Evening Primrose Oil for Hair Loss :- Benefits & Uses

There are numbers of oils that some natural plants have provided us, which have stood out for their healing qualities. Evening primrose oil is a translucent golden-yellow component with a light aroma similar to that of walnuts, natural and extracted from the seeds of a plant called evening primrose or primrose, or the famous “woman’s plant”.

This oil has been characterized by being recommended and applied to treat health problems, diseases and some cases of aesthetics . Evening primrose oil is ideal for women, helping from menstrual cycle problems to those having to do with hair care.

In recent years, a trend has become among the female sex due to these characteristics, especially the latter. Hair is one of the natural attractions that attracts attention and that requires certain care to maintain its vitality, shine, abundance and beauty.

The popular use of evening primrose oil in the hair is due to the many properties it has, since they will not only help you keep it clean but also provide nutrients, vitamins and will make you gain confidence when wearing it loose and with movement. We are going to talk about these properties throughout the article.

Why use evening primrose oil on hair?

When it comes to getting ready, hair is a key element. We can wear it loose, in a train, braids, bows and many other hairstyles. Its care is vital so that it does not suffer damage and looks ugly and lifeless .

It is common to wonder what to do to keep it alive , especially if you are a person who likes to experiment with hairstyles, dyes and colors. This is where commercial products appear, among which those of natural origin stand out and one of the best and most recommended remedies for hair is evening primrose oil .

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How it works exactly, due to its high content of different acids such as oleic, linoleic, alpha and beta linoleic , gamma-linolenic, aspartic, glutamic, ellagic and others, the oil is ideal for treating hair problems related to its growth, hydration and shine.

Also offering vitamin E and vitamin F as well as Omega-6 and Omega-3. This natural oil is rich in lipid supplements, which satisfy the body’s demand for fatty acid .

How to use evening primrose for hair?

There are many presentations that evening primrose oil has on the market, for use on hair it is ideal to apply it in cream, shampoo or the same oil . Here are some of these ways to use evening primrose oil on hair with one of the three presentations said.

  1. The simplest and most effective way is to apply evening primrose oil directly to the scalp . While constantly massaging between 5 and 10 minutes.
  2. Another way is to buy a product on the market (either conditioner, styling cream or shampoo ) and apply it the same, directly on the scalp . A good massage and rinse. It should be noted that the effect will not be the same as with direct oil.
  3. Another more effective form attached is the consumption of the same oil, which should be ingested directly one tablespoon for 6 to 8 days , or in pills (from 6gm to 8gm per day).

Although, when we are going to use evening primrose oil as a remedy for hair problems, both women and men, it is not essential to go to the doctor and have an indication of how to use it, but it never hurts to make sure and ask a specialist . Here are some of the things to consider.

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Some considerations before using evening primrose oil:

  • It is advisable to check with the doctor, make sure that you are not allergic to the product and that you may have a reaction, it never hurts. Although it is not very necessary to go to the doctor.
  • If what you want is to consume it, take into account what it can do to the stomach or another part of the body .
  • In the previous case it is necessary that you know your weight, to know what dose to consume.
  • If you suffer from any disease or other disease, and you are consuming other types of medications; yes it is necessary to consult the doctor, and see how the combination of both can react. Most doctors say that in the case of consuming vitamin C, it will rather be helpful.

If you are still not convinced by these considerations and you feel that you do not know much about the product, taking into account certain elements is necessary. Here are some of them.


When buying this oil it is vital to make sure that it is a 100% natural compound and it is not some imitation . As in the case of products (creams, shampoos) make sure they are based on urinal evening primrose oil and not some synthesized component.

You should do the same when it comes to capsules or pearls, see that the amount of oil is greater and of natural origin. Since this guarantees its effectiveness to obtain the results we expect. Synthesized components and oils take time to work, furthermore, they may not work at all .


Each product you buy must include the components it has , so you can make sure that it is evening primrose oil and analyze the information of other added components that it may have, to be able to see which one is richer in nutrients and if it will be tolerated by the skin or body.

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It should be noted that looking for quality is not obvious. Each product that we buy, whether with evening primrose oil or any other type, we must see if what we are acquiring to later consume, meets the basic quality requirements and avoid risks. Something that they are advised is to look for a seal that indicates the quality or approval of a professional.

Format and dosage

As has already been mentioned, there are many presentations that evening primrose oil has, as well as there are many advertising brands that we will find with each presentation in the market . One of the formats most used today in hair treatment are the so-called pearls or directly from oil bottles.

In the case of pearls, these must be opened and then applied. It is recommended that they be 4 to 5 pearls for 8 days, per wash. The same for the bottles of oils, the direct application of one per wash. There are also commercial products such as creams, conditioners, ampoules and shampoos, which should not be ingested and their use is less controlled.

Another option is to ingest the product (pearls or capsules), in this case precautions are greater due to possible internal reactions, especially in the stomach. The recommended dose for each one is 500 mg and 1000 mg. Either you take them on your own or consult with a specialist. Also, you should not eat more than one or two per day.

Where to buy evening primrose oil?

It is a product that has become a trend and that we can currently find in practically any place . Its function of avoiding pain to hormonal causes of women has extended its sale around the world. You can find it in apothecaries, commercial pharmacies or naturists.

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If you don’t know where to buy it in the region where you live or you can’t find it in those places, the web is a good option to search. There are many pages in charge of trading with this product and you can buy it online.

Benefits of using evening primrose oil on hair

Evening primrose and its derivatives have been characterized as being good in many applications, we must not forget that hair care also requires skin care. Evening primrose oil also provides components that protect the skin, either the body or the hair and this is more beneficial for us. Here you can find some of the benefits for both.

  • The presence of Omega-6, which fundamentally helps in hair growth.
  • Avoid dry skin, in the case of hair, on the scalp .
  • It is an antibacterial oil, that is, it eliminates diseases, fungi or bacteria from the scalp .
  • It stimulates hair follicles, helping to regulate hair .
  • It produces antioxidants, which nourish and give vitality to the hair .

When we talk about hair care, it is regardless of gender. Remember that there are also men who like to take care of their hair and scalp. And for any woman it is generally indispensable. These sayings are just some of the general benefits for any type of hair , here are some tics for more specific hair.

Tips for oily hair

There are several types of hair, the first thing is to identify which is yours. In this case, it is very common that in people who have oily skin, their sebaceous glands located on the scalp cause the secretion of a greasy substance, the so-called capillary fat .

This substance usually gives benefits such as preventing hair from breaking or drying out, making it look beautiful and alive . The problem occurs when this substance is present in excess, since it gives the impression that the hair is dirty, uncombed and very neglected . Which is why here are some tips.

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  • The main thing is to wash your hair frequently, and that you apply evening primrose oil or its derivative in all washes . At the beginning of the treatment it may be daily and while you are seeing the improvements you can do it during the day or days. The ideal is to apply it from the scalp so that the fat disappears.
  • Constant massage will make the results more effective .
  • It is advisable that the water is at least warm, without reaching it hot.
  • I recommend products based on oil, since it is itself a greasy substance .
  • Using a comb and not a brush is ideal.

For dry hair, tips

This type of hair is quite common, both in men but mostly in women. One of the reasons is that it occurs as a consequence of the use of a dryer, iron, dyes or other products. Hair looks dry, weak, worn, dull and dim, in addition to losing shine and flexibility.

  • In this type of hair it is necessary to apply the evening primrose oil directly , since this is vital to add fat without turning it into totally oily hair.
  • It should not be washed daily, but the oil should be applied in every regular wash . If you are one of those who cannot go all day without washing their hair, try not to use this product in all washes.
  • Avoid using products of different brands, as well as fixers, lacquers, waxes and gels.
  • I advise you to use moisturizing masks, if you are lucky you will find one based on evening primrose.
  • It is recommended that the treatment last between 5 months and 8 months.

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What does evening primrose oil contribute to hair care?

The main contribution is vitality, properties such as youth and life . The gamma-linolenic acid that it provides gives it the ability to prevent hair from drying out excessively, protecting mostly the ends, which tend to be burned by irons or dryers.

An oil that adds shine, heals both the scalp and the ends and the rest of the hair. Moisturizes and nourishes each strand, keeping it strong and resistant . A compound that prevents hair loss, helps with fat and dryness , easy to find in the market or the web. Makes hair softer and healthier, as well as youthful and natural.

It also works to treat other conditions and problems, among which we can find the appearance of lice or nits, thanks to its ability to clean . Prevents the appearance of dandruff due to the control it has over oily hair and dry hair . Especially against the presence of fungi, acting as a protector and destroyer of these.

Combat hair loss

Hair loss, or so-called baldness, is a problem that affects anyone, regardless of sex, age, race, haircuts or habits. Combating these problems in an easy way has become a necessity of the utmost importance.

When the body is lacking fatty acids and antioxidants, this condition of hair loss arises mainly . The unhealthy lifestyle, that is, a bad diet, promote this condition to become more constant.

Eating healthy, drinking water and exercising are factors that help in taking care of the body, as well as preventing hair loss. In addition to finding essential supplements to counteract hair loss. As is the case with evening primrose oil, which has the needed fatty acids and antioxidants.

Evening primrose oil has been characterized by having miraculous properties in the hair , they are powerful enough to treat different hair problems including the various types of hair loss, baldness. Regeneration occurs by stimulating the hair follicles .

One of the special acids that it provides is one called gamma-linolenic ( also called GLA ), this molecule helps with hair growth, providing strength and consistency. Characteristics that will make it more rooted to the scalp and avoid fragility, with this it will be less prone to falling or cracking.

As mentioned at the beginning, hair loss occurs regardless of gender. But there are studies that have shown that women have been more affected today . And evening primrose oil has worked especially in these cases, even more so, in those experienced by hyperthyroidism, menopause or pregnancy.

The recommended dose to combat hair loss is one capsule of evening primrose oil (500 mg) in the morning, preferably after breakfast, and another in the evening, after dinner. To provide what the hair needs.

You can also apply it topically to stimulate growth . If you want to combine it with other components you can do it, I recommend the following recipe, in the form of a cream, ideal for applying it.

You must mix:

  • 2 drops of cedarwood oil.
  • 2 drops of vetiver oil.
  • 2 drops of peppermint oil
  • A quarter cup of evening primrose oil.

Put everything in a container (bottle), preferably glass, this recipe will provide approximately 120ml. Then you can apply it to the hair every night before going to bed, with continuous massages for 5 to 10 minutes . In the morning you can wash and remove the rest, I recommend doing it with a shampoo without sulfate or salt.

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Evening primrose oil, natural hair moisturizer

If what you are looking for is a product that serves as a moisturizer, a very good presentation and option is a moisturizer with a low comedogenic index based on evening primrose oil. This product is easy to buy and smells wonderful, in addition to nourishing the skin with the essential fatty acids that it provides and are not found in the scalp .

Hydration is very important for both skin and hair , without it there is a risk of dryness and some problems such as dandruff, fungi, among others. Creams are not the only ones that help, the ability to hydrate evening primrose oil is present in any presentation.

Other multiple benefits of evening primrose oil

Until now you know the benefits it brings in terms of hair, however it is necessary that you know other of its benefits, which are many , and have nothing to do with hair problems. Although, we consider them important regardless of these additional ones and here you have some of them.

  1. Ideal to counteract inflammation .
  2. Reduce the effect of symptoms caused by eczema.
  3. Attack problems at the prostate level .
  4. Promote and improve blood circulation.
  5. Help in the prevention of cellulite.
  6. Lower cholesterol levels .
  7. Balance and overcome the lack of essential fatty acids.
  8. Reduce and prevent arteriosclerosis.
  9. Help with being overweight .
  10. Promote the immune system.
  11. Balance and release activities in terms of neurotransmitters .
  12. Reduce dry mouth and eyes.
  13. Help eliminate the signs of aging on the skin .
  14. Reduce high blood pressure .
  15. Control conditions during the menstrual cycle .
  16. Assist in the release and creation of eggs .

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Precautions and tips for maintaining evening primrose oil

  • I recommend you keep it in a cool place, if possible refrigerate the evening primrose oil to extend its useful life. If you want it to perform more, and you want to use it with other products, the ideal is to add some capsules of Vitamin E oil, which extends its duration.
  • The consistency, although liquid, is thick. Our advice is that you mix it, either with the recipe that was supplied before, with argan oil or pomegranate seed oil, this way it will be easier to spread it on the skin or hair.
  • In the market you can find some essential oils, which are to provide a better aroma. If you wish you can combine it.

Side effects and contraindications when using evening primrose oil on hair

So far you must be amazed at what evening primrose oil can achieve in your hair, however it is necessary that you know the side or negative effects, as well as the contraindications that using it presents, generally due to its vasodilator effect.

Not everyone has the same organism and even less this one works the same There are people who are more prone to some reactions . Among these are the various skin allergies, swelling and itching, which are usually external. Then there are the internal ones such as discomfort, stomach problems or disorders, nausea, diarrhea or headache.

In some cases we suggest that this oil not be ingested or applied , as it is in hypertensive people, with some brain condition, mental illnesses, who are in previous treatment for a syndrome, nervous system disorders, in women after becoming pregnant. , in the lactation period or before any surgery.

The bad news about the continuous use of evening primrose oil is that when we have been using it for a long time, either the oil or another derivative, the effects are usually seen but in some cases they are scarce or it stops working completely . It is because the hair molds itself to the components and ends up without having the same effect it once did.

Reason why you have to change products and look for those with similar components. It is not very common with evening primrose oil , but there are several cases that have been seen.

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