Vitamin C Hyaluron Serum By Dr. Severin, Analysis And Alternative

This German brand of vegan and natural cosmetics uses 100% natural ingredients in all its formulas. That it is vegan and natural does not mean that it is better, but it seems that in this product they have used good quality ingredients.

Its vitamin C and hyaluronic acid serum has an active complex of pure hyaluronic acid of ultra low molecular weight, and high doses of vitamin C. These active ingredients have been used in an ideal pH environment to optimize absorption by the skin .

Dr. Severin’s serum combines the effect of both active ingredients and thus ensures a smooth and even appearance of the skin. The result is immediate wrinkle reduction, visible for several hours, with smoothed skin seconds after application.

And we have two confirmed ingredients, but what is not indicated are the proportions, something that we can clearly see in the INCI, which is what I am going to analyze next.

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And now we go with the analysis of the serum of Dr. Severin.

Dr. Severin’s Vitamin C Hyaluron Serum Review

Summary of Vitamin C Hyaluron Serum by Dr. Severin

The INCI is quite concise, which means that the ingredients present are more concentrated. We see vitamin C appear in fourth place, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, a very good derivative of this vitamin.

However, before we get to vitamin C, we have an irritating and sensitizing ingredient; and then a potentially toxic preservative. These two ingredients do not affect the effectiveness of the serum, but they can negatively influence our long-term health.

For this reason alone, I would not buy the product, since the combined effect is a reality, and its effects are beginning to be seen more and more.

As mentioned in the product description, it has hyaluronic acid, but it is in a very low proportion, right in the second to last place.

Other active ingredients include an antioxidant and an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), which will remove dead skin cells and leave a smoother and brighter complexion.


The Nezeni Cosmetics product is a serum more suitable for people who need a cocktail of vitamins and moisturizing, antioxidant and regenerating ingredients. Its main ingredients are all active ingredients, so the concentrations are optimal.

In addition to the benefits of vitamin C, you will also get all the properties of hyaluronic acid, an unbeatable anti-aging duo.

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