How To Dress Your Baby For A Summer Christening

Have you decided to celebrate your little one’s christening this spring-summer? We show you different looks ideal for the little ones but also for their older siblings.

Although baptisms are held throughout the year, most parents look forward to the spring-summer months to celebrate. A few years ago baptisms were something intimate but, more and more, they become a celebration in style in which the whole family gathers.

That is why babies also have their place in fashion for this type of ceremonies and it is true that you can choose to pull the wardrobe of the little ones without having to buy new clothes, but we are going to show you looks with which they are they will look beautiful and can serve as inspiration to create yours.

If there is someone who can get all the attention in a celebration, it is the babies with their sweetest looks. From parents who dress their children as their miniature doubles to those parents who prefer more traditional looks and according to the age of the little ones.

You will find many options to choose from, either when buying or choosing clothes from your wardrobes, so you will see that it is not difficult to make them look beautiful . You can choose frogs, rompers, dresses or chinos, t-shirts or shirts … All adapted to the size of your little one to get sensational looks, looks that will make you want to eat them more.

Looks for a classic christening

For a classic christening you have to dress up and fix the little ones a little more than necessary. That is to say, choose those models with classic and traditional cuts that will be the best option to get it right with complete security.

I have chosen this first with red tones for the vividness of the color and how good it feels. In addition, this frog model from the brand Dulce de Fresa has those bows, both on the chest and on the hat, which are the sweetest.

For those who want a softer look , you have this frog from the same brand (Strawberry candy) on a light blue background with white stars and small polka dots that is completely inspiring. In addition, it also has its matching hat so you can protect its head from the sun, which usually affects more intensity during these months.

Looks for an informal christening

By definition, we can understand that an informal baptism is one in which the label does not matter so much. Do you have to be handsome? Of course, but one can already be less conservative when dressing and dressing the little ones.

Looking for models and dresses to share, I have found this pink dress with polka dots and a huge bow on the back that has made me fall in love. You can buy it for the little ones in the house, although the first size available is from 1 year.

For them, we can think that being an informal celebration and on the dates we are talking about, they can wear shorts in nude tones with a white linen shirt. They are garments with which they will be very comfortable and that you can reuse for other events.

Looks for a rural christening

The celebrations in rural areas are increasingly the order of the day . Everyone is looking for a moment of peace and tranquility, to breathe deeply and the countryside around, away from the pollution of cities and the stress that always overwhelms.

For these looks, based on the fact that the little ones will not stand still and are more likely to get stained, we are going to choose clothes that are very comfortable without losing style .

The dress I have chosen has a pattern of bows on a white background and precious pink tones, soft colors that continue in the matching hat to protect from the sun and give it a very chic touch.

For children, the proposal can vary from shirts to breathable shirts like this one with a white background with 100% cotton stars. The pants, in this case, could perfectly be a blue jeans and a non-woven denim , to make a difference from day to day.

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