Why You Should Do A Double Facial Cleansing

Any fan of K-beauty – Korean cosmetics – is probably familiar with double cleansing, and if they aren’t, they should be.

Double cleansing is the backbone of any good skincare routine, and it is by far the most important step in the routine: if your skin isn’t totally clean, the other products won’t work as well, and your skin it won’t be ready to absorb beneficial assets.

We know that sometimes you don’t even have the energy to wipe your face with a towel, but when it comes to skincare, an extra couple of minutes can make a big difference.

So let’s find out everything about double cleansing, its benefits, and why we should start doing it as soon as possible to get beautiful skin.

What is double cleaning?

If you are new to this concept, don’t worry, double cleaning is an easy process to understand. It is basically the cleansing method that Korean women use to achieve porcelain skin.

It consists of washing your face in two steps: first using an oil-based cleanser, followed by a water-based foaming cleanser .

You need two different formulas to clean your face properly and thoroughly. The first step removes oil-based impurities like sebum, makeup, and contaminants, while the second step cleanses water-based residues like sweat and dirt.

This way of cleaning ensures that both types of impurities are removed from your skin, and that your face gets the deepest and gentlest cleaning possible.

STEP 1 – Oil Cleaner

What are you doing? Gently dissolves oil residue like sebum, makeup, sunscreen, and air pollutants. Water-based cleaners are unable to remove oil-based residues because oil and water do not mix.

You can also use a micellar water, whose micelles are small particles of oil. Choose the best options on the market here .

How to use it? Take a small amount of cleanser and massage it onto your face in gentle upward circular motions. Then apply some water and massage it in again to emulsify the product (you’re doing fine if it turns milky). Lastly, rinse off the oil cleaner with lukewarm water.

STEP 2 – Foam / Cream Cleanser

What are you doing? Gently removes water-based impurities like sweat and dirt.

How to use it? After rinsing off the oil cleanser thoroughly, add a small amount of foam cleanser or cleansing cream to your face, and massage it in with gentle upward circular motions. Lastly, rinse it off with lukewarm water.

How often should a double cleaning be performed?

Ideally, you should do it twice a day, in the morning and at night .

In the morning it is important to remove any remaining sweat and oil that your skin has produced at night, as well as to remove any remaining product from the night before. Plus, it will help prepare your skin for your morning care routine.

Double cleansing at night will remove makeup, sunscreen, pollution, and other impurities that your skin has built up during the day.

Because it is important?

As we’ve seen, double cleansing removes dirt on top of the skin, along with makeup, excess oil, and dead skin.

You may be wondering: Doesn’t my regular cleanser do that already? Not necessarily.

You really need a double cleaning if you live in a big city with high pollution – yes, your city may be wreaking havoc on your skin – or if you use a lot of sunscreen, as these can leave residues that are difficult to remove.

And if you wear makeup every day, this double cleanse will also help remove all your makeup. Not removing it completely can leave your skin looking dull, and it also contributes to clogging your pores , which can lead to acne or enlarged pores.

And if your skin is completely clean, it is easier for serums and moisturizers to absorb better , and their actives produce the best results.

What if I don’t use makeup, do I still have to use an oil cleanser? You are right. While it’s true that oil cleansers are great makeup removers, they can do a lot more than that.

Makeup is just one type of oil-based impurity. There are others, such as excess sebum (which everyone secretes), and various oil-based pollutants that accumulate on the skin during the day or night.

Oil cleaners also break down sunscreen, which you should always, always, always wear.

It removes all dirt from the oil-based surface so that when you apply the water cleanser, it can penetrate deep into the pores and remove the deeper impurities.

So it doesn’t matter if you wear makeup or not, don’t skip any steps.

Should I use an oil-based cleanser if my skin is oily?

This is one of the most common misconceptions. The idea that oil on oily skin is a bad combination is one of the most inaccurate, but widely spread myths about skin care.

Actually, if you’re fighting oily skin, using an oil-based cleanser is more important if possible. Oily skin produces more oil-based impurities than normal skin, and using an oil-based cleanser is the most effective way to remove those impurities .

Oil cleansers gently remove excess sebum and help balance the skin, preventing the production of excess sebum. You will notice that using this oil-based cleanser makes your face lose its shine over time.

At the end of the day, using an oil-based cleanser on oily skin is one of the most effective ways to combat breakouts.

It’s skincare advice that is practiced by many dermatologists and estheticians around the world, and I hope that through word of mouth, this is a more universal concept.

Will water-based cleansers dry out my skin?

For some people, the idea of ​​using a non-oil-based cleanser is daunting, because it leaves their skin dry and tight. But as long as you’re using a foam cleanser that’s right for your skin type, this doesn’t have to happen.

If you have problems with dry and sensitive skin, the key is to simply use a foaming cleanser that is mild and has a neutral to low pH. This will ensure that your skin receives the deep and complete cleansing it needs, without drying out your face.

Double cleansing is particularly useful in these cases, because using an oil cleanser in the first place means that the water-based cleanser has to remove fewer impurities, and this allows you to use one that is gentler on your skin.

Can double cleansing excessively cleanse my face?

It is true that it is possible to overclean the skin, so it is easy to fall into the misconception that double cleaning can over-clean it. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Oil cleansers are formulated to be extremely gentle on the skin. Unlike other more aggressive cleansers, they do not remove lipids and ceramides that are essential to keep your skin balanced and healthy.

That unpleasant feeling of dryness and tightness that occurs after cleaning with strong cleaning products, occurs because lipids and ceramides are removed to remove oil-based impurities.

Oil cleaners ensure that those impurities are removed, but leaving the lipids and ceramides in place. There are even oil cleansers that are extra gentle, which are a great addition for extra sensitive skin.

In which cases should it not be done?

Double cleansing is not recommended if a skin has a rosacea flare, or if you suffer from cystic acne. In these cases, it is best to opt for a single cleanse with an oil cleanser or mild cleansing milk, as double cleansing can overstimulate the skin and aggravate it even more.

In short, the general rule is that everyone – regardless of skin type or the products they use – should do a double cleanse every day, morning and night!

This will not only prevent blemishes, but will ensure that the skin is ready to receive all other cosmetic products, making them even more effective.

So the next time you’re wondering if you should double-clean, remember that the answer is almost always yes.

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