Eudermin Protective Hand Cream, Analysis And Alternative

A hand cream with protective action (not to be confused with sunscreen), which allows you to deeply hydrate and nourish your hands, keeping it protected from external aggressions.

The formula combines shea butter and 15% glycerin, for which optimal hydration and nutrition is achieved; and it makes sure it doesn’t include any harmful ingredients like parabens, dyes, or allergens, which is appreciated.

But before I judge it, I am going to analyze the INCI to verify that it does not include any other problematic ingredients. This I have already done with other hand creams, as you can see in this Review of the Best Hand Creams

Eudermin Protective Hand Cream Review

Summary analysis Eudermin protective hand cream

Indeed, the formula begins with glycerin (like many other moisturizers), a good lubricating ingredient, and shea butter is also among the first ingredients, although I am afraid that the percentage that the brand gives is from the mixture of the two ingredients. , and not each of them.

This being the case, shea butter would have a low percentage, since it is several places after glycerin. And glycerin would predominate in the formula, not being as nutritious as I thought.

In addition to these two ingredients, it also includes emollients, petroleum jelly, silicones, moisturizers, and an AHA (lactic acid).

But really, the best ingredients it has are Allantoin and Lanolin Alcohol (a derivative of lanolin), which have emollient, soothing, exfoliating and softening functions.

Unfortunately, there are other not-so-beneficial ingredients on the list, such as Phenoxyethanol, a toxic preservative, and perfume.

It’s a pretty poor formula, understandable considering that they can be found for less than € 2. Still, I prefer to spend more money, and that the cream really works.

Several users complain that it is a very greasy formula, and that it takes a long time to absorb, even though it says “immediate absorption” on the packaging. This is normal, as glycerin, petroleum jelly, and lanolin are very greasy and unctuous.


A formula that seems more complete to me, with much more hydrating, nourishing and protective active ingredients, is Caudalíe hand cream.

It has several antioxidant agents, which can prevent damage caused by the sun, and it does not have toxic ingredients, as is the case with Eudermin cream.

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