Dove Men + Care Face Wash, Analysis And Alternative

Although often associated with feminine hygiene, Dove pulled its men’s line to reach the other side of the aisle, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

To help prevent dry facial skin, there is Dove Men + Care’s unique moisturizing formula, which combines mild surfactants with the same lipids naturally found in skin for natural hydration.

The Men + Care formula is easily rinsed off for a deep cleansing sensation, and replenishes lost moisture to combat dry skin.

It is not specified which are the ingredients that will achieve these results, so we are going to go directly to the INCI, which will give us the answers we are looking for.

And since I see that you like to take care of yourself, I recommend that you take a look at this Review of the Best Facial Cleansers for Men , where you will find the best options for your face wash, whatever your skin type.

In addition, after the analysis you have important information about facial cleansers for men, from the ingredients they have to include, to how to use them.

Dove Men + Care Face Wash Review

Summary analysis Face Wash Dove Men + Care

The formula begins with glycerin, a lubricant that is usually present in most cosmetics, as it is very cheap and provides a very pleasant sensation on the skin.

Next on the list are surfactants, which are the agents in charge of removing dirt from the skin. The amount of these compounds that it includes is impressive, I have counted up to 8.

What I don’t like is that they include stearic acid and sodium laureth sulfate, both known to be irritating ingredients.

There is an emollient, which we could say is the only ingredient that is worthwhile in the formula, since the rest do not contribute anything good. Perfume, irritating and sensitizing preservatives, irritating chelators, and colorants.

Dove Men + Care Face Wash is not the best product for men. In fact, I would avoid it altogether as it has a ton of irritants, chemicals, and harmful with regular use.

With the combination of all these ingredients applied daily, I wouldn’t be surprised if your skin turns red or flaky.


A much better alternative is Nezeni Cosmetics, as it has far more active ingredients, mild surfactants, and avoids harsh chemicals and most preservatives.

It is clear that the Dove option will not hydrate your skin, although it will remove dirt, along with your natural oils, something that with Nezeni micellar water will not happen to you.

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