Dopamine an Excellent Ally For a Healthy Life

Among the most important neurotransmitters for the functioning of the Central Nervous System is dopamine, which stands out for its activity to regulate cardiac function , vascular tone and gastrointestinal motility in the body, but it is best known mainly for its action in the performance of motor activity, its influence on the affective and emotional part of the human being.

Dopamine is responsible for keeping the body healthy and well-being , because it is capable of helping us react appropriately to life circumstances, also allowing the emotional responses to different situations to be positive.

It also helps us maintain high levels of motivation for success, always being focused and attentive to our goals.

It is an excellent ally of endorphin and together with it, they are part of the well-known hormones of happiness.

It does not matter what negative environment you are subjected to in your life, because having high dopamine will influence the way you react to these circumstances, being in a more positive and balanced way.

Consequences of decreased dopamine on your emotions

When your body’s dopamine is depleted, you tend to be in a bad mood, have a poor ability to concentrate at work or in studies , possibly forget more things than usual or it becomes common to establish conflicts with people around you.

So if this happens to you more often than you want it to, it’s time to get your body’s dopamine up.

Decreased dopamine can cause illness

It is important that you know that the decrease in dopamine can affect your mood and even cause illness in some people.

Various studies in the field of neuroscience have shown that alterations in dopamine concentrations in the body contribute to developing not only changes in your mood, but also to developing diseases such as Parkinson’s, schizophrenia, disorders of hyperactivity, psychosis or addiction to certain drugs.

Really understanding the mechanism by which these diseases affect certain people and some more than others, has been a great advance in science and at the same time a great contribution that allows to achieve the prevention of these terrible conditions, in the same way facilitates being able to apply treatments on time and in an appropriate way for each one of them.

How does dopamine work in the brain?

It is known that dopamine plays an important role, because it has the ability to send signals to control the movements of the muscles of the body , thanks to this it is possible to walk, speak, perform exercises, work, dance, etc., all this in conditions adequate health.

On the contrary, when the decrease or the complete disappearance of dopamine in the brain occurs, due to the absence of the production of this substance by specialized cells of the organism, the consequences are not encouraging at all for you.

And this is due to the fact that the neurons of the brain, which require dopamine to fulfill their functions, when seen without the valuable contribution of dopamine, die progressively, which is why the consequences of Parkinson’s are irreversible.

Effects of dopamine in Parkinson’s

As Parkinson’s develops due to dopamine deficiency, this disease worsens and the most notorious manifestations of Parkinson’s occur.

Which are characterized by progressive difficulty in walking, people can also develop tremors in the limbs or in the head, which makes it difficult to properly maintain balance.

This disease is progressive and deteriorates the quality of life of people, making it impossible for them to carry out daily activities, from the simplest to the most complete that require coordination and balance.

Treatment of Parkinson’s by lowering dopamine.

In most cases, drug treatment is based on the intake of substitutes for this substance, which when ingested orally enter the brain and are capable of producing dopamine in the body.

There are also natural alternatives such as the roots of Gingko biloba and Turmeric, which you can incorporate into your favorite recipes or consume beverages in the form of tea, specifically green tea or coffee, which are capable of raising the body’s dopamine.

Add chocolate, banana, watermelon, avocado to your daily diet because these foods have been shown to improve dopamine concentrations in your body.

Elevate dopamine

How have you noticed keeping dopamine high is very beneficial for your health.

Since dopamine is one of the most important neurotransmitters in the Central Nervous System, it is capable of supporting the activity of the mesolimbic reward circuit in the brain, that is why we feel happy when we achieve a goal or when we accomplish something we want.

So you should know some simple ways to raise dopamine in the body:

Exercises abroad

Practice physical activities , if possible outdoors. In this way you will renew the chemistry of your brain, when you perform the exercises in the open air you will connect with nature, being able to also enjoy its beautiful countries, the climate and the refreshing smell of the outside, to generate greater amounts of dopamine.

Connect with the melodies

Listening to music will definitely stimulate the brain in a positive way , increasing dopamine to the rhythm of the music of your choice. Music is the medicine of the soul so take time to enjoy it or sing along to your chosen tunes.

Your personal project

The brain is an infinite connection machine capable of working on tasks endlessly, but it also needs to spend time in creativity or free thinking.

For this you can undertake a creative project, read a book, take care of some plants, draw or anything that generates pleasure in you, in this way you will be able to activate the production of dopamine. Since this substance generates pleasure when putting these activities into practice but at the same time it stimulates these occupations to be carried out frequently, once you start them you will be able to do them frequently thanks to dopamine.

Get out of the routine

When you perform unexpected activities or when you get out of the routine, with experiences outside of what you normally do, the brain produces a dopamine discharge in an incredible way, the more unexpected the activity is, that is why we recommend that you undertake new activities, accept to leave than scheduled , take a weekend for enjoyment or accept a different invitation. In this way the system is activated

Dopamine and toxic emotions

Although dopamine can generate satisfaction and pleasure, it is impossible for the body to produce excessive doses, being immersed in extremely stressful situations for a long time.

For this reason, it is important that you stay away from conflict-laden environments or people with toxic emotions , who could keep you in a vicious cycle of prolonged stress and subject your body to declining hormones of happiness, over clothes and alterations of the immune system, causing illness and depression.

Remember that your mental health will always affect your physical health, so taking care of and maintaining adequate levels of the chemical substances in our body will help you to be in balance. For this reason, do not forget to work on constantly producing the hormones of happiness in your life.

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