding will begin again. At the end of the seventh day, the treatment begins again with a new pack of pills.

If the intake is not on a daily or regular basis, there may be great risks of becoming pregnant, as well as leaving more than 12 hours without taking the drug, can reach this result. If you go more than 12 hours without taking the pill, you should take it immediately and reinforce the protection with barrier methods or condoms.

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Diane contraindications

This medication should not be ingested by any type of person , especially if it has not been prescribed by the doctor or has any allergies or hypersensitivity to the components of the formula, injuries due to vascular accidents or liver risks, migraines or pancreatic conditions.

It is for this reason of the utmost importance to go to the doctor and after an exhaustive interview and assessment, the specialist determines if it is safe to use oral contraceptives such as Diane in the treatment that warrants its hormonal effect.

You cannot take this pill during pregnancy or if you want to remain pregnant , it is necessary to anticipate that its consumption together with other medications such as antibiotics, the contraceptive loses its effectiveness; If you use as a method of contraception, it is necessary to use contraceptive barriers during treatment.

Not taking the pill with another contraceptive would make no sense; Therefore, with good medical guidance this would not happen, because many times it is out of ignorance that these types of errors are made that do not provide any benefit for health, they would cause serious problems in it.

At present Diane extends its use for the treatment of acne and hirsutism , in addition to being used as a contraceptive method.

Is there a risk of venous thrombosis from taking it?

Thrombosis is a silent disease that can strike for any circumstance without prior notice, although it is true that people who have a family inheritance of it must have strict medical control; to determine if this pathology can occur, especially after 35 years of age.

The use of contraceptives today includes little risk of producing thrombosis, compared to the first contraceptives that came on the market; but Diane, according to research carried out, tends to promote the appearance of blood clots, favors the appearance of venous thrombosis and the high health risks that this disease generates.

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Although this condition or disease has a higher percentage of occurring in healthy people with direct inheritance of venous thrombosis cases, with the use of contraceptives such as Diane. For this reason its use is limited only in special cases where other treatments fail with respect to improving moderate and severe acne.

A good medical evaluation and a family study can determine if there are risks with the use of contraceptives and prevent a thrombosis with the use of other non-hormonal contraceptive methods that can work as well, such as barrier methods.

Likewise, in the case of acne treatments with Diane, a good assessment and monitoring should be established and at the slightest symptom of changes in the body such as chest pain or inflammation in the lower limbs, among others, consult a specialist doctor immediately .

It must be taken into account as it has been described that own thrombophilias or due to family history , that is, the formation of blood clots in people close to the family can be a high risk factor to consider if you plan to start ingesting Diane , since it can develop pathology.

Another fact to consider for the development of venous thrombosis is overweight or obesity, bad habits such as smoking (even if you have previously quit smoking), age is also decisive, since in people over 35 years of age it is more susceptible to suffering circulatory problems and thrombosis in the lower limbs.

Another predisposing factor is having recently had a childbirth or abortion, the treating doctor will determine at the time of the interview and assessment to determine whether or not a treatment or contraception with the use of the Diane pill is recommended.

If there are any problems with the use of Diane, the treatment is suspended by medical order for 6 months until the necessary and safe health condition is recovered .

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Diane and acne pills

Acne is a condition that can affect a large number of the female population at different stages of life, in addition to causing great concern and the search for alternatives to avoid its manifestation.

When the skin problem already exists, before starting to experiment with drugs in various presentations, one should go to a specialist doctor to find the correct alternatives that do not cause major skin problems.

It is important not to self-medicate, since the integrity of a healthy, scar-free skin is ideal for a healthy appearance, and acting incorrectly with regard to acne can lead to its recurrence and cause serious injuries whose integral recovery of the skin would be impossible. The most advisable thing is to follow the specialist’s instructions.

In general, acne is produced by an excess of bait in the glands of the skin of the face, likewise it can appear in other places such as the back, chest, buttocks, and other areas, where it can generate a plugging of the pores due to the increase of this substance that is the main cause of acne.

An acne pill is the tablet that the doctor prescribes as a possible cure to remove excess bait from the skin, thus preventing acne pathology from developing.  Diane is today one of the most effective treatments to control acne and therefore many women with this problem use Diane

Although Diane is the drug of choice , there are many types of pills on the market that can be used on a regular basis, as long as it is indicated by a dermatologist, depending on the type of acne that occurs.

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Diane , is used to treat chronic and severe cases of acne that are directly or indirectly related to problems in hormonal regulation. In general, this pill is indicated by specialists in the area, such as an endocrinologist or dermatologist.

Juvenile acne has a high probability of developing from 9 years or 11 years of age, in which medications with a moderate effect are prescribed that do not cause risks of suffering any side effect, if these do not meet expectations, we will proceed to medicate drugs like Diane .

Among the natural alternatives are pills of natural origin, that is, those that contain compounds such as; aloe vera, ginger, coconut oil, and garlic. These pills are found in homes or stores in charge of selling and marketing naturopathic products.

It is necessary that before the use of any product, including those of natural origin, they are done under medical supervision and after carrying out relevant studies to determine the exact origin of acne. Let us remember that each case and organism is different.

If you comply with the aforementioned, it will bring as a benefit to be successful in the treatment, since, if it is a hormonal deficit the cause of it, you must proceed directly with the use of contraceptive pills as the first option.

The best birth control pill for these cases of acne is Diane . (As long as your doctor recommends it).

The results will appear after the first six months of treatment, the treating doctor will indicate how long the treatment should be extended if necessary, and will maintain control in cases of recidivism, so it is important to notify each progress or delay of the same.

Remember that Diane , can cause serious side effects with prolonged use , so you must respect the game of treatment if symptoms of acne persist the treating physician should look for other alternatives to help improve the condition.

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Diane for hair

Hair in women is one of the most striking characteristics and therefore, of greater concern for their appearance and care, since the state of health of the person can easily be identified just by looking at their hair.

It is necessary to have top quality products when washing and daily hair care, since otherwise instead of favoring your good health, it would worsen with the appearance of episodes of dandruff or hair loss, among others. problems associated with a lack of nutrients in the scalp.

The female gender has been identified since ancient times by the femininity that long hair gives, therefore, it is not surprising that today there is great concern about hair growth in women as a sign of feminine beauty.

There are different factors that can lead to stopping hair growth, such as lack of nutrition, diseases that can affect the scalp and therefore, hormonal deficit.

The good hormonal functioning is essential for the maintenance of the health of the organism as a whole, which includes in a very special way in the case of the woman the feminine characteristics, reason why a deficit in the same can diminish or stop the growth of the hair, among other manifestations on the skin.

Today’s contraceptive pills like Diane have been evaluated and improved to the point that they are not only used for pregnancy prevention, but are also the indispensable allies for feminine beauty treatments, in terms of health improvements in the skin. and of course hair growth.

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Likewise, there are many more uses of these pills and not only with the ingestion of them, but topically, this makes them very practical and highly effective in various functions, in short a marvel.

To grow hair, it is not necessary to ingest contraceptive pills , since it can be added to the Shampoo in powder form, with this simple procedure you can obtain beautiful and healthy hair.

As the first step to follow, you should choose a brand of contraceptive pills, the Diane brand being the most recommended , thanks to its effectiveness in healing acne and skin diseases.

Once the pill is chosen, you must take 10 of these and place them in a plastic bag to proceed to crush them until they become a fine powder. Then the resulting powder is placed in the usual Shampoo , it must be shaken every time you are going to use it to wash your hair.

It is recommended to wash your hair every day, to enhance its growth you should apply your favorite mask and it is also recommended to put some Diane pills , (in this case 5 will be enough). This mask will be applied just after washing the hair, massaging the scalp, leaving it to act for a few minutes.

To enhance the positive effects , a good diet must be followed , since this helps to rehabilitate the hair fiber, it also helps the body to obtain a better blood supply by exercising, this in turn, stimulates the arrival of blood to the capillaries, causing hair growth in conjunction with Diane.

Can Diane be a determining factor in cases of tumors in the body?

Studies carried out can prove that the use of oral contraceptives, whatever the brand, is capable of increasing the risk of suffering from cancer, among which is breast cancer.

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It is believed that there are two possibilities of early detection of breast cancer in users who ingest Diane as a long-term contraceptive method, as a first alternative is that due to medical surveillance and frequent studies a better and faster diagnosis is obtained, in cases that would remain silent if not taking the pill.

Another statement is in the production of changes in the woman’s body at the hormonal level so marked that they can generate problems in various organs and therefore, the appearance of not only breast cancer, but also benign tumors in other places such as the liver for example.

Whatever the case, what is really important is prevention and early action, so recurrent consultations are given to the gynecologist and endocrinologist to determine any unusual changes in cell formation and correct hormonal functioning during the use of Diane.

Diane and pancratic problems

Pancreatitis associated with the use of oral contraceptives is due to a pathology already established before the start of treatment with the Diane pill.

In other words, women who present episodes of hypertriglyceridemia at any time in their life or inheritance thereof, with the use of Diane contraceptives, the risks of suffering from pancreatitis increase significantly.

Irregular cycle while using Diane

With the use of Diane, a lack of control of the female menstrual cycle may occur, an amenorrhea may even occur from the pill.

Likewise, irregular or out-of-cycle spotting may occur due to the intake of Diane. Therefore, the pills must be complied with at the correct time and daily during the prescribed time of treatment, under a strict assessment of the changes produced and a timely action.

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Whatever the change that the use of Diane exerts in the body, it is necessary to consult with a specialist and carry out the pertinent studies to diagnose if they can cause greater consequences and the treatment should be suspended or are simply temporary changes that disappear over the months .

Good communication with the health personnel who is in charge of assessing and monitoring the treatment is essential to prevent damage resulting from the intake of this pill, which practically has a very fine thread between the benefits and the health risks.

Use of Diane during pregnancy and lactation

Diane is totally contraindicated during pregnancy, so if you are pregnant and you had not realized it and you continued taking Diane, you just have to stop taking the pill and go immediately to the treating gynecologist.

Regarding breastfeeding, we can add that at this stage Diane is totally contraindicated, since small amounts of Diane can be strained through breast milk and produce changes in the baby.

Reason why France does not market Diane

In France a strong situation arose years ago with the death of four women due to the use of Diane; the cause of death was venous thrombosis, with the use of the pill as a treatment for acne, specifically.

Since 2005, Diane was no longer marketed as a contraceptive method, so its use at the time of deaths specifically in 2013 was for anti-acne treatment.

Along with these reported cases were added a number of 125 cases of effects produced by Diane, as adverse in women with treatments with this pill to improve skin problems such as acne.

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The French agency in charge of studying these cases is “the French Medicines Agency (ANSM)”, which determined that the health problems presented and the deaths caused by venous thrombosis were due to the use of Diane.

In Spain, this pill is not marketed for contraceptive purposes but, exclusively for the treatment of acne, so it is expected that the European Union will rule if necessary and act assertively regarding the use of Diane.

It should be noted that in countries like Colombia this contraceptive pill is still used both for acne treatments and for the prevention of pregnancy or contraception , so it is necessary to evaluate if it is really necessary to run the risk of using Diane as a contraceptive or look at other options. safe.

It is up to you whether Diane is worth the risk, looking only at how positive the pill offers and not how important the risks would be.

An episode of acne can be annoying and even cause you states of anxiety and impotence and loss of self-esteem or confidence, but not of life; so there are several less risky alternatives that can be considered before choosing Diane as an acne treatment option.

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