Dragon’s Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot By Nip + Fab, Analysis And Alternative

Dragon’s Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot. With such a bombastic name, the NIP + FAB brand presents a hydrating serum that is advertised with Dragon’s Blood .

Dragon’s blood is a sap found in Croton Lechleri ​​trees that works to treat and heal the skin, as well as to protect it from external aggressions.

The serum also contains hyaluronic acid which works to hydrate and plump the skin while allowing it to retain moisture and prevent it from drying out.

It comes in a 15 ml bottle with a dropper for easy application. And it can be used directly on the skin to treat specific areas, or added to a moisturizer to enhance its effect.

The serum has a bright coral peach undertone, but does not leave a glowing complexion when applied. It has a slightly sticky jelly-like consistency that is easily absorbed when applied directly to the skin.

We are going to analyze its ingredients to see what it can really do for our dermis, as we have done with the rest of the products that are in the post the best creams with dragon’s blood .

NIP + FAB Dragon’s Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot Analysis

Dragon’s Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot review summary by NIP + FAB

It is a concise formula, with few ingredients, and that presents only two active ingredients, those described in its name: Dragon’s Blood and Hyaluronic Acid .

While hyaluronic acid is at the top of the list, which indicates that it is in a high concentration and its effect is powerful; Croton Lechleri ​​extract is relegated to the last places, thus minimizing its benefits for the skin.

The hyaluronic acid concentration is good, but I can’t say the same for all the surrounding ingredients.

high level of preservatives , as well as perfume, fragrances, colorants and ingredients that are irritating and have a risk of toxicity is what worries me the most.

One of the main problems with the formula would be the fragrance . I don’t normally mind the fragrance in my skincare, but it is quite strong and could cause problems with sensitive users.

It has a strong herbal perfume smell which is quite pleasant to my nose but which could cause problems for those with sensitive skin or even allergies as it tickles the nose in a way that makes you feel like a sneeze is about to to get.

It has a slightly sticky jelly-like consistency that is easily absorbed when applied directly to the skin. The brand recommends using one or two drops only.

And it’s for the best, as applying it all over my face results in a very sticky and greasy finish on the skin, which is why I personally don’t like applying it directly to my skin.

When used in conjunction with a moisturizer I find the consistency to be much, much easier to work with. I have used it with different moisturizers, and it works well with each of them.

It’s a weird formula because I wouldn’t say it helps retain moisture, but it does add moisture to the skin, as well as tightening it up and giving it a smoother look.

But if I have to make a global assessment, it would not be a serum that I would recommend to anyone. Mainly for its ingredients, since a safe continuous use that brings future problems. And then for its effects.

There are many more options that provide greater hydration, and that do not have as much risk as the NIP + FAB serum.

In addition to that it is misleading, since its name announces Dragon’s Blood as an ingredient that stands out, but its concentration is so low that it can hardly contribute anything.


If you are looking for a product with dragon blood to add to your skin care routine, I can recommend the Nezeni Cosmetics cream , which is our chosen one in the article the best creams with dragon blood .

This is because the concentration of the active ingredient is much higher, and it is also surrounded by anti-aging ingredients that will help you reduce the size of wrinkles and show off a younger face.

If you like the serum format more, the brand has a concentrated serum with similar characteristics that you will love.

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