Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel By Rodial, Analysis And Alternative

This anti-aging gel promises to plump and tighten sagging skin and define facial contours , restoring lost youth to your face.

It claims to act like a second skin, to help protect and minimize redness and ensure skin appears voluminous, supple and elastic.

It is infused with patented active collagen to enhance the synthesis of our natural collagen, thereby tightening and firming the complexion.

The gel also includes actives that work to promote skin regeneration and protect against free radical damage, including Dragon’s Blood , the ingredient that gives it its name.

Volufiline also stands out , which improves the fat deposits of the skin and promotes a revitalized appearance; and Commiphora extract , with immunostimulating and anti-inflammatory properties that gives the complexion a plumper and fuller appearance.

It comes in a 50 ml airless pump bottle, and its perfume has soft floral notes combined with some green notes.

It is time to analyze it in depth seeing what compounds it has, but first I want to recommend that you do not miss our article with the best creams with dragon blood , with this and other creams rich in this popular ingredient.

And now we go with the analysis.

Rodial’s Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel Analysis

Summary analysis Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel by Rodial

The first two ingredients on the list are silicones, which is why its texture and the feeling it leaves once applied is so smooth and pleasant. And they are not the only ones that we are going to find throughout the list.

The first functional ingredient that we find is sunflower oil , which provides great nutrition and antioxidant action thanks to its rich composition in vitamin E.

I am quite struck by the fact that Phenoxyethanol, a quite controversial preservative, is present in such a high position , when it is normally in the lower positions, in low concentrations.

This means that it is a cosmetic that is more susceptible to producing the combined effect, something that can have serious consequences over time.

Little can be highlighted from the first part of the formula, it is in the middle when interesting active ingredients begin to appear, such as Dragon’s Blood (Croton Lechleri), whose main function in the composition is to reduce inflammation and redness, especially of the stressed or sensitive skin.

Or the extract of Lupinus Albus that favors the synthesis of new collagen. Commiphora (myrrh) extract provides an anti-inflammatory action, and Punica Granatum (pomegranate) extract is an excellent aid to prevent aging.

The problem is that all of these active compounds are in too low a ratio to show their full potential in the formula.

The most striking case is that of Volufiline, whose main compound, the Anemarrhena Asphodeloides extract, is at the bottom of the list. It’s a shame, because by stimulating the production of adipocytes (fat cells), it could have filled the skin naturally.

In comparison, perfume and synthetic fragrances are in a higher proportion .

All of this means that Rodial’s Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel formula is designed to show an exceptional feel and smell , but when it comes down to it, when it comes to working on the complexion, it falls short .

Yes, you will immediately notice a smooth and hydrated complexion, even more plump, but all this is the work of silicones, which mask reality.

The true actives that fight against sagging and aging of the skin will take much longer to show their effects.

If you need something more powerful, and that works without masking the problem or saturating the skin, here are my recommendations.


The one that for me is the best anti-aging formula (and with dragon’s blood) that I have found: the Antiage cream by Nezeni Cosmetics .

Its natural ingredients, active in high concentrations, without irritants and free of dangerous compounds, in addition to its low level of preservatives, makes it one of the best options on the market.

Not only does it help prevent the signs of premature aging thanks to its tightening, moisturizing and plumping compounds, but it also prevents the combined effect of cosmetics that can lead to long-term health and hormonal problems.

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