Do Moisturizers With Sun Protection Work?

With so many products on the market, you can sometimes doubt which is more efficient: do you use a moisturizer with a protection factor or just a sunscreen?

Today, with the information available, it is difficult to find someone who does not know the importance of applying sunscreen every day. But that does not mean that almost everyone always uses the product. Despite all the information, the number of people who forget to apply sunscreen daily is very large . According to a survey published by the Society of Dermatology, the average number of people who do not protect themselves is 70% – a lot of people, right?

Excuses for not using the shield are: lack of time and money, laziness and excess cosmetics that must be used . Therefore, the cosmetic industries have developed “2 in 1” products: moisturizers and sunscreens combined in one product.

But do they really protect the skin?

According to the latest polls, yes! Moisturizing creams that also have a filter in their formulas are good and work very well, especially for day to day and if they have enough SPF. Of course, if you go to the beach or do a sport with great exposure to the sun, the ideal is sunscreen .

So if you had this doubt, you can choose without fear a moisturizer with SPF.

Another important issue to take into account is our long-term health, think that cosmetics are ingredients that our skin is absorbing, many are good … but there are many others that are not good for our skin to absorb.

On the one hand we have the formulations, the European health agency allows a maximum% of each ingredient such as preservatives, alcohols, ceramides, etc. in each formulation. This implies that if we have previously applied some more cosmetic products to the sunscreen such as a moisturizer, serum, eye contour or anti-wrinkle, we suffer what is called the “ Combined Effect” .

What does this mean? Very simple, if our skin throughout the day should only absorb 0.5% of some type of alcohol (they are generally preservatives), because if it absorbs more it would dry out, by using 3 products it will surely absorb much more, which is HARMFUL for our skin and our body.

In the end, the most commercial brands unfortunately reach the limit in their formulations at the level of preservatives so that their product manufactures last as long as possible and continue to sell the same manufacture for years, this is bad for our skin, because an excess of these ingredients They can involve long-term eczema, dermatitis to active hormonal changes (including cancers).

Why is it not avoided? Because you cannot, each person uses different brands of cosmetics and products, it is impossible to regulate the combination of all.

That is why it is important to look for products that have a closed expiration date, not the drawing of the open tin, but closed, the European Union, obliges manufacturers to put it as long as the product expires before 30 months.

In short, if you care about your health, in addition to applying a sunscreen, you should look for something more natural, with a closed expiration date. In the following products that I show you, I have only found one, but you will see it now.

Moisturizing creams with SPF

Nezeni Cosmetics Face Sun Cream High Protection UVA / UVB SPF 50+. Cream with LOW AMOUNT OF PRESERVATIVES

This Spanish laboratory has the premise of using the minimum possible preservatives , so much so that they have manufactured a set of products that among the 4 they have, the maximum allowed by the EU is not exceeded in just one.

In addition, among the ingredients we find aloe vera, vitamin E and glycerin that are usually used in moisturizing creams, it is important to take this into account, and together with the SPF50 +, we achieve perfect UVA / UVB protection.

I have been using it since I discovered the combined effect and it also does not leave my skin oily and has a very pleasant smell. Although being SPF50 +, it leaves the skin a little whitish at first, but it absorbs very quickly.

The downside is that you can only buy online at

Hydraphase XL SPF50, La Roche

Provides intensive hydration with long-lasting effect and daily protection against UVA rays. Responding to the concerns of dermatologists, Hydraphase XL combines intensive daily rehydration with the highest level of daily protection against UVA rays, present throughout the year and responsible for premature skin aging. More information on prices .

UV Perfect SPF 50, L’Oréal Paris

Laboratories L’Oreal Paris have created a perfect UV filter to protect your skin from internal and external aggressions, so that it looks younger. It has an anti-pollution and detoxification complex with free radical scavenging action; the skin is visibly reinforced with the Activa-Cell System. More information about the price .

Hydrance Optimale SPF 20, Avène

Moisturizes and contains vitamin E. Photoprotection for all skin types. Anti free radical action. Fluid emulsion for daily hydration and protection against UVA and UVB rays . Contains Avène Thermal Spring Water. High protection against sunburn, indicated for sensitive skin. More information about the price .

Endocare Day SPF 30

The first solar filter with ACS Biorepair Technology. Firming, with action against sagging, aging and moderate photoaging of the skin. Anti-wrinkle action. Contains: SCA Biorepair 2% Technology, Hygroplex, chemical and physical filters , vitamin E. More information on pricing .

Hidrafil Gel SPF 30, boots

Hidrafil developed an innovative formula for people who have dry and sensitive skin . Its unique dual moisturizing action reduces dryness and protects sensitive skin with SPF 20. A hydrated, soft and protected skin. More information about the price .

Anew Rejuvenate Day, Cream SPF 25, Avon

Protects the skin and immediately increases the level of hydration by 81%. Reduces fine lines, renews and revitalizes the skin. It diminishes and unclogs the pores , avoiding the appearance of blackheads, and helps to eliminate the spots. More information about the price .

Moisturizing Emulsion with Protector SPF 50, Secret Nature

UVA and UVB protection during the time of exposure to the sun. Contains CAO, which helps fight free radicals. Its formula is moisturizing, light in texture and easy to spread. Its water resistance is up to 3 hours! More information about the price .

Hydra + Bio Active SPF15 Facial, Roc

RoC® Hydra + Bio Active SPF Facial 15 is an innovative facial moisturizer that combines moisturizing agents (*), nourishing Hydrovance® ( Omega 3 and 6 ) and antioxidants from natural sources that reinforce the skin’s natural hydration mechanism. The protective filters SPF 15 protects skin against photo – aging. More information about the price .

Nivea Sun – Protect & Hydrate – Moisturizing sun spray SPF30

Hydrates and promotes antioxidant action with SPF30, reduces skin sensitivity, hydrates and maintains the natural moisture of the skin. Avoid premature aging and dehydration. More information about the price.

Lancaster – Sun Control SPF30 Face Cream

It is a daily sunscreen that has been specially developed to act preventively on the skin. Forms a protective film, preventing the loss of water from the surface layers, so it is smoother through deep hydration that controls oil. More information about the price .

Bella Aurora Solar Fluid SPF 50+ Anti-blemish Normal-Dry Skin

Oil-free formula with triple action: hydration for 8 hours, antioxidant action and UV protection. Protects against the harmful effects of the sun and premature aging . Suitable for everyday wear, it can be used under makeup. More information about the price .

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