Eucerin Dermopure Oil Control Facial Cleansing Gel, Analysis And Alternative

This gel facial cleanser is perfect for anyone with oily, acne-prone, and blemish-prone skin. The formula is perfectly balanced, but removes more oil than other gentler cleansers.

It does not have soap, nor perfumes, it is not comedogenic and it is antibacterial. Cleanses the skin gently but effectively, and removes bacteria from the skin to eradicate acne.

Those who use it often rave about its astringent properties, which close pores quickly and efficiently.

As no ingredient is mentioned (except surfactants), we are going to analyze the INCI to see what are the ingredients that make up this cleaner.

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Analysis of Eucerin Dermopure Oil Control Facial Cleansing Gel

Summary analysis of Eucerin Dermopure Oil Control Facial Cleansing Gel

The formula is quite small, and is dominated by a mild, non-irritating surfactant, something to be appreciated. Although it is not the only surfactant, and the one that follows is not so pleasant with our skin.

In addition to surfactants, there are thickeners, exfoliants, and preservatives, although arguably the best ingredient it includes is salicylic acid, which acts as an exfoliator and antibacterial. Although it has the danger of increasing sensitivity to the sun.

There would only be one irritating and sensitizing ingredient, Propylene Glycol, although being a cleanser that must be rinsed afterwards with water, I don’t think it causes much irritation.

Although the formula does not include any toxic or harmful ingredients, it does not have alcohol or parabens, it is very poor in active ingredients. It barely has a couple of surfactants and a scrub.

For this reason I do not think it is the best option for oily or blemished skin, much less for other skin types.


An option that is more complete and varied is Nezeni Cosmetics micellar water, as it has mild, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, astringent, antioxidant and soothing surfactants, something that can solve most of the problems of all skin types.

And like the Eucerin formula, it doesn’t contain any troublesome ingredients. So it is a much better alternative than this.

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