New Dimension Modeling Serum + Tightening Effect By Estée Lauder, Analysis And Alternative

New Dimension is a facial serum that plumps and smooths skin while helping to restore volume and structure for a more lifted and defined appearance.

Its powerful and highly concentrated formula dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles , results that you will begin to see immediately.

Instantly skin looks radiant and feels ultra silky, while in just three days skin begins to feel more plump, refined and rejuvenated .

Over time, an advanced pro-collagen complex works with multi-level modeling technology to restore visible density and help strengthen, sculpt and define the appearance of facial contours.

Helps instantly contour and visibly define facial shape by working on every level of your skin’s surface. Helps create visible volume and structure; the cheeks and jaw line appear more lifted and gives a new angle to the beauty .

While hyaluronic acid, filagranin and lipids improve both definition and elasticity; and skin straighteners promote natural renewal, refreshing the complexion.

The serum comes in an elegant dispenser container, and its light, transparent, almost liquid texture penetrates deep into the skin and is absorbed within seconds.

Its soft and feminine fragrance has an energizing and calming effect at the same time. It is formulated with mandarin, melon, cucumber, rose and jasmine for an extremely light and refreshing scent.

With all these claims, it is easy to see why people are intrigued by this cosmetic product. The problem? Many of these alleged properties do not match what science shows is possible from skin care, or skin physiology.

But we are going to go beyond marketing and we are going to focus on shelling all its ingredients. Because for something we have included it in our article with The Best Serums for Women of 50 years .

Analysis New Dimension Modeling Serum + Tightening Effect by Estée Lauder

Summary of analysis New Dimension Modeling Serum + Tightening Effect by Estée Lauder

The premise of the New Dimension serum is that it is supposed to improve the dimension, density and definition of the skin, redefining the contours. As the brand describes, “your profile will look perfected from every angle.”

It is clear that Lauder appeals to a younger generation, who are used to playing with the angle of the contours, instead of selling it as an anti-aging treatment without more.

But regardless of how they want to sell it, the formula is packed with skin-identical ingredients, antioxidants, peptides, and beneficial fatty acids, all of which can help improve skin and help repair the signs of aging. another way.

That’s what this product is intended for: as an anti-aging serum , nothing more, nothing less.

And to treat the signs of aging, Estée Lauder uses a host of antioxidants . These antioxidants are derived from both algae and vitamins, such as E.

It also includes a very interesting peptide, such as Argireline , known for its properties similar to Botox, but without its side effects.

Also noteworthy are AHAs, hyaluronic acid, squalene, fatty acids, or mango butter . It is clear that the choice of ingredients is very successful, since they give off the benefits we want for 50-year-old skin: nutrition, hydration and the prevention of further damage.

The problem with this serum is that it has too many compounds, which means that removing those that are at the top of the list, the others are present in very low proportions, and their effect is far below what is expected.

And if we look at the ingredients that are in these first positions, we only see silicones, some emollient, but no active ingredient. It is a pity.

Another point to take into account with this product is the fragrance that is released at the time of the initial application. Over time it becomes less potent, and based on the ingredient list, the fragrance concentration appears to be low, so the need to worry about its potential to irritate the skin is moot.

Still, we wish they had skipped the fragrance entirely, especially for those women with very sensitive skin.

The same can be applied with the other irritating and sensitizing ingredients that include, some in greater and others in less proportion; but totally expendable.

Something we like is its silky texture and the pleasant sensation that it gives off after application. It does not feel sticky or greasy.

Plus, you can easily apply your moisturizer, protector, or makeup immediately afterward without the fear that it will interfere with any other product.

What we can say with real enthusiasm is that we love the opaque, airless dispenser packaging, which keeps the delicate and beneficial ingredients stable (and it’s beautiful to look at too!).


Although it is a serum with many interesting ingredients, its benefits are diluted by its low concentration and by the amount of compounds it has included.

If you prefer a more concentrated option, I recommend you try Nezeni Cosmetics Antiage Serum, with great anti-aging ingredients in high proportions. You have the complete analysis in the link that I put above.

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