The Essential Objects to Take to School

Today we are going to focus on advising you on the perfect school supplies for them and make it easier for you: the essentials for BodyCarre’s school.


Which backpack is better?

The backpack is one of the key aspects when preparing school supplies. We can find backpacks on wheels, shoulder bags or hanging on their backs with the most classic designs to the most original.

Although design is important, there is nothing more relevant than taking into account the health of your back . The backpack must be chosen according to the size of your child, it should never be lower than their waist and its weight must never exceed 10% of the child’s weight.

For those of you who know that you don’t have to climb stairs with your backpack, the ones with wheels are going to be ideal. And, so that you can be aware of fashions and prices, we recommend that you take a good look at the Trunki brand backpacks that you have in our Mamuky store.

Case, which one to choose?

The cases are going to be one of the essentials for the children’s schools, since it will help them to have everything collected and accessible, so it is important that it has a reason that the child likes. Another option that can be sensational is that he is the one who creates the motifs for his case or that we make something personalized for him, think about it, he will love to wear it!

We can differentiate between two types of case, those made of textile material that close with a zipper or those made of tin , which are closed with a little pressure. Textile is usually the most used since it makes less noise and is difficult to damage.

Paints, pencils and markers

The materials that the little ones will need for their classes are usually indicated by the teachers, because depending on the age they will use different types of tools.

When they are smaller, waxes are usually the most used as it costs less to pick them up. Later, the pencils, markers or even the pens will come . Later, when the Plastic, Art Education and Technical Drawing classes begin, they will need more concrete items such as watercolors and brushes , a set of rules , a compass , etc.

If you have doubts, be sure to check out our school supplies section where you can find brands such as Crayola or Staedtler.

Snack or breakfast

Finally, this tip is also for you since many times we end up wondering how to bring them breakfast (something for recess) or snack without losing properties, textures or flavor.

Well, one of the ideal ways to do it is with thermal bags or food holders that have very funny motifs, they are practical and resistant.

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