Irons Or Dryer, Which Is The Best Option for hair straightening

Having straight hair is the desire of many women who want to change their wavy and curly hair. Therefore, straightening methods are part of the routine of many women.

But, do you know what is the best option to straighten your hair and, at the same time, keep it healthy?

First of all, before using any of the methods (iron or dryer), you need to take some precautions:

  • Avoid using an iron / dryer every day
  • Before drying, use a thermoactive product to protect hair
  • Hydrate your hair once a week
  • Avoid very high temperatures
  • Be careful with wet hairs, they are more fragile.

Some prefer the hairdryer, others the iron. So take a look at some differences.


  • Your hair must be clean to begin brushing and drying.
  • To do the brushing and drying, you need to have the skill, otherwise doing it at home may take a little time.
  • A well done brushing has more durability .
  • Although it dries the hair, the intensity of drying is lower.
  • Leaves hair looking natural, with soft, moving hair.

Hair straightener

  • For the hair to be perfect, the ideal is that you dry it and brush it first .
  • During the process, you only need to handle the iron , therefore it does not require as much skill as the use of the brush.
  • The high heat of the plate makes hair put fat faster , so the effect usually lasts no more than three days.
  • You can straighten your hair anywhere; and takes up little space in your suitcase .
  • The dryness of the hair is greater because the temperature is higher and is in direct contact with the hair.
  • The smoothing result is heavier and has less movement.

Best hair straighteners

Karmin Salon Pro G3

The Karmin brand is one of the most recommended by professionals and especially the Karmin G3 Salón Pro. In addition to having all the characteristics to be a high-level iron, such as ion technology, ceramic plates, infrared heat and the necessary temperature regulator…. something that we found very good is how easily it slides and how quickly it heats up.

Inside the box you can find a travel case with thermal protection to be able to store it as soon as you use it without burning anything.

For more information you can see it here .

Remington S9500 Pearl

It has an incredible value for money , it is priced around 30 euros and has a ceramic and pearl coating on the plates, making the hair shinier, and last longer.

It also has an LCD screen to see what temperature it is at and make sure it is not too high.

For more information you can see it here .


There are 3 models available on the market, Corioliss C1, C2 and C3 with several versions depending on the design and characteristics.

Like the other irons we have seen before, it has the typical characteristics of temperature control, thermal cover and like the C2, which comes with a rotating base to perform actions with straightened, curled, wavy hair, etc.

It also manages to reduce static electricity with negative ions and its price is very competitive. Regarding C3, it is worth highlighting a technology to eliminate bacteria thanks to some silver particles.

For more information you can see them here :

  • Corioliss C1 – Professional Hair Straightener, Titanium Technology, Leopard Design, Red
  • Corioliss C2 Black Soft Touch – Professional hair straightener, titanium technology, black color
  • Corioliss C3 – Hair straightener, titanium tilting plates, 235 ° C max temperature, ergonomic design, 2.5m cable, black


As for this iron, it is very similar to the previous ones, what we can find the most difference is the price.

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