The Hormones Of Happiness: Endorphins

Endorphins are commonly known as the hormones of happiness . These are chemicals naturally produced by the nervous system in order to cope with pain or stress. It has an analgesic and stimulating function of happiness.

This way of acting on our body helps it to optimize its functions, allowing our immune system to work to the maximum of its capacity without generating negative consequences in the future. It is the hormone that motivates the functions of our body in the best way, making it stronger and healthier.

But before going into the subject and discovering the implications that this hormone has on our organic functions and how we can do to activate its production to the maximum, let’s answer the question: what are endorphins?

What are endorphins and where does their name come from?

Endorphins are chemicals made by the body to relieve stress and pain . They work in a similar way to a type of drug called opioids.

The name endorphin comes from the words “endogenous,” which means “from the body,” and “morphine,” which is an opiate pain reliever.

Natural endorphins work in a similar way to opioid pain relievers , but their results may not be as dramatic. However, endorphins can produce a “high” that is both healthy and safe with no apparent risk of addiction or overdose.

How to increase endorphin production?

The following activities show promise as ways to naturally increase endorphins. However, endorphin levels vary between individuals, so the results will also vary.

A diet rich in endorphins

To maintain optimal levels of endorphins in your body, to look and feel great, you can do it through a diet that is abundant in intense and spicy flavors , such as Mexican or Japanese food, if you prefer you can also do it with through the consumption of dark chocolate in your favorite desserts.

These rich and healthy diet changes will increase your body’s endorphin production in a succulent way.

The sport of endorphins

If, on the other hand, changing the menu of your diet is not your thing, you can choose to practice sports, especially those that are outdoors .

They are always a good option to promote the production of endorphins in the hypothalamus, presenting an ideal opportunity to return to the practice of your favorite sport or to take walks in parks, surroundings, to take advantage of the beautiful views and the climate.

You only need a few minutes a day to get your endorphins up

And it is that to produce endorphins it is not necessary to have hours and hours of intense sports activity, nor do strenuous physical contact sports such as football, tennis, boxing, swimming, you can also achieve this goal by just practicing more leisurely activities and that you also enjoy as yoga and taichi.

The purpose of doing physical activities is to feel good while doing it, to enjoy it as you exercise. With this you guarantee a good injection of endorphins to your entire body.

Pro endorphin activities

Watching exciting movies, series of your choice, playing video games or reading a book can be the endorphin tonic that you need so much, from the comfort of your home, achieving effects as strong as opiates or morphine, which are powerful drugs, which generate a feeling of well-being and calm.

Do nothing and sleep

Sometimes you do not need to perform an activity that is specific to raise endorphins, you just need to feel comfortable and relaxed to produce them.

For this reason, sleeping, that is, having a restful sleep capable of providing you with the desired comfort after a hard day’s work is capable of producing chemicals such as dopamine and endorphins. So take the time and dive into a sweet dream.

Pain and endorphins

The effect of endorphins is compared to some drugs and can generate pain relief in the body without having to resort to a dose of drugs such as painkillers.

Multiple studies have shown that endorphins are capable of eliminating ailments from the body, or reducing powerful pain, such as joint pain, menstrual pain, headaches or migraines, etc.

Being a very useful alternative for those people who cannot or should not take medications due to various contraindications.

Pro endorphin therapies in hospitals

It is also convenient for people who are in hospitals or who must perform physical rehabilitation therapies, produce a greater amount of endorphins, since they can see better results if they manage to raise the endorphins in their body by being able to reduce physical pain, relieving pain. stress, accelerating the healing process, enhancing the effect of its pharmacological treatments.

For this reason, many hospitals have integrated hospital clowns, playgrounds for children into the clinical environment, movies or comic magazines in patient rooms, to promote the presence of endorphins in their patients and discharge them into less time.

The chemistry of love

Curiously, people who are in love remarkably have a world of active endorphins , but it is interesting that they are also responsible for achieving that effect of staying in love, since they help the relationship with your partner to become happy, comfortable and constant, therefore it is beneficial that both you and your partner always keep endorphins high.

According to scientists, a good way to activate endorphins as a partner is to demonstrate physical contact and intimacy with your partner since they activate the chemistry of our brain, raising endorphins in your body and the more endorphins you have, the more and more happiness you produce in your relationship.

Massages are endorphin releasers

You can also activate your endorphins by receiving a relaxing massage , your body will be very comfortable and at the same time your brain will work to produce an ejection of endorphins due to the pleasure of the massage.

Cuddling your pet or enjoying the moment with them is genuine happiness. You can also resort to exchanging hugs with your loved ones or starting a pleasant and pleasant conversation.

The music of endorphins

Scientific studies have shown that music can influence our moods in a positive or negative way.

Songs that stimulate relaxation and activate brain waves also generate valuable endorphins.

So you can choose songs that are from your list of preference or try instrumental music or sounds of nature but the pleasant effect will be in your favor.

Absence or decrease of endorphins

Likewise, you can easily detect when your body has low endorphins , by experiencing depression, anxiety, mental fatigue or fatigue , or
impatience, because the decrease in them is accompanied by these symptoms.

When your endorphins are almost off your body will be too, you will feel lethargic or your ability to respond adequately to stressful situations will be compromised.

You could be stressed more than usual by a simple situation, or respond in an exaggerated negative way to a conflict. Similarly, the ability to overcome conflict will take longer than usual.

Endorphins work as a cascade of pleasant sensations and as you are in wellness more and more positive effects will feel.

In summary, endorphins are an excellent ally for health .

People who have symptoms of depression, fibromyalgia or chronic headaches may want to talk to a doctor about endorphin levels and the ways they can increase them, it is a fairly inexpensive way to find health, of course you should not underestimate the regular treatment options that he tells you about.

Although endorphins are not a “cure-all” or guarantee of good health, increasing endorphins can be an effective way to increase overall well-being.

Regular exercise, reducing stress, or serving or giving something to others are well-regarded activities that can help a person live a healthier and happier life with themselves. Which in particular should be the main objective of our lives.

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